Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! To YOU!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

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Hopefully all those exclamation points will help distract from the fact that I am the most horrendous GF in the WHOLE world! This should have been posted yesterday. On your actual birthday! And I am soooo sorry! I was afraid to back date it though because then it might not get sent out to all the e-mails and whatnot. April 2. You are 40 now, tried and true. I was not there because of work. Then I was late, what a jerk! I sent you texts but that’s never enough. And facebook posts are full of fluff. If I get low census we’ll have some fun and then maybe I will move back up to number 1! That’s really all I can rhyme out here in a few short minutes before I shower and leave. It’s not the worst string of words…

Anyway. I love you. Happy happy birthday. This year was big but I didn’t plan. I am bad and take full responsibility for your personal birthday happiness. For everything. Winkity wink. I will try to make up on all counts of birthday wish shortcomings and poor organization skills and maneuvers. I hope it was still good though. My friend at work said that her first husband went totally cray cray when he turned 40. Like, a complete mental 180. Flipped out. So much so that they actually thought he might have had a brain tumor. Ended the marriage. I’m not jinxing, I’m just saying:  You let me know. We can fix whatever you want to change. Or at least we can try. Before the dramatics and mid-life crisis. But I’m going to go on record and say that, based on my experience, and the fact that I take care of A-LOT of 90 year-old-plus people, (men and women), the mid-life crisis really shouldn’t factor in until about 45 these days. Just some food for thought on a Wednesday afternoon. Think. Discuss. Comment if you must. (I have to say, I am really not trying to rhyme everything but it just seems to be happening quite naturally today. So weird.)

Last sentences, just for the BF:  Happy Birthday!! I love you! You are the best man, all around, I have ever known, for me and the kiddies. XO. I will call you in a few! Later!

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That goes for the BF too

July 18, 2011 at 3:32 pm (Day to Day, Heat, Wasting Study Time Posts) (, , , , )

Sniff. Hopefully he’s actually on his plane. It’s already been delayed by two hours for some unknown reason. Nothing like spending longer in the airport than the entire time you will actually be flying! Sorry honey! I sniff because I am sick. Or something. I thought it was allergies but I think it’s just a combo of 100 degrees outside and 60 degrees inside. Also, I like having my man around to complain to when I feel whiny. But…I guess if I can type, I am not THAT sick. And if that’s the case I better get on the books. That test is coming up fast. More practice questions! At the bowling alley! Kids are awake and requesting to go out into the world. Maybe I’ll post later. If not, XO to the BF. Love and all that good stuff! L.

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Spring Break for the weary!

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Finally!! It has been a long–fast 9 weeks! I tried to post…wasn’t going to happen. After BOMBING my very first test back (literally. failed. less than passing.) I am back up and over the minimum required to graduate in May. And of course I am going for the A again. I got to. It’s close. It’s within reach! And since I seriously do not do ANYTHING else now…(that includes: exercise, cooking, laundry, cleaning, sleeping….) I should be able to manage it. Its a boost for the class and a boost for my grade point average. Its all about the resumé now!

Anyway I won’t go on and on about boring school stuff (even though I have gotten to do LOTS of skills and get experiences these last few weeks that no one really wants to hear about!) because I want to catch up on LIFE! And laundry!

My BF, the BEST!! in the land, made a valiant attempt over the weekend….cleaned and dried and folded AND put away! Thank you thank you thank you…and I love you….and I am truly sorry about what a sucky GF I have been…I promise it will get better!!! Please hang in there!! XO

But, now 4 days go by and wtf?? a pile of clothes again! What a rip! So in between posts and making a half dinner (from a box, but with some ingredients!) and driving my mother to the doctor, exercising, and the inevitable homework (tests when we get back and some other stuff) I will try and do this here housework! It may not happen all today! But I think I can fix it up by tomorrow afternoon! Then I can have a whole week to slack off!! Maintenance, people!! It’s all about maintaining!

So I need to update my Ipod. It’s not as crammed up with junk anymore so it works alot better now. After my epic meltdown last summer with the maximum capacity overload, I wiped it out and just put on the music I use for running or driving. Much smarter. 30,ooo songs is nice but it’s really not realistic for anything except maybe a radio station and even then, they only play what someone wants to hear. Over and over and over again! And I need some new music!

And I need to hit the road! With my feet. Me and my sissy are doing another crazy running adventure…for charity of course. But that won’t make it any easier. 6 miles and a cart following us, breathing down our backs, putting on the pressure, just waiting for us to fall below the minimum time to complete, and ready to scoop us up off the road and drive us to the finish line! HA! She says it won’t happen! I hope she is right! That ground hits hard though on my out of shape feet (and body!) I haven’t gained any weight—mostly because I don’t have time to eat! but I haven’t gained any muscle either or tone or shape….then there is the Warrior Dash! It’s that time again! So be prepared to hear ALL about that! I need Tony Horton to bring it! To my house and get me off my fat a**! P90WTF??? It only works if you actually do it!

Anyway…That’s it for now! I will go look for something good to post as a picture for the top. Something that is NOT snow. It’s gorgeous today in the midwest! Chicago is teasing us for spring!

Happy St. Pat’s Day to all who celebrate.

Please give a quick thought to the folks out there in Japan trying to keep it together for another day, and wish them the best before you have that drink!

And here’s a little shout out to my new, number one fan! Stevie! Hi baby! Love you! Now get back to school stuff please!!

Thanks for hanging with me for a bit! More later!


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WHAT?!?!?! (Language Alert)

January 8, 2010 at 2:33 pm (Movies, Video) (, , , , , , , , , )

You’re f*cking high! Are you out of your mind? This sucks! This house is a f*cking prison! On planet bullsh*t! In the galaxy of this f*cking sucks!!

What are we gonna do now????

This is for the BF. I know I should be reading. Infections can be fun! But this is funner. Here is the clip you were looking for. Fast forward to the 5:30 mark. We are a little behind in the movie watching…but hey, it was still on the new release wall even if there were only two copies. It counts!

(This is from the website Funny or Die. Off the Starz special from the movie. (Thanks for putting it on the web) If you can’t see it directly, which is most likely the case because I can’t embed it here, click on the link below.  Hopefully I got it to work somehow. You are welcome!)

FYI  This contains VERY BAD language! Not for the youngsters!!


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It’s a Mike Rowe kind of day…and that ain’t bad!

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Mike Rowe cropped

I’ve been so busy with my own life, I almost forgot about my future husband. Silly! The boy was watching the “Dirty Jobs” and I am hooked again! I already have Mike and his show on my I-Pod for totally mobile viewing; you know, for those times I get the urge to get a little “dirty”. Ha.

And for awhile there I was watching his show and visiting his site every day. I mean every, single, day. I was obsessed! That’s how I discovered that I am not the only one. Apparently Mike has A LOT of fans. They write to him and send him stuff and devote their Internet musings to him….I love him, but we hardly know each other! And I’m not very “crafty”. I’d like to make him a collage of all his greatest moments and put it in a frame box with memento’s and video and endless devotional messages to his outstanding hotness, and then send it to him…but sadly, I am not too creative with that kind of stuff. Maybe I’ll write him a love blog. Hee hee hee, just writing that makes me giggle. I guess I’ll just love him from afar! If the universe deems it so…then it shall be…

Anyhoo, he’s been off the market for awhile on the Ford front, but I recently saw a new commercial. Not bad, but nothing can really top the truck ones. How can you beat Mike walking and talking and driving around in those big F150’s and going on about power trains, bed lengths, boxed frames, tow capacities; hauling and suspension; strength and being Ford tough…whatever…I can barely listen to the pitch without having to excuse myself.

But enough about that. He’s narrating a new show, “Wild Pacific” on Discovery. We will be watching. Nature and Mike. Good enough for me!

Click it here for more on the man and what he’s doing.

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Hey Jesse! This is for you!

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It is Thursday night. July 2. I am finally updating! I have lots of stuff in the hopper. Seriously!

I even have an outdated MJ/Farrah/Billy Mays tribute post. I don’t want to overload an already overloaded internet-web-blog-memory-post-world, but I’m afraid I must. If only to tell the story my sister Amanda doesn’t want anyone to know! Please stay tuned.

I have actually been…busy. For any and all who might actually follow this thing, I had to concentrate on school and some house chores. My kids left for vacation with their grandma, but the BF is off this week too! So we did boyfriend/girlfriend things and family things and exercise things…

WARRIOR DASH! Only 2 weeks away. I have a 15 pound weight loss/fitness regime to get back on track before my kids get home next week.

5.8 pounds already gone, if you care! The secret is:

Workout like mad. Don’t eat crap. Drink water.

Sorry. Sad but true. No gimmicks, no tricks, no pills, no shortcuts. Follow my above plan and you will look and feel better in one week!

The BF is actually out tonight with his buds, catching up with some old friends by means of food and beer, the usual. So here I am. I have all night. I have chapters to read, CPR notes to go over, laundry to wash and dry and fold (blah), and YOU to talk with!

I got pictures and videos and music and maybe a little drink…(very little…in training AND alone). Go get yourself something to drink along with me and keep checking back. Let’s make Thursday the new Friday! At least for this week! Get ready. Get set.


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Sundial things are FUN!!

May 29, 2009 at 4:00 pm (Pictures) (, , , , )

It’s all for you baby! Have fun tonight!


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Get outside ASAP! You’re missing all the sun…

May 29, 2009 at 10:10 am (Pictures) (, , , )

This is for the boyfriend. It’s his favorite series of pictures. Sundial in Sunshine. He says I can’t post them enough.

Love you!


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Friday Afternoon and I’m about to start the party…Scratch that…Saturday Style now…

May 23, 2009 at 2:12 pm (Day to Day) (, , , , , , )

Catchy huh?


It WAS Friday: (from last night):

It is Friday. There is going to be a party. I’m not starting it though. I’m going to it. I’m bringing the music. It’s tomorrow. It’s also Memorial Day Weekend kickoff night. I know alot of people are confused because it seems like Memorial Day is a weekend too early. Me included. Plus the BF is off of work today so that just threw my whole lazy tv/computer schedule right off the track. The kids are gone now for the weekend with their daddy and apparently the BF thinks I mean something else with that saucy headline. We can get to that soon enough, but first a recap of the day, because I know how much everyone enjoys reading about my daily life. (Especially my sister. Haha.)

After the kids went to school, we were supposed to hit a “spin” class. Luckily, I am still in the dark about what that might be…the BF had a killer migraine  until noonish, when I forced him up and out to go to my favorite running trail in the woods. Nothing cures a splitting headache faster than walking around in the broiling midday sun for four miles. And it was hot. We are in the midst of freaky spring here in Chicago. It’s the time of year when outdoor temps soar from 40 to 90 overnight, and everyone rejoices for summer and takes off all their clothes, and buries the heavy sweaters until suddenly, on a random afternoon, 1 week later, the temperature mysteriously begins to drop 10 degrees per hour and by the next day it’s raining and 39 and everyone in the city has pneumonia.

Summer in the city. Catch it!

We did the exercise, got food, went home.

The kids arrived from school, packed themselves up, made their beds, and left with their dad for the weekend.

We went to a funeral wake; sad.

And then to various stores, for fixing items we need, for all the things that broke this week.

My sister had texted me early morning to create a music play list for her son’s party. Fun, kid, modern, with an 80’s twist. Nothing obscene or graphic and vulgar. So while the BF took pills and waited for his head to stop hurting, I sifted thru all the fun music I could think of and made up a pretty good party mix.  (Then we went exercising–I’m messing up the time-line a little bit–jumping back and forth.)

I wanted to post last night but I got sidetracked with a mini emergency and let the night go after it was resolved.

Current Notice: It’s Saturday!

Still can’t post though because I have to go to the party right now! I spent the morning, cleaning up…my personal self…my back yard…my bird feeders…laundry…I even planted some seeds for the front of my house! (I use the word “planted” loosely, as I really just shook a bunch of seeds out of a can onto the dirt and then watered them.) I’ll post progress pictures as the days go by. That will be fun! Expect a picture of wet dirt and the flower can soon! (It’s all for you sissy!!–I know how much you love my play-by-play days!!)

Look, how are YOU spending your long weekend??

Anyway, I’ll be heading out. I need to stop at the Starbucks to get a coffee, so I need to go now.

Check back in a few hours. I’ll have the list of the party music and let you know how it all turned out.

Enjoy your Saturday!

(Last years flowers are below, to brighten up the place while you wait!)

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