Friday Afternoon and I’m about to start the party…Scratch that…Saturday Style now…

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Catchy huh?


It WAS Friday: (from last night):

It is Friday. There is going to be a party. I’m not starting it though. I’m going to it. I’m bringing the music. It’s tomorrow. It’s also Memorial Day Weekend kickoff night. I know alot of people are confused because it seems like Memorial Day is a weekend too early. Me included. Plus the BF is off of work today so that just threw my whole lazy tv/computer schedule right off the track. The kids are gone now for the weekend with their daddy and apparently the BF thinks I mean something else with that saucy headline. We can get to that soon enough, but first a recap of the day, because I know how much everyone enjoys reading about my daily life. (Especially my sister. Haha.)

After the kids went to school, we were supposed to hit a “spin” class. Luckily, I am still in the dark about what that might be…the BF had a killer migraine  until noonish, when I forced him up and out to go to my favorite running trail in the woods. Nothing cures a splitting headache faster than walking around in the broiling midday sun for four miles. And it was hot. We are in the midst of freaky spring here in Chicago. It’s the time of year when outdoor temps soar from 40 to 90 overnight, and everyone rejoices for summer and takes off all their clothes, and buries the heavy sweaters until suddenly, on a random afternoon, 1 week later, the temperature mysteriously begins to drop 10 degrees per hour and by the next day it’s raining and 39 and everyone in the city has pneumonia.

Summer in the city. Catch it!

We did the exercise, got food, went home.

The kids arrived from school, packed themselves up, made their beds, and left with their dad for the weekend.

We went to a funeral wake; sad.

And then to various stores, for fixing items we need, for all the things that broke this week.

My sister had texted me early morning to create a music play list for her son’s party. Fun, kid, modern, with an 80’s twist. Nothing obscene or graphic and vulgar. So while the BF took pills and waited for his head to stop hurting, I sifted thru all the fun music I could think of and made up a pretty good party mix.  (Then we went exercising–I’m messing up the time-line a little bit–jumping back and forth.)

I wanted to post last night but I got sidetracked with a mini emergency and let the night go after it was resolved.

Current Notice: It’s Saturday!

Still can’t post though because I have to go to the party right now! I spent the morning, cleaning up…my personal self…my back yard…my bird feeders…laundry…I even planted some seeds for the front of my house! (I use the word “planted” loosely, as I really just shook a bunch of seeds out of a can onto the dirt and then watered them.) I’ll post progress pictures as the days go by. That will be fun! Expect a picture of wet dirt and the flower can soon! (It’s all for you sissy!!–I know how much you love my play-by-play days!!)

Look, how are YOU spending your long weekend??

Anyway, I’ll be heading out. I need to stop at the Starbucks to get a coffee, so I need to go now.

Check back in a few hours. I’ll have the list of the party music and let you know how it all turned out.

Enjoy your Saturday!

(Last years flowers are below, to brighten up the place while you wait!)

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