Looks like Vegas may not be where I wake up tomorrow

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Not for $2000 per person. Just for the airplane. How can that even be the right price?!?

Anyway…In my vodka haze I must have misread the channel guide. 2½ Men was done at 7 pm. But hey! Role Models! And I’m recording Turistas. I think I remember hearing that it was scary, so that should be good in a few hours after more of the vodka soaks in.

For now, here’s a picture of my Pocket Poker game. I have been playing it non-stop throughout my school year but never with the big wins like I had last summer. Well guess what?

That’s right. I hit the Royal Flush. Again. It’s not quite as satisfying since I was at, like, ZERO points, but I still got 5000 for it! Now I’m trying to hit it again to beat my all time high score. What? Did you say you needed a picture to remind you of what that was? Great! I have one!

That’s 7130. Seems like it wouldn’t be that hard right? But it is. And so addicting to someone like me with OCD tendencies. It’s prob good we aren’t going to Vegas after all. Having credit cards with no balance and a high limit is just too easy. But, oh man, the sun, the pool, the casino’s…I love playing poker all night and laying by the pool all day. With drinks. In that hot, desert sun and those cool air conditioned hotels. Torture. I need to stop. The drinks are totally kicking in and I would pay any amount and hop on a plane right now, with those awesome airline mini-alcohol bottles, flight in the night, with the lights of Las Vegas shining in the distance as we approach McCarran International ….man I could be in Vegas in 5 hours! License first. Vacation later.

Have a great night wherever you are!

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I gotta say…

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I don’t know who the heck is still looking at this every day, but, thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my 15-week-jammed-up-school-crazy-going-no-time-to-post-anything heart! Someone is keeping me alive and on the charts and I thank you.

I literally have one more clinical and one more week of class to go this semester. One care plan. One evaluation sheet w/ goals. One Hesi test. One Lab Final and one final Final. Now that I have typed it…it seems like alot. But trust. It is not. Actually it is but that’s just because I have to study everything, all over again, and then answer even MORE questions. But then I’m done. Until January. One post in 15 weeks…not bad.

Here’s a quick update: School. Football. School. Football. I take the kids to bowling. I go to clinicals. I don’t play any games anymore on facebook, but I do check the site. I stay up way too late. And not for good stuff. I rebooted my Ipod but I am not in love with it anymore. I lost all my playlists and a few hundred songs when I re-loaded the back up discs. I haven’t exercised in weeks. Unless you count the few pushups I do every few days to make sure that I still can. Which I do. But I still fit in my small pants so I don’t care too much about the extra flab hanging over the top for now. I can hit the gym in about a week. School is busy but fun this time. Stressful but in a completely different way from last semester. And my license is calling. I can almost hear it now. I haven’t really been drinking either. Not even enough time for that. Or movies. Or pleasure books. Or mags. I have alot of gossip news to catch up on. My mags are from August…I know I should just throw them away…I’ll decide at Christmas about that. Anyway, I am having a drink now and it is good.

The two things for fun that I have still been doing is collecting change off the street (and keeping it in a cup) and playing my pocket poker game (the quest for the royal flush). Don’t I sound like FUN??  I will post the amount for the last few months in a few days maybe.

AND….wait for it……the quest is over!!


Oh yeah! No kidding. I think it was clubs. I got it awhile ago but saved the pic for just this moment. I am a wild woman! Do not mess with me and my mad fake poker points skillz! The back of the game says I get 2500 points for the royal flush but I got 5000! What?? I know! It was an exciting day! And just when I did not think it could ever happen again….IT DID!!

TWO Royal Flushes! This was a hearts set. Another 5000. Oh yeah…I’m going for the 10,000. I am unstoppable.

I need to go eat dinner and study something. Thanks for hanging again with me thru the weeks of drought! I really do appreciate your time! I’ll have more later! Pictures are below.

The first one. And that was pretty exciting.

Ugh! Blurry! But you can see it! Another 5000.

That was the high score but I am going for more points. I think I am over 7100 now. Yes I know. Sad life. That’s what the vodka is for. See ya!

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Oh man, the news just keeps coming…Pocket Poker…defeated!

November 8, 2009 at 12:03 pm (Pictures, Pocket Poker) (, , , )

This is what I used to do before technology…Pocket Poker. If you have read any of the past posts…and really, why wouldn’t you? Is my life not just soooo exciting?? Don’t answer. The goal of the pocket poker is to get good hands (of cards) and get more points, with the ultimate goal of getting a Royal Flush! That would be an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten…all of the same suit. Well, hold on to your hats folks….because I did it!!

Done and captured forever on camera:


I love how it just says, “WIN” on the top. I also got 3000 points for that little achievement.

No, none of this means anything in the actual world. I didn’t get any real money, or any phone calls from important people…in fact, no one really cared at all, except me. And you, of course, now that you know.

I continued to play off my giant win and I think I am down to 2095 points now, with no hope to ever win that kind of “money” again.

I kicked that game to the curb. The joy and thrill of winning is gone…plus it’s really old and the keys stick terrible. You have to really press on them to make them work and I was worried that it would stop altogether. So I have been searching for a new game. The ones out there are not good. Small. Annoying graphics. Weird digital numbers. Hard to read. But, as if in a cosmic alignment of the poker gods, just as I won the Royal Flush, a new game appeared on the horizon, sent from the heavens to gently land at the SuperTarget, and wait for me to stroll by one Friday night…The new, improved, updated version of my exact same game! And it works like a dream! Everything I wanted and more. It even has a light for playing at night! Same company, same style.  The only difference is regarding the Royal Flush points. The old was 3000, the new is only 2500. Eh…details.

Here’s the picture that you knew would follow. Lights off. Lights on.


So as you can see, you are not really missing much with me being so busy with school. Still in it. Waiting for Christmas. I’ll have almost a month off between semesters. Just think all the random, unimportant *?!@#$%^&*! you’ll get to read about!

Next up, Challenger pics. I’m still seeing them out there driving around. Although by the time I can even get one, everyone will have one and it won’t have the same impact. Although that does save you all from having to look at the website of Challenger pictures I would most likely put up every single day…ha. I joke but…”here’s my car at school, and here’s one at the grocery store, here’s the car at my sister’s, here’s one at the bank…” it would be so sad. But I did get a new phone, so the pictures should be better! Also, I have been seeing alot, ALOT, of the new Camaro’s driving around looking all badass.

I never seem to be ready for the picture taking anymore.

Alright. Breakfast is cooking and I am running out of time before this computer shuts itself off. (I am limiting myself to battery power only.)

Back to the books.


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Can you say…loser?!?

July 11, 2009 at 1:59 pm (Pictures, Pocket Poker) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , )

Or winner?!? Hmmm…Despite the fact that I have no time to post anything that my loyal fans want to read…Sorry people…school HAS to come first. I need a job with a good future and a good paycheck and that gives me the feeling that I am actually making a difference in the world!

Beyond the new windows—pictures in a few!!!!!—and the laundry and the kids coming home, then leaving, then coming home again, then babysitting nieces and nephews, then cleaning up the window mess and re-painting…I still had time for some POCKET POKER!

Oh yeah. I am the queen of the hand-held video gamer. I pretend I am in Vegas, and I just go for broke!

Broke for me at the moment is 600 points! Please refer back to the previous post, weeks ago when I broke 500. I achieved this chance success with a few Four-of-a-Kinds and one Straight Flush.

I am on the trail of the elusive Royal Flush. 3000 points!

I have only gotten it one time in the history of my playing. Before the long break when I lost it.

I have to go take a shower now because we have to re-caulk the tub and it will be unavailable for 24 hours.

Enjoy the picture below and stay tuned for more later! I’m halfway done with the studying…reading a butt load of chapters is next but I can squeeze in computer time!


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My fans await…

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And here I am being lazy all day. Seriously lazy. It’s 3 pm and I am just now up and doing stuff. Too bad too, cause it’s really nice outside. I probably could have done tons more.

I’m adding a warning right here, before I get a call from my sister telling me how lame and annoying I am:

This post contains a long, possibly boring narrative of my days and nights since Saturday morning, before the party. Proceed with caution (and a drink for maximum enjoyment, I recommend the Vodka Mixer, but only if you’re over 21. Please drink responsibly.) if you continue. I cannot be held accountable for what you think is funny or not. End of warning.

I was awake at 10 am. And I had coffee and watched tv. I checked my e-mail because the kids both got their own e-mail accounts and they like to send messages and videos and chat back and forth even though we are all in the same house. It’s really fun. They send an e-mail, hand me the computer, I open my e-mail, read and reply, and hand the computer back to them. Only kids can give you this kind of entertainment.

Anyway, as luck would have it, they are at their dads right now (which is why I can lay around until 10 am in bed on a Monday. School is over for them and mine is on Tuesday’s) so since they are actually out of the house I knew there would be messages. And there were. Checked and replied. Drink more coffee. Watch a movie.

Ladies, (or guys), if you are going to cheat on your spouse, watch this movie first: Clash By Night

It’s surprisingly violent and straightforward. I flipped it on thinking that old movies sometimes are the best on days like this. And I was right. The poster and IMDB kind of make it seem like a Marilyn picture, but it’s not. It’s about love and the giant mess it makes when you get married, and have kids, and have lovers and families and live by that sexy ocean when it’s hot outside…but judge for yourself…that could be the Bailey’s talking.

After the movie, I decided that a shower might be nice. I was kind of hungry too, but way to lazy to make anything or even go out to get something. So I did all the personal hygiene stuff I like to do when the kids and BF are gone, played some Pocket Poker (lost everything) and moved onto the mail and the couch. It’s windy and keeps trying to rain. I wish it would because then I don’t have to feel guilty about sitting inside like a hermit.

After the paperwork I had to do was done, I moved onto laundry, and vacuuming. This is gripping reading I know. (Shut up! Aman-duh!) I am just now getting the house back to it’s pre-party condition. Not that there was a big mess or anything. My sisters and family toatally helped clean up! Thank you! I just like to remove our daily living paraphernalia from the public view. But, you have to put it all back because you find out you need it at hand. Stuff like, my food journal, and bills, and magazines and school books, things like that.

Speaking of the party…it was good. Really good I thought. Party was scheduled to start at 2 pm. It rained at exactly 2 pm.

But then it stopped and warmed up just enough for  everyone to go outside. I’d say a majority of those invited actually came. Very successful. You never know with these kinds of things. You want the party to NOT be a disaster. It’s really all you can hope for. The food arrived, everyone ate, drank, socialized, and left. Last people out were my sisters. 11 pm ish, I think. Not bad at all.

Sunday morning was raining a bit. Mason had grass to cut. Another job! Then we went to the movies. Land of the Lost

It’s not bad. But it’s not worth paying full price unless you really LOVE Will Ferrell. There are some really funny parts and some that just aren’t. Also, alot of swearing and jokes and visuals that might be a little too adult for the younger crowd. Mine are 10 and 11 and I was cringing a few times and working up the explanations in my head.

We had a gift card so it wasn’t too bad. The food cost more than the admission! Bleah!  Then we motored the children on over to their daddy’s. The BF and I watched Mr and Mrs Smith for the gazillionth time, ate food and hit the sack. And here I sit today.

Laundry is cooking, books are waiting, pictures need posting…I could spice up the story with some sordid little details about how I earned a buck-oh-two on Saturday night, or what vodka, 7-up and bags of ice brought to the party Sunday night, but I bet you can think of a million better things than I could come up with, including the truth. This site is interactive! YOU tell ME and I’ll let you know if you’re close.

Which reminds me, my brothers favorite movie is coming on tv soon. You can’t handle the truth! At least I think it still is. I personally don’t care for the “Jack” myself but I try to be nice. I prefer his other favorite Keyser Söze. I’m not sure why, but if it’s on tv I watch it, no matter where in the story or what time it is. I’ve watched it at 4 in the morning on Christmas Eve. Why is it even on at that time?? It’s a sickness.

Alright look around for some pictures. I have more stuff to come, including a caterpillar update. What are those crazy cocoons up to?? You know you want to know.

Find out! Later!

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Poker? But I hardly know her…HA…sorry…there was alot of ways I could have gone here…

May 29, 2009 at 10:26 pm (Day to Day, Pocket Poker) (, , , , )

My first choice isn’t AS funny, considering I’m a girl, but that’s for all you dudes out there. You’re welcome.

This is my next choice:

HA! The Elusive 500!

A little more cryptic…what could I be referring to? And…you keep reading!

Next headline (actually typed, then deleted, so I could go with the above):

Poker Night for Everyone!

Kind of boring. Obviously referencing some kind of  “poker” game.

So, that’s it for the headlines. Here’s the meat:

Pocket Poker is my downfall!

Well, ONE of my many downfalls (if you ask the BF—hardy har har) and I have just been playing and playing. My ex hubby bought it years and years ago for me, and then one day, it disappeared.

Fast forward to last Christmas, in Florida, at the great Grandma’s house. Grandpa has been gone for a year plus, and Grandma was just now cleaning out some of his “junk” drawers.

POOF! Like a magical gift from the heavens, it returned to me. It was in Grandpa’s drawer all these years. I remembered then, that when he was sick, he liked to play it, and I left it there for him. Grandma didn’t want it, and it was back with me.

I searched for some years for it, and I searched the stores for one just like it. Nothing. This is the best. The most straightforward. The easiest. You can play for many mind numbing hours. And I do. My goal (sights set high over here) was to get 500 points.

Well, today is that day! Mere hours ago, I achieved this spectacular feat! I don’t get anything for it except satisfaction, and the next time I play I’ll probably lose 100. But, I’m no quitter. On to the next “level”….SIX hundred points!! OMG! I could be up all night!

Here’s a picture of my outstanding achievement in Hand Held Pocket Poker Gaming (505 points with a Full House):


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