Mother of the Year

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Well, I have to hurry. My son will be home in a few minutes and he has to go and cut the BF’s Mom’s grass…?? Anyway, since he has been working so hard cutting three lawns weekly and keeping up with school and basketball, and only complaining very minimally, I thought I would help him out today and cut our back grass.

Yes, very helpful. As I was cutting our grass, like I used to do all the time, I seem to have broken the automatic drive on the mower. That’s the part that spins the front wheels to make cutting a little easier. Moves the machine forward for you, and you just keep it straight.

Well, that part doesn’t work anymore, and I couldn’t fix it.

As a bonus, though, I got quite a workout, since that mower is extremely heavy and hard to push around our hilly lawn. Yay me.

And now my son will have a chance to work extra hard today because of me. I don’t know, maybe he can fix it. Maybe the BF can later.

At any rate, it doesn’t matter for the present moment because it don’t work NOW!

So, I thought I’d just post another running list while I wait for the wrath of my 11-year old dynamo.

I should have just went running for exercise like I planned and left the yard work to the boy. This is the Run Wild specific list. It’s long because I combined Wild and Crazy and the Jungle into one list. Wasn’t sure how many songs there would be. Turns out, ALOT.

Here it is: Running Wild & Crazy (Possibly in the Jungle)

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Running Wild & Crazy (Possibly in the Jungle)

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1. Welcome To The Jungle / Guns N’ Roses

2. Crazy Train / Ozzy Osbourne

3. Crazy Bitch / Buckcherry (NC-17)

4. Crazy / Aerosmith

5. Crazy / Gnarls Barkley

6. Crazy In Love / Beyoncé  feat. Jay-Z

7. Crazy / Patsy Cline

8. She Drives Me Crazy / Fine Young Cannibals

9. You’re Crazy / Guns N’ Roses

10. Crazy Little Thing Called Love / Dwight Yoakam

11. Crazy For You / Madonna

12. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend / Miranda Lambert

13. Crazy / Pat Benatar

14. Let’s Go Crazy / Prince

15. Crazy / Seal

16. Crazy / Simple Plan

17. I’ve Always Been Crazy / Stargunn

18. Crazy On You / Heart

19. Jungleland / Bruce Springsteen

20. Real Wild Child (Wild One) / Iggy Pop

21. Deuces Are Wild / Aerosmith

22. Wild Horses (Live) / Alicia Keys & Adam Levine

23. Wild World / Cat Stevens

24. Wild Night / Martha Reeves

25. Wild Heart / Stevie Nicks

26. Wildfire / Michael Murphey

27. All The Wild Horses / Ray LaMontagne

28. Wild Thing / Tone-Loc

29. Wild Horses / The Rolling Stones

30. Youth Gone Wild / Skid Row

31. Wild Wild Life / Talking Heads

32. The Girl’s Gone Wild / Travis Tritt

33. Wild Night / John Mellencamp

34. Born To Be Wild / Steppenwolf (but I have The Mooney Suzuki version)

35. Wild Thing / The Troggs

36. Jungle Love / Steve Miller Band

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Day Quote

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She was an Amazon. Her whole life was spent riding at breakneck speed along the wilder shores of love.

—Lesley Blanch

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Dodge Challenger 5

May 12, 2009 at 11:18 am (Dodge Challenger) (, , , , , , , )

On the road yesterday! Yes, I was driving and taking pictures with the camera on my phone. That’s why they’re not super-great. But who cares. Here’s another one. Enjoy!


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Is It Just Me?

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Or does this ad for Reebok seem a little…wrong??

This was in Glamour Magazine, and probably other ones, but it seems like the ad agency/Reebok might have been trying too hard to be…hip? relevant? finger-on-the-pulse of single ladies…or marrieds (whatever)…doing the “WALK OF SHAME” ??? Or was it a joke…slip it in and see if anyone notices?

I don’t know. It’s probably just me…but that line seems REALLY out of place.

img020 - Copyimg020

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Street Money Update!

May 12, 2009 at 9:32 am (Street Money) (, , , , , , , , )

It’s not much. Hardly worth the post, but like I always say, “EVERY PENNY COUNTS”.

And it does. One more cent to the list!

Total: HERE !!

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Cool Word of the Day!

May 12, 2009 at 9:23 am (Cool Words) (, , , , )

Ingenious (adjective)

Definition: Showing great skill in creating or devising: creative;  Original and imaginative.

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