Poker? But I hardly know her…HA…sorry…there was alot of ways I could have gone here…

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My first choice isn’t AS funny, considering I’m a girl, but that’s for all you dudes out there. You’re welcome.

This is my next choice:

HA! The Elusive 500!

A little more cryptic…what could I be referring to? And…you keep reading!

Next headline (actually typed, then deleted, so I could go with the above):

Poker Night for Everyone!

Kind of boring. Obviously referencing some kind of  “poker” game.

So, that’s it for the headlines. Here’s the meat:

Pocket Poker is my downfall!

Well, ONE of my many downfalls (if you ask the BF—hardy har har) and I have just been playing and playing. My ex hubby bought it years and years ago for me, and then one day, it disappeared.

Fast forward to last Christmas, in Florida, at the great Grandma’s house. Grandpa has been gone for a year plus, and Grandma was just now cleaning out some of his “junk” drawers.

POOF! Like a magical gift from the heavens, it returned to me. It was in Grandpa’s drawer all these years. I remembered then, that when he was sick, he liked to play it, and I left it there for him. Grandma didn’t want it, and it was back with me.

I searched for some years for it, and I searched the stores for one just like it. Nothing. This is the best. The most straightforward. The easiest. You can play for many mind numbing hours. And I do. My goal (sights set high over here) was to get 500 points.

Well, today is that day! Mere hours ago, I achieved this spectacular feat! I don’t get anything for it except satisfaction, and the next time I play I’ll probably lose 100. But, I’m no quitter. On to the next “level”….SIX hundred points!! OMG! I could be up all night!

Here’s a picture of my outstanding achievement in Hand Held Pocket Poker Gaming (505 points with a Full House):


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Cool Word of the Day! Spelling Bee Edition!

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This section here is lifted copy/paste from DListed/Michael K. (Thank you. Please don’t be mad. You are the smarmy, younger, alter ego brother I never…oh wait, I do have one of those already…but he’s straight! Rock On!)

13-year-old Kavya Shivashankar of Olathe, Kansas beat out 11 finalists for the title of the greatest speller who ever spelled (under the age 14) at the Scripps National Spelling Bee last night. Kavya won $40,000 in cash and prizes as well as a giant trophy/fruit bowl/dust collector. This was Kavya’s fourth time at the bee and it will also be her last, because of her age.

The word that won it for Kavya was laodicean.

End of DListed/Michael K Post Part. (Thank you again–I owe you a froo-froo drink!)

Now this is mine. In order to find the above word, I had to put away my Riverside Webster’s II Dictionary that I normally use for this and break out the big guns:

Random House Webster’s College Dictionary.

I never heard of the word, nobody I know ever heard of the word and I couldn’t spell it to save my life or my children’s lives. I did let my future french fry makers stay up late to watch the big finish though! As a bonus for the Spelling Bee people, I bet they taught half of America a new word last night! Yay TV! Stay in school!

Smart kids are awesome!

Laodicean (adjective)

Definition: Lukewarm or indifferent, especially in religion, as were the early Christians of Laodicea;  such a lukewarm or indifferent person.

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Running with the Rotation of the Earth

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UN-believable! I felt like I was on the biggest virtual reality treadmill in the world.

Seriously. Well, seriously, because I guess I was. Running on the spinning Earth. But knowing, I was running on the spinning Earth, and noticing it and realizing the bigness of the whole thing. (Geez, today really is turning out to be quite a sapfest–it’s like I have overly emotional sentimental hormones coursing thru my body or something…)(Make it stop!)

Anyboohoo, for about ¼ of a mile, I seemed to be running in the same direction the Earth was spinning. It sounds crazy. It was awesome, and it felt incredible and strange. More importantly, I didn’t fall down from the weird effect, AND I’m not high or drunk.

If I had run the other way on the trail, I never would have noticed it. I started off in the other direction. 3.6 and counting down or backwards. I like to do it that way so it seems like I have less to go. Like, instead of running to the 2 mile mark, I only have “less than” 2 to go…make sense? Doesn’t matter.

At any rate, when I got to the space between the ½ mile mark, running toward the  ¼ mile mark (going backwards) the trail opens up into a big field. No trees, just flat grass on the side. Nothing around. Just the trail in the middle of all that ground and sky. And as I looked up at the clouds, they seemed to be moving in front of me,  rolling forward like giant cotton balls, and I was running with them on the surface of the Earth. It really felt like a giant treadmill with a slow motion moving picture show in front of me. I never even lost my balance! And then it was over.

I was back on the ground with the rest of the world, just running. Time sped back up and regulated. I made it to the end, walked to the car and drove home.

And here I am. Friday afternoon. The sun is still shining and I’m waiting on my son.

After I changed, I jumped back on the scale and weighed within .2 (that’s point 2) of the weight I wanted to start from on my 20 pound adventure. So I’ll start from here. Close enough. I am officially declaring myself even. Oh, what a feeling.

Back to hard boiled eggs and yogurt with granola. It was delicious. For real. Apparently, diet DOES make the difference. I felt a million times better running today than I did two days ago. The difference is the crap I DIDN’T eat. Ugh! How many times until I learn??

As usual, I had my music with me. I set it to shuffle on my ALL GYM play list and let it rock. 272 songs, and the following twelve rolled off the hard drive and into my head. I’m including them below. In order, as they played. It’s good for a 4 mile run. Right to the end, if you’re slow like me. Give it a chance. I was impressed. Luck mostly, but sometimes things just…work.

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World Turning

May 29, 2009 at 4:10 pm (Music Lists) (, , , , , , , , )

1. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown / Jim Croce

2. Pulp Song / Stellastarr

3. Righteous Love / Joan Osborne

4. Open My Eyes / Buckcherry

5. Say It Ain’t So / Weezer

6. No One / Alicia Keys

7. Hemorrhage (In My Hands) / Fuel

8. Sex And Candy / Marcy Playground

9. The In Crowd / Mitchel Musso

10. Umbrella (Travis Barker Remix) / Rihanna

11. Leavin’ / Jesse McCartney

12. Right Round / Flo Rida

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Sundial things are FUN!!

May 29, 2009 at 4:00 pm (Pictures) (, , , , )

It’s all for you baby! Have fun tonight!


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Street Money Update!

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It’s a big ten kind of day…

Ten cents, that is.

One shiny ass dime, glittering in the bright sun, laying on the ground, early this morning.

How does money end up in the street? I don’t know, but my kids say these are the best kinds of days to find it. They just keep their eyes on the road and look for the sparkle. It’s like payday!

Check here for the yearly total.

It’s an exciting day—we broke another “dollar” barrier–we are over Eleven Bucks!! I can almost feel the sunshine from my summer home in the Hamptons. Ha.

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May 29, 2009 at 10:39 am (Pictures) (, )


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Today is the day!

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It’s Friday. It’s beautiful. The sun was shining through my children’s window in such a way that it makes you feel like everything will be ok.

Not to say that anything is bad…it’s just that kind of day. If you can’t take the sap this early, I understand. Check back later for the post about my Wednesday Church experience. No cheese included. That’s kind of weirdly ionic huh? Sun=Peace. Church=No peace.

Back to today:

I found a dime, walking the kids to school (separate post).

I took a shower, fresh shampoo, fresh soap, fresh fragrance…I feel really clean, like, squeaky clean, AND I used a new deodorant that smells like Florida! The good Florida. Beachy, sunny, oceany, sexy southern sultry, steam off the street…man I miss that place…

Anyway, I’m posting a bit, catching up. Update the daily life and what I’m doing. I’ve been busy with actual out-of-the-house stuff. Had to get more school related paperwork, make 10 different appointments for body checks, myself and the kiddies, run to the drug store for cards and snacks and special lunch for my daughter who has 5th grade picnic, take the boyfriends mom to the doc, pick up prescriptions, take the mom back to the doc, talk to my mom, my sis, my niece, my ex, my exes ex….you know, just stuff.

One school year ends, another begins. My son is going into 6th grade! Jr. High! So exciting. He’s visiting the school today to see how it looks, get a feel for lockers, and changing classes, and being a teenager. Then he gets to have Basketball Pizza Party after school. Still no trophies though. He says Tuesday. I haven’t forgotten. I have the post all ready, just need to throw in the pictures. I know every single one of you is dying to see those Bowling and Basketball trophies. Stay tuned!

I have one more doc trip with the BF mom’s today at noonish, then I can hit the trail and wait for my daughter to get home.

I have to run, even though I’m plodding out there like a hippo in the heat. It’s pathetic. It feels pathetic. Every step, I just want to stop. But now I have to go to the doc’s this Monday and I don’t want to weigh too much. If you are still following my, “Lose 20 lbs. by Warrior Dash” extravaganza, here’s the update: I have to lose 2 pounds just to get down to the original weight I wanted to lose 20 from. So I’m working on that, but nature is battling against me. It’s like the perfect storm of weight gain. Natures gift wreaking havoc, bad dinners, late nights, early mornings…It sucks. I have to stop eating and try to live on coffee and breath mints until Monday for my “fake weight” at the doc’s, and then work on the real thing next week. I know, I know, It’s not healthy, it’s not a good example, but who cares. Those medical records follow you around FOREVER! I can’t be overweight every single time! It’s soul crushing! The good thing is that I am actually about 20+ lbs. down from the last time I was there, so it still looks good, but for my personal self and all you people—still too heavy. Plus, I can’t be running around an obstacle course with flabby arms and a weak belly. I want to look all cut and sexy covered in mud and sweat and swamp water. Wouldn’t you?

Now that I’ve really sidetracked…let’s see…the BF is playing Poker with the buds later, so dinner is all me and the kids. So how many people out there think it’s going to be chicken breast and brown rice. Uh huh. More like Taco Bell and Baskin Robbins…see what I’m up against? I guess I’ll just eat and throw up. Not. Please check the following post about that BAD IDEA. I just tell myself, don’t eat THAT much. Am I a F…ing idiot??? Sometimes.

I’m so far behind here. Let me wrap this up. School, Exercise, Posting, Dinner, Weekend Parties, Movies, Popcorn, Ice Cream…that sound about right.

Church post, Flower post, Money post, Mason New Toy Post, Cool Word, Quote, and Music List.

No trophies, no weight loss.

Pictures WILL be included.

Chicago is sunny and 70. It really is a beautiful day.

Check back here later for a laugh or two, but get outside if you can.

Later gators!

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Get outside ASAP! You’re missing all the sun…

May 29, 2009 at 10:10 am (Pictures) (, , , )

This is for the boyfriend. It’s his favorite series of pictures. Sundial in Sunshine. He says I can’t post them enough.

Love you!


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