Razorback Craze

Here’s another thing that shares some space in the house:

The Arkansas Razorback Team Sports Memorabilia Corner!

Oh Yeah. Started small, stays small. The rules say you can’t just go on the internet and buy stuff. You have to FIND the stuff or it has to be given to you. And since I make the rules… For instance, my daddy lived in Arkansas, after the divorce from mom and until his death 8 years later. When I got married, I received the most awesome set of Razorback Salt and Pepper Shakers as a wedding gift. The marriage is over but the shakers are mine forever. But what to do with them? Put them in a cabinet and wait.

A couple years later, go to Arkansas to visit grave, find a cheap Razorback T-shirt for sale at the Wal-Mart. Wear once, put in bottom of drawer.

Now, meet boyfriend. Guess what? Family FROM Arkansas! Picked up a totally rad Razorback trucker hat from the dad and a one-of-a-kind Razorback plushy of a razorback, circa 1978, from the mom!  Hat hangs on a hook in the closet, animal sits on a shelf.

Go to Florida over winter break. Go to local resale shop. See the most perfect-tagged-authentic Razorback team FAN HAND! I must have it. $1.50. Mint condition. My collection is born! Then it was just a matter of pulling everything together and finding a spot in the house.

And here it is; Each piece, lovingly placed and stylishly arranged on the top of a bookcase in my bedroom. Please admire the photo below:

Razorback Corner

Razorback Corner


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