How Much Have We Found? 2010! The New Decade! Check it HERE!

Programming note, 9/24/2011: I just realized that is a terrible picture. I apologize for the blurriness. It hurts my eyes to look. Thank goodness this year is over! Read it thru and never look at it again!

Total for the Year (2010) As of 12/31/10 (but actually recorded here on September 24, 2011): $10.89

For the whole story on how we got from there to here, click this!

And we are off….(current note to self: that seems silly since I have 4 whole updates here! Pretend that it’s a longer list)…

2/21/10 to 12/31/10: $7.09. Seven-O-Nine. Ten months in one line.

2/20/10: 1 dollar, 36 cents. That’s it.

1/28/10: Sum-up from there ↓ to here! $1.13 in various coin amounts!

1/7/10: 31¢ and that ratty-ass dollar—found in the last week, but I can’t remember what day specifically!

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