Find The NY Coffee Cup Explanation/Starter Page

Find The NY Coffee Cup!

The idea is to have one spot to post all the different places you can find the NY Coffee Cup. Like from a Magazine or Book, in Movies or TV, or just anywhere or anything you happen to notice it. There’s no rules, just find it and post it. And try to give credit to the source.

UPDATE 2013, November: The text below is actually from the last update in 2011 but I am embarrassed to say that not one thing is different here. Nothing has changed. And I still have nothing new to add. So sad. You can read my old words, but why bother? If you find a coffee cup somewhere let me know I will try and post an update! FYI-There is one new thing. I am done with school. For now. At least the nursing part. I am a nurse, so I don’t have any more questions to do, as I mentioned below in that old paragraph from the past. I passed my initial RN test years ago. I only have advanced degrees to get now. Fun times for the rest of my life. But I will let everyone know on the main page when that starts.

(Update 2011) Since I am looking all over this website for out-of-date information, and there is A LOT, I thought I would address this little fun place too. I went back thru my video posts for the movies and pretty much all of them have been taken off Yahoo for a copyright reason or account termination. It’s just a column of black squares in a row. Oh well. For the future, I will just list the movies here and you can go look them up elsewhere if you care to. These are all the ones that are already here. I haven’t really found or seen anything new. And even if I did, I’m hardly organized enough to post them. I know I’ve written some down but it’s been so long, I can’t remember what I did with my notes. I blame formal education. School does take a lot of time, but it will be over soon. Ugh. I better wrap this up. I need to do 100 questions a day! Keep searching and let me know. I still get the messages.

This is the newest list (2011):


The Thomas Crown Affair  (and subsequently, Denis Leary, he does a stand up routine about coffee. I think that is one of the few videos that is still there.)

Two Weeks Notice(

Bringing Out The Dead

And on TV:

30 Rock

I have the link for IMDB right below this to refresh your memory. These aren’t even new movies or shows. So sad.


Check the link under:

(Find the NY Coffee Cup)

For a nice, updated, current list! (HAHAHA) Again, nothing here has been updated here since 2011.

Below is a list of movies you can find it in right now!: for more info

1. Men In Black

2.  Ghostbusters 2

3. Sidewalks Of New York

Got Some TV Too!:

Law & Order–any of the series based in NY

Keep in mind this list was created recently, (only if you consider 2011 recent), and I haven’t seen all the movies in the world. These I know and love and have watched numerous times. If you know of one–pass it on!  I’ll add it to the list! It’s funny how you’ll start to see it now that you’re looking! I got nothing for TV though–don’t watch alot–so help me out people!

Books and mags I can do!

We have alot of them laying around that I need to read. I’m an old news type of gal… I have one so far that I clipped out and will attach–so you can see what I mean…(update 2013—I never attached it. If I find it, I will. And I still do have LOTS of mags laying around. The BF hates it. I have a serious magazine hoarding problem. No joke.) Go to our page:  What We Have In The House Right Now …to see more proof of our literacy…reading is FUN-damental!

My idea here is like a global scavenger hunt for the NYCC.

Start small and snazz it up later! OK! On your mark, get set, GO!

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