It’s a Mike Rowe kind of day…and that ain’t bad!

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Mike Rowe cropped

I’ve been so busy with my own life, I almost forgot about my future husband. Silly! The boy was watching the “Dirty Jobs” and I am hooked again! I already have Mike and his show on my I-Pod for totally mobile viewing; you know, for those times I get the urge to get a little “dirty”. Ha.

And for awhile there I was watching his show and visiting his site every day. I mean every, single, day. I was obsessed! That’s how I discovered that I am not the only one. Apparently Mike has A LOT of fans. They write to him and send him stuff and devote their Internet musings to him….I love him, but we hardly know each other! And I’m not very “crafty”. I’d like to make him a collage of all his greatest moments and put it in a frame box with memento’s and video and endless devotional messages to his outstanding hotness, and then send it to him…but sadly, I am not too creative with that kind of stuff. Maybe I’ll write him a love blog. Hee hee hee, just writing that makes me giggle. I guess I’ll just love him from afar! If the universe deems it so…then it shall be…

Anyhoo, he’s been off the market for awhile on the Ford front, but I recently saw a new commercial. Not bad, but nothing can really top the truck ones. How can you beat Mike walking and talking and driving around in those big F150’s and going on about power trains, bed lengths, boxed frames, tow capacities; hauling and suspension; strength and being Ford tough…whatever…I can barely listen to the pitch without having to excuse myself.

But enough about that. He’s narrating a new show, “Wild Pacific” on Discovery. We will be watching. Nature and Mike. Good enough for me!

Click it here for more on the man and what he’s doing.

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  1. amanda said,

    I also like Mike, He is very attractive for an older man! (too old for me, but you are closer to his age! LOL)

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