Happy Birthday Sister!

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It’s hard to follow a gripping snake and bunny story, but here you go. Since you don’t get your own party, ever(!), I will give you your own post. I like this picture and it will be a permanent record of your youth, which is slowly slipping away, as you painfully crawl, another year, towards 40. Hee hee. I went to the beach with the kids on Monday, and I found that orange bikini I wore to Las Vegas, with you, and our 30-year-old asses. Such a painful memory. Such a long time we had to stay in the pool waiting for those shmoes to move away from us. Such rockin’ bodies we had. Ha ha. Anyhow, I vowed this new day to wear that bikini again. And in Vegas. What’s your ETA on bikini body ready? Or are you just like, whatevs, let the flabs fly, now that you are approaching middle age? Hardy har. Morghan took a nice beach shot of me and the kids. It’s good because you can’t really see me. My favorite kind of picture. I’ll post it later though, so this can be all about you. Let’s make another memory shall we? Only this time it will be with 40-year-old asses. And our faces. Have a fab day doing whatever you are doing. I hope the air is warm, the pool is cool, the hubby is hot and the kids are somewhere else. I even have an awesome present for you this year! See you in a few days. XO.

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Happy Birthday, Take 15!

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This is from his Homecoming dance last week. Yes, he is that good looking. Period. I will take a break from the pink posts today (and yesterday and the day before, tsk tsk) so I can put up a picture of my handsome son on his birthday. My site. My rule. Besides I think I’m scraping a barrel bottom with some of these forced “pink” postings. Seriously. Cardboard food displays? Toilet paper? It’s getting kind of dry over here. Another picture. It’s just a big awesome face…

Anyway, he’s an easy birthday boy. He played football this morning. It was raining. It was windy. The ground was wet and getting muddy.  A fight broke out between the teams 34 seconds from the end and everybody rushed the field. And we lost the game. Plus, there were 4 hardcore October bees buzzing around in the stands trying to sting a fan like it was their job. Isn’t it too cold for bees? Shouldn’t they be flying south for the winter? I mean, even when the rain really started pouring down, those bees hung out, hovering around our heads like we were going to forget they were there. At any rate, the game was over and the team had to wait , dripping outside, for the bus to come and take them back to school. Picture time…

At home, my mom (who did not sit in the cold and miserable rain–ya’ big chicken!) came over with a card and some cash, which is really the only way to go at 15. He got a few more cards in the mail. More cash. He requested a Pepe’s dinner with an XBox afternoon before and an XBox chaser after. So here we go. He’s showered and fresh and ready for the food part of his big day. I imagine the XBox part of tonight is going to be a long one, unless I can get him to curl up with me on the couch while I tell him sentimental stories of the day I birthed him. Yeah right. Sleep in Sunday. We can dig it. Alright, the natives are restless. And hungry. One last picture. Happy birthday my beautiful boy! I love you! XO Mom.

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The Pain And Poop Principle

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A principle is a law or rule that has to be, or usually is to be followed, or can be desirably followed, or is an inevitable consequence of something, such as the laws observed in nature or the way that a system is constructed. The principles of such a system are understood by its users as the essential characteristics of the system, or reflecting system’s designed purpose, and the effective operation or use of which would be impossible if any one of the principles was to be ignored.

Examples of principles:

  • a descriptive comprehensive and fundamental law, doctrine, or assumption
  • a normative rule or code of conduct,
  • a law or fact of nature underlying the working of an artificial device.

The above is literally copied and pasted from Wikipedia because I am lazy and I wanted to make sure I had the right “principle.” I will try not to make this long and drawn out because I am leaving in about an hour to celebrate the BF’s Birthday!! I have gathered a rag-tag bunch of friends and family to come out to dinner with us and have drinks and cake!

Happy Birthday darling!!! Sorry I included your birthday wish in a post with poop! But that’s why we love each other so much right?!? Hey…there’s gonna be drink-ingSing-song

Anyway. It’s also my day off. And what I have learned from my latest week of workhell is that when your body fails, and then as it tries to recover itself, life pretty much comes down to two, basic, all-consuming issues:

Pain and Poop.

Do you have it? Do you not have it? How can we get rid of it if you do? How can we get it going if we need to?

Just think about it for a minute and you’ll see what I mean. Like, really think about it. Insert the pain and poop theory into the above “principle” definition. You see? We, us, my people, are obsessed with their pain and with their poop. And one usually causes the other. In any combination. Regardless of whether its a problem of going or not going. Pain because you can’t go. Pain because you go too much. Pain meds that constipate. Pain meds that liquidate. It’s a horrible, never-ending cycle and a delicate balance that takes up, at least, half my time on the job. Maybe even three-fourths.  It can never be “just right”.  I don’t think I ever posted about this, but my first day on the job, I had to give a rectal suppository. And I haven’t looked back since. Every day is just a new spin on the same two problems.

And here is an update before this post even makes it to actual publication: The above was written on Monday. Today is Wednesday. I have so little time now, that I can’t even ramble on properly, the way I like to. I have to divvy it up now into days and days. Ridiculous. But. Here’s the wrap of Monday: We had a fun time at the mini-party! That day is over. We went, we ate, we drank, we had cake, we had more drinks, everyone went home. Happy birthday again, my darlingwhoputsupwithsomuchandhardlyevercomplains! Love and kisses! Tuesday, yesterday, Stevie and I chilled at the house while Mason went to school. The girl was not feeling good and she needed a day to re-coup and re-group. I went to work in the afternoon. Wednesday, today, (technically it is today, as it is 1:24 am) I just got off work and I wanted to finish this post before the week is out. And luckily it will actually tie in with what I was saying earlier.

Besides all the normal, routine things that get done on a daily basis, my work has an extra book of things that also need to be done, or things that need to be clarified or scheduled or fixed, or whatever. Tonight there were 5, FIVE, separate notes about someone NOT having a BM. That’s a “Bowel” “Movement” for the uninitiated. Luckily, two of my peeps resolved the situation on their own before I got there. One, who wasn’t as lucky, complained to the doc and won herself a grand prize Fleet Enema! King MD Order to get yourself into the express lane on the way to Poopville. The sad part, is that she wanted the enema. They always want the enema. So guess what I had to do? I mean, someone has to give the enema. And that person is usually the nurse.

Or so I thought. Dun dun dun. Surprise ending!!

HA. See, not where you thought it was going right? I know. I did that on purpose. So funny at two in the morning. Anypoo…(see what I did there? heehee) turns out, just as I was going in to give ye olde enema, the fine lassy had worked the issue out for herself. The BM had arrived, and just in time. It wasn’t perfect and it wasn’t soft, but it was enough to change her mind, take the lactulose liquid that had also been prescribed, and wait until morning when the rest will probably work its way out. Literally. The option to have the enema is still on the table so it’s a win-win situation all around. Except maybe for me. Butt, whatever, I’m cool with it. Whatever route I have to use to get the medication in is fine with me just as long as I do get it in there so it can start working.

And that’s where I think I’ll end this tonight. I apologize ahead of time to all those that will be reading this in the morning. Potentially with breakfast. It’s a fact of life and if you have learned nothing, or taken nothing from this entire posting, at least keep this small bit of info or advice in the back of your mind: Have a bit of fruit with that breakfast. Something citrusy, if possible. Maybe something warm and fibery too, if you can work it in. It’ll really help keep things regular and moving. And as human machines, that’s all we can ask for.

Also, stay tuned for my next, equally exciting, medical article, featuring the two most popular oral medications, beloved by almost all of the patient population in healthcare. Can you fathom a guess? Are you over 50? If not, you have no clue. If you are, you are going to be offended at first. Then you are going to say to yourself, “But I do have a scratchy throat and it keeps me up at night.”

The correct answer to the question of popular medicine is, ding ding ding:

Cough syrup and sleeping pills! Truth. If I was a rich girl I would buy as much stock as I could in any company that produces cough syrup, sleeping pills, laxatives, diarrhea medicine, enemas and narcotic pain medications. If you have some extra cash, there you go. My totally unprofessional, non-educated economy/stock market lesson. For freeeeeeee…..We also watched Bedtime Stories today. Always end it on a positive note! Later!

A photo so nice, I'm using it twice! Besides, is it not perfect?? You are welcome!

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It’s probably kind of weird that my first post, after quite a while, is about me, but, hey, it is MY site!

So anyway, that picture is of a drink that I am NOT having right now, but doesn’t it look tasty? It’s my own recipe. I call it “Quick Margarita”.

Just put ice in a cup, pour in the tequila, the sweet/sour mix, triple sec (if you have it, it’s nice but not necessary), stir it up with your fingers, and sprinkle salt on top of the ice. I just use regular old salt from the shaker. As you can see I got a little fancy with the salt around the edge. This is also very easy. Before you put the ice and alcohol in the cup just swish some water on the rim and salt like you would a sweet corn cob, then follow the directions as given above. That’s it.  If you absolutely MUST shake it, follow my recipe, pour the whole thing into a shaker, shake it, and pour it back in the glass. At least now you will have liquor residue on the rim and the salt can stick to that!

Time required to create this masterpiece: As fast as you can pour stuff in a cup without spilling.

After a few of these quick drinks, you will find that it becomes even easier as you start skimping on the slower aspects of the recipe. Salt? Eh…we can skip that. Triple sec? I mean, come on the sweet/sour is prob good enough. Sweet/sour? The glass? Tequila drinks just as well from the bottle as it does from a cup.

So anyway, that’s it for now. It’s my birthday. I am 42. I became an RN just a few weeks ago. It has been my adult goal for the last 5 years. I am happy. No job yet, but I am waiting. Apps are out and I still have 15 days on the master plan. Panic will ensue then.

It’s supposed to be hot again here in Chicago. A blazing 90-95 that will feel like 100-105 thanks to our nasty humidity. Stay cool as you can and have a drink for me/with me/because of me! It’s our day! Have a great one!

One last thing. I’d like to dedicate this little bit of silliness to my cousin Lorraine. She’s an avid follower of my goofy site here and she’s basically, just all-around, awesome! She’s definitely what people call “a cool chick”. This is for you! You rock!

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De-tox complete from the other night and on to today. Maybe.

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Sister is having a combo party. She is kind of famous for them. This time is a triple dip although I am only bringing one food item.

Her son, turning 6…happy birthday!

My other sister’s son, turning 4…happy birthday!

And a Crawfish Boil….happy…whatever. That’s not like an official party thing. I think. I think it might have gotten thrown together kind of last minute. Not really sure because I don’t really eat the buggers. I am not a fan of eating things that require getting them out of small bony bodies. Crustacean shells. Exoskeleton. However you want to describe it. I’m not eating it.

That’s really beside the point because we are under tornado watch again, even though the weather was supposed to be clear now. The black stretch of severe thunder and lightning and tornados is scaring the bejeesus out of me. Especially since we are supposed to be driving more into it and it’s heading for where my children already are. They already had a terrible day and night of rain yesterday and it only looks like it’s going to get worse. I don’t think 3 hours of cloudy weather in between horrendous storms makes for a fun weekend. I say chuck it all and come home and be warm and dry while watching the storms from the living room couch. That may have to be my plan. Half an hour and then we’ll see.

If your weather is better…have a great weekend, but if you are in the crap belt like I am, be careful, watch the weather, take shelter as needed. And that’s not just me saying it. That’s the advice in the advisory. Watch the sky, stay away from windows, take shelter. See you on the other side.

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Birthday Wishes!! Shout Out for Jesse and Elexa! July 24!

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This is just a quick HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my two nieces! My only two nieces! Both born on the same day!! How cool is that??

Jesse is 14 and Elexa is 7!

We will see you both tomorrow at the pool!! Party!! Let me see if I have any cool pics!

Love you guys! Aunty L.


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Friday Afternoon and I’m about to start the party…Scratch that…Saturday Style now…

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Catchy huh?


It WAS Friday: (from last night):

It is Friday. There is going to be a party. I’m not starting it though. I’m going to it. I’m bringing the music. It’s tomorrow. It’s also Memorial Day Weekend kickoff night. I know alot of people are confused because it seems like Memorial Day is a weekend too early. Me included. Plus the BF is off of work today so that just threw my whole lazy tv/computer schedule right off the track. The kids are gone now for the weekend with their daddy and apparently the BF thinks I mean something else with that saucy headline. We can get to that soon enough, but first a recap of the day, because I know how much everyone enjoys reading about my daily life. (Especially my sister. Haha.)

After the kids went to school, we were supposed to hit a “spin” class. Luckily, I am still in the dark about what that might be…the BF had a killer migraine  until noonish, when I forced him up and out to go to my favorite running trail in the woods. Nothing cures a splitting headache faster than walking around in the broiling midday sun for four miles. And it was hot. We are in the midst of freaky spring here in Chicago. It’s the time of year when outdoor temps soar from 40 to 90 overnight, and everyone rejoices for summer and takes off all their clothes, and buries the heavy sweaters until suddenly, on a random afternoon, 1 week later, the temperature mysteriously begins to drop 10 degrees per hour and by the next day it’s raining and 39 and everyone in the city has pneumonia.

Summer in the city. Catch it!

We did the exercise, got food, went home.

The kids arrived from school, packed themselves up, made their beds, and left with their dad for the weekend.

We went to a funeral wake; sad.

And then to various stores, for fixing items we need, for all the things that broke this week.

My sister had texted me early morning to create a music play list for her son’s party. Fun, kid, modern, with an 80’s twist. Nothing obscene or graphic and vulgar. So while the BF took pills and waited for his head to stop hurting, I sifted thru all the fun music I could think of and made up a pretty good party mix.  (Then we went exercising–I’m messing up the time-line a little bit–jumping back and forth.)

I wanted to post last night but I got sidetracked with a mini emergency and let the night go after it was resolved.

Current Notice: It’s Saturday!

Still can’t post though because I have to go to the party right now! I spent the morning, cleaning up…my personal self…my back yard…my bird feeders…laundry…I even planted some seeds for the front of my house! (I use the word “planted” loosely, as I really just shook a bunch of seeds out of a can onto the dirt and then watered them.) I’ll post progress pictures as the days go by. That will be fun! Expect a picture of wet dirt and the flower can soon! (It’s all for you sissy!!–I know how much you love my play-by-play days!!)

Look, how are YOU spending your long weekend??

Anyway, I’ll be heading out. I need to stop at the Starbucks to get a coffee, so I need to go now.

Check back in a few hours. I’ll have the list of the party music and let you know how it all turned out.

Enjoy your Saturday!

(Last years flowers are below, to brighten up the place while you wait!)

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