Warrior. Dashed.

June 17, 2011 at 8:56 pm (Day to Day, Warrior Dash) (, , , , )

Sorry for the picture of my foot. Gross, I know. But after having a great weekend hanging with my cousins on Saturday and then going to Riverfest, for the first time, on Sunday (all that walking!), I go and break my toe at 7:30 am Monday morning. What. A. Bummer.

I think it’s just the small toe, but as the week has gone by, the swelling and bruising kind of spread all across the front of my foot and in between all my toes. Some of the girls I go to school with saw it (nurses love to look at injuries…when I asked if they wanted to see it, they were all like, YES!, weird group huh?) and when I took off my sock, they said, geez…are you sure it’s just one toe broken? Well, no, not really, especially as the week went on. I am sparing you the day by day shots because who really wants to go to a website and look at a foot everyday?

Anyway, I can walk on it in my big shoes. (I wear these really wide, fat, skater shoes that are stretched out) but I can’t put on my running shoe or my bowling shoe! The sock helps to keep it nice and together so its ok  for now. Nothing to be done for it anyhow. But it means I can’t run the Warrior. And I am so…MAD and SAD and just….not fair!!! I could probably run but I don’t think I could do some of the obstacles. Especially the ones that need foot grip or toe using. I’m really bummed because it was in a new location and they had new, cool, obstacles and…I have to stop thinking about it. It’s not happening, so get over it and get ready for next year. I should be grateful that I didn’t damage my foot so bad that I can’t even walk. And I am. At least I’ll be able to work. When I get a job! Ha.

At least now I have a legitimate, good excuse for not doing anything.

To any and all fellow warriors out there: Good luck this weekend! I hope it’s just muddy enough! I will be thinking of you and being jealous that I am not there falling in the mud too! Post lots of pics so I can see what I missed! Boo!!!! Hoo!!!!!


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  1. hitandrun1964 said,

    Ow! Unfortunately, it takes longer than any of us would like for something like that to get better…but it will. Hope your running again soon. 🙂

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