I’m So Jeep In Love Right Now

August 10, 2018 at 1:42 pm (Day to Day, Jeep, Street Money, Thank You, Updates)


I’m a little obsessed right now. I’m clinging to my Jeep because it sits faithfully in the parking lot overnight at my new job waiting for me to return every morning. I work nightshift now. No matter how stressed I feel in the hospital, I am instantly better when I see my baby outside, just a few feet from my exit. My heart literally beats with relief some days for this tether to my normal world. I realize I tend to get “attached” to things, but then what the hell is the upside of having OCD if you can’t spread that obsessive love around to a few of your favorite inanimate objects. At least it’s not black tar heroin. Right? Which reminds me. I got a tupperware bowl of change, money change, coins, a drug addicts dream, just sitting around in my room, on my dresser. It’s all the loose change that’s been collected in the last few years. Yes. Last few years. Pause for effect. Years. (I told you OCD. I’m really committed to my causes). So, yes, I still collect this money whenever I see it on the ground. My kids and the BF still do it too. Apples and trees ya know. Ingrained training. In true OCD fashion I will be separating it all by coin and bill first, and then posting the total. It’s really really dirty too. I should probably wear gloves. And spoiler alert, we found a one hundred dollar bill in the Home Depot parking lot a few years back. I actually gave that money to the kids to spend, but it’s in the tally, making the grand total, from numerous years of shameless money scrounging,  somewhat impressive I think.  I don’t even have a ballpark figure because I pretty much lost track years ago. It just gets dumped into the bowl. It’s more than 100 though. Anyway you’ll have to wait another day, because it is going to take a bit of time to sort this out. If I was super interactive, and better at the internet, I’d set up some kind of poll and entertain comments with guesses at the total. I could even offer some kind of incentive. A prize cut of this filthy, grimy money. But I’m not that good. And that would drag this process out even longer. Looking back on all these words, I think I’ve probably typed enough for today. Now that I’m back on the post boat,  every day can be a new opportunity to share all my deep thoughts with a few unsuspecting readers, in long, drawn out, run-on sentences. Or very short sentences. With lots of punctuation. Love long sentences and short sentences. Love commas and periods. For sure we are done here today. Thank you if you made it this far. Stay tuned please. Jeep is Life. Later.

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Awww. 57 Degrees As The Car Drives.

April 15, 2013 at 11:09 am (Day to Day, Family, Money, Picture Posts, Posts In Pictures, Street Money, Wasting Time In General, Weather) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , )


It’s not really raining. And it’s not really 57 anymore. The temp is inching up again. And this wasn’t even today. I know that I should NOT be taking pictures, with my phone camera, while driving, on the expressway, in the rain. But I did. I saw the car ahead and sometimes you never know when you are about to drive past something cool. Be alert! The world needs more lerts! (That’s from an old poster I used to have about a billion years ago when I was young. It really stuck with me.) Anyway…it’s a picture I took and I really have no other use for it except to show my son and then delete it. So here it is, headlining a world famous blog on a semi-cloudy-sunny-sneaking-can’t-decide-if-it-should-be-dreary-or-not day. Man, I can really stretch out a sentence.  Anyway anyway…

I’m about to go into the 3-part Tire Drama, I spoke of last night, told in HD Camera Phone Picture Quality Storytelling. That is a patented technique for my new posting style, basically more pictures so there can be less words, not successful so far, that I will let you adopt as your own for a small fee if you find it works for you too. Or just works at all.  But here, you are getting it for freeeeeee….(Bedtime Story Style. Look it up.) Stay with me now, because, as usual, it will be a long and round-a-bout, drawn out, possibly all day and night, tale for the ages. In fact, you may not even see the thread or the connection in the beginning and will most likely forget the original idea for the story in the first place. That’s OK though. It’s Monday. And it’s Tax Day. I have a whole money post thing that I do. Truly. Today might be the day to update that, 3 years late, feature too. (Yes. 3. THREE. Years. Late.) It’s called “Found Money.” It’s real and it’s kind of interesting and cool, I think, but I am sooooo far behind. I have kept all this loose change, for 3 years, in different containers, (to tell each year apart), in my hall closet, without even tallying it all up! My whole family knows it’s there and just leaves it alone. FOR THREE YEARS! We even add the most current change to the most current container, and never disturb the previous ones. You know how when you live with crazy people, but you don’t realize that they are crazy, because you have never known them any other way, or even known any other people, for that matter, all up close and personal, until you spend time outside your small bubble of family, and suddenly realize that your normal is other peoples abnormal, but because you are deep in the crazy too, you just go along?? You know??  Well. Then you find that you have three years of loose change sitting in a closet that everyone is very careful not to move, or knock over and spill, or mix up, every single day, when they are just trying to get a towel out to take a shower. Thank you family!

So today may be our lucky day! The madness ends. Well, this one point of madness. Maybe. It’s not like I am counting that change yet. In fact, I haven’t even ended this long-ass post, and I have gotten so far off topic, and even started 2 new ones, maybe three, (I can work alot on very little) that I can’t even remember how I was going to end this thing. Tires. Money. Weather updates. Flowers. That’s four actually. And I really can’t (don’t) want to go anywhere right now anyway until I get my car back. Oh yeah. My car. The reason I don’t have it right now. That’s it. I found the start of breadcrumb trail! Lo and behold and the laundry shall never get done! More time a-wasting over here. Maybe I will just throw a load into the washer and switch the dryer real quick and then type some more. There’s no time schedule for crazy. I mean creativity. Later.

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Street Money Update! WTF-It’s-Been-19-Months!! Edition

September 24, 2011 at 3:07 pm (Day to Day, Money, Shameless Self Promotion, Street Money) (, , , , , , )

So I checked back over my pages and yes, it has been 19 months. I know some of you are out there shaking your heads because you just can’t believe that it has been THAT long. And that you have been reading this crazy blog for longer than that. AND that you actually remember that I pick up loose change off the ground whenever I see it and keep a running log. And that I have my kids and BF sucked into the madness too!

It’s all true. The last posting was for February of 2010. I would say that’s pretty bad. We have still been collecting the money, in fact, that picture above is the bowl we put all of last years loose change into. (I have a separate container for the 2011 money). Stevie just found a dime today! I will picture and post that whole mess later tonight! Are you excited?? Are you going to change your plans and stay in just to see if I actually do it?? I am on a roll here. I think this is three consecutive days. But don’t change your plans—Shameless Self Promotion Alert—just subscribe to the site (upper right corner) and you can get an e-mail whenever I add my “two-cents” to the world. See, with laughs like that how can you NOT subscribe. Let’s just get to the count shall we?

Now, before I fell off the money wagon, I would post amounts as found, on what day and where. Intimate details about this dirty, filthy, left-behind money that you may or may not have cared about. I used to even write all that stuff down, Major OCD, the date/place/amount/condition…it really was/is a sickness. Takes alot of time too. Obviously I ran out of all that time during school, which is good thing so that I was able to re-direct that mental focus on more important tasks, like getting my degree. So it just got put in a random cup and here it is.

It’s still all 100% off the street. Or sidewalk, store floor, vending area, bowling alley, etc., etc. You get the idea. We found it. We picked it up. Pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. That’s all we scored last year. Nothing big like previous years, and no bills. As the economy has buttoned down so has the available loose change. People are holding on to it. And when they do drop it, they pick it up. It’s still pretty slim this year too. We have some, and I will update the main pages to the left and try to keep track now with random posts as the money enters our lives in real time.

Unless of course I win the lottery. We have Mega Millions here and I just found out it rolled over again. I have a good feeling for Tuesday….and in that case, I will never post again. No wait. I will. But I’ll change the blog and format to:

All The Places You Can Go To And All The Things You Can Buy When You Are Filthy Stinking Rich And Just Shy Of Pretty.

It’s a working title. I can always tweak that later. Here’s what you read all the way through for:

Current date: September 24, 2011

Money found from 2/21/2010 to 12/31/2010 (that’s LAST year):

Total= $7.09 Seven Dollars and Nine Cents. Anti-climactic for sure.

BUT…If you add that giant number to the previous amount from the first few weeks in 2010, you get the equally unimpressive number of:

GRAND TOTAL= $10.89. Woohoo. Ten dolla and eighty-nine cent! Sad.

Hey it’s a way to pass the time. Here are some loose change stats you might be interested in, and super easy to list because all the money is sitting right in front of me!

First of all, this money is DIRTY. Seriously, it’s gross. Dusty and rusty and covered in white powder (road salt? I hope) and corrosion. Some of the coins are hard to read. They’ve lost their definition and edges. I had a hard time determining the denomination. With enough wear a penny can wear to the size of a dime and they both take on a sick grey color.

Second, the money stinks. Really. It just smells bad. Like rusty metal covered in dust. Gets in the back of your teeth and makes your mouth water. Yum.


124 Pennies

9 Nickels

14 Dimes

16 Quarters

So the pennies have it, but look at those quarters! Using that ability to roll away fast and lodge somewhere inconvenient and out of reach. Good for them! They’re still no match for my money-hunters. My kids will move all kinds of stuff to get at the coins they spot on the ground. They will squeeze in and work together, stuntman style, to retrieve that lost change. But never dangerously or with risk to life and limb. I mean it’s still just garbage on the ground, whether it’s money or not, and that’s not worth an injury.

So that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this update from nearly two years ago. Click on these words to go to the main 2010 page of money and if you still crave a little more money fun, feel free to check those numbers above. Do the math. See if the coins add up to what I said. I counted in dollar increments, then separated by denomination and counted those, but I’m not re-checking my math. It all gets dumped into a giant Pepsi bank anyway that we are trying to fill up so we can take to the bank and see what it will hold. Coins only. It’s an OCD within another OCD. The fun just never ends over here. Cha-Cha-Cha-Ching!

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Thank you 2 dimes on the ground!

April 20, 2011 at 10:53 am (Day to Day, Exercise, School News, Street Money, Updates) (, , , , , , , , , , , , )

As stupid as that seems. And as stupid as it is that an entire MONTH has gone by, again, and I can’t find time to come here and bore all you faithful fans with my one track life!

So here is some more about school, in case you were wondering and worried!

We had our first cardiac test yesterday at school. The semester is winding down. Everyone is hoping to graduate in May and they crank up the curriculum to put us all at ease. NO. Last four weeks, deep into the heart and kidneys of mankind! NOT easy content. Not for the faint of heart (pun intended) or weak willed. Cardiac moves like a rollercoaster. Lots of stuff inside that fist sized muscle that runs your body non-stop (hopefully), 24/7, for every waking and sleeping moment of your entire time on Earth. It even runs your body BEFORE you set down into the actual atmosphere. It starts pumping your teeny tiny, unformed, tadpole body 4 weeks into fetus hood. But we all don’t need an anatomy lesson.

The point is, when I pulled up to the school at 7:30 am to start classes, I got out of my car, looked down, and there were two, shiny dimes right at my feet! Of course I picked them up (street money people! Even tho I have been horrendously bad at logging in all the money I have found for about the, oh, last YEAR or so….I WILL catch it up! I promise. I HAVE alot that I have found…really.) Anyhoo…2 dimes…20 cents…20 questions. I was hoping that was a good sign to indicate that I will be getting all 20 questions correct.

Well I guess it worked…superstitious! 100% on the test! Very happy. I am attempting to get that A again. I am fighting an uphill battle because I did so bad on that first damn test. So now it’s all  trying to get the points back. It is still possible numerically and what a pain! Too much pressure and really, all I need to do is pass the dang things! Whatever…we all need something to keep us moving forward right?

So that’s all. I have so much to do today, per the BF, and here I am writing about found money. So I know you will see this and YES, I am wasting some time here, BUT, my care plan is done. (Was done by 8:30) and I did two loads of laundry already. Cardiac is sitting here next to me waiting for me to wind this up. My people need to know these things!

I also have to update on my 10K….Successful! Finished! And on my own power! BEFORE the time allotted! Mostly because of my sister, who not only beat my time, but because she just trained and pushed us and kicked butt and made me finish! So props to you and congrats to us!! FYI—it was soooooo cold that day too. YUK! We were running just to stay warm. Chicago ya know. It was 40 degrees and threatening to rain when we ran at 7am, and 70 degrees and sunny by the afternoon when I was driving home. What a crock! I wasn’t gonna actually comment right now about it, I was saving it for later, but oh well, now it’s done, so we’ll do it again next year and I’ll talk more then!

Alright, alright, I am getting off now. Need to do more homework and laundry, before the kids get here. We need to go bowl out and shop for a few more things and pack them up to go for the weekend with their dad. They get to go to Kentucky and fish and swim for 4 days while I freeze and read about heart attacks! I think there’s a holiday in there somewhere too….but it’s not one that I do anything for so I will try and keep this posted and updated. Love you honey….all will be well. End.

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Street Money Update!

February 20, 2010 at 2:34 am (Street Money) (, , , , , , , , )

Well, it’s pretty late. I did minimal study time and maximal wasting time. So what the heck…here’s a post too! I am not going into any details, check the next post if you want to know how some of this money got here, but this is the official count for today and like, the last few weeks probably. I’m sorry for being a lame web person but I didn’t even check to see when the last time I put this up…so here it is anyway:

Lots of dirty, salty, beat-up, run over, snow plowed pennies; a few nickels, maybe one; and three or four or five dimes. How precise. I swear I will calculate every last drop of IV medication I give you in the future, but I’m tired and these coins are taking up space on my counter…I gotta get them logged.

Total on this haul: 43 cents–pennies; Zero nickels, my bad, I should have checked first; 50 cents in dimes.

I also noticed I wrote myself a little note for various cents to remember: 33 and 10.

So that brings today’s total to: One dollar and 36 cents (I am soooo lazy tonight that I don’t even want to use the “special” symbols button)

For the year so far—Holy Cannoli!—this is February—and late Feb to boot—crap. Check the total here!

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Street Money Update—January 2010!

January 28, 2010 at 4:30 pm (Street Money) (, , , , , , , , )

How lame! I am so far behind. I managed to shake the Facebook Infection called “BeJeweled”, but I have not been vaccinated for the “Fish World Flu”…sucks too, all that bubbling and gurgling, makes my stomach hurt. I blame my son. He said he needed a tank on the outside so he could go to his and get some coins or something…I don’t know. But suddenly I’m on level 5, I have 40-some fish and I find myself buying and selling and cleaning and feeding and treating and stealing and loving these stupid animated fake fish…I know I am wishing the unholy upon the masses of devotees, but I hope they do start charging for Facebook some time this year, then I NEVER have to go on it again! No way am I paying for the privilege of wasting all my spare hours of time.

Anyway…I do have school work to do so I better get on with this. Classes have begun and I need to keep up. BUT, I have found change all over the place and no chance to document it. Well, there have been chances but the socializing got me first.

I already have the 2010 link in place for the totals during the year and it has money listed, although I never sent an update about it…cart before the horse and all that…anyway, I’m telling you now.

At the beginning of January, let’s say, the 2nd, we collectively found 31¢. In change. And that’s not easy to do. Our weather has been for sh*t here and it’s either rain, snow, ice, melted black ice-snow, oil infused melted black ice-snow, slush, mud, or more snow. We have more snow right now, today, but even though it is 16° outside, it’s sunny and some of it is melting. Slightly.

In the parking lot of the bank, under a pile of snow-plowed, dirty, slushy ice-snow, I found just about the rattiest, dirtiest, oiliest, stinky dollar bill you could find that still looked like money. It had probably been there for a month or so. Stuck to the ground. Kind of folded on itself and faded to one side. I only saw it sticking out because it was greenish against the whitish. I parked the car and everything to dig it out. Dedication. And if you are wondering, except for being a lousy girlfriend, and not a very good house-duster or laundry do-er, I do apply the same overly-anal characteristics to everything else too. (Sorry, honey! As always…I’ll try harder!!)

Anystory…I got the dollar, tried to clean it in the sink, made it worse, so I just threw it in with the laundry, and presto! Looks like any old dollar again. And that was it for what’s already in the yearly total link. NOW, here’s what we’ve found since then:

14 days of coin finding (no luck on any more dollars). I’ll just give a general summary because I have no specifics except the amounts. We all found some. In the usual locations. The only notable coins are the 18 cents that Mason found in slush on the street. He said the plow went by and revealed the coins to him while he was walking home from school. Stevie found some slush money too, but I can’t remember which. I just recently found 13 pennies in the parking lot at school, scattered about just as the snow started to fall yesterday and half covered them up. Any more snow and I would have walked right over them. Thirteen seems like bad luck but it’s too late now.

SO here is the rundown: All in cents: 18, 2, 2, 3, 1, 6, 2, 3, 1, 15, 10, 25, 25, and 13. That is fourteen days worth of coin findings.

Total here is: $1.31 (from before) and $1.13 for all that other stuff. Hmmm. Maybe I should play the lottery. Combo numbers 131. I say that, but I am too lazy to go to a ticket seller location.

And that catches us all up on the money. Check it here for the year.

If I get sick of reading about real infections I’ll post some pics. I have some! They are off my phone and in my e-mail. Just a step away from my website picture folder! And two steps away from….you!

Life is de’ bubbles…


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Street Money Update! Final 2009 Totals!

January 7, 2010 at 1:40 pm (Street Money) (, , , , , , , , )

Ok. NOT a big finish for 2009. We went to the mall, walked around parking lots, hung out near the bank …but no…on the last day of the year we found a grand total of 7¢. In all-penny form. So that’s that on that.

Click it here for the GRAND, grand total and check it in a few when I start up the new year from scratch. (Hint, hint…I already found some cash!)

Thanks for following the rainbow!

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Street Money Update!

December 21, 2009 at 6:15 pm (Street Money) (, , , , , , , )

Because I have to!! We been finding all kinds of money along the road….(say it with a southern accent ‘cuz its fuh-uhn!)

It’s been mostly nickels and whatnot…but on yet another glorious night of me failing with the cooking skillz, we found ourselves at the local McDonald’s where I spied with my super eye (in the parking lot. in the dark. several spaces from where we parked.) a folded up bill of unknown quantity. No one was around, no other cars either…in case you wonder…

It was five bucks!

I swear if I wasn’t so lazy I would make us all go to the mall and skulk around looking for lost money. Times are hard you know, and I hate to beg.

Anyway here’s the other money we found on various days from the last days we calculated (listed by coin to make it more interesting):

Quarters: 4 ($1.00)

Dimes: 4 (40¢)

Nickels: 2 (10¢)

Pennies: 9 (9¢)

Plus that 5 dollar bill. Grand total: $6.59

That’s not too bad. Check here for the year. Getting close to the end!!

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Street Money Update!

December 3, 2009 at 4:28 pm (Street Money) (, , , , , , , , , )

Oooh…my son is dying to get his hands on one of the coins that I found in the last few weeks. See, I won’t let them take any of the money until I tally it up for all you fine folks out there who care about such things as this like I do…so I leave it sitting on top of  the microwave, torturing them every day, until I can get here. So finally right??

One quarter (this is the one he wants–it’s just a regular old 1986 quarter–it’s not even really shiny–boys)

Three dimes

Fourteen  pennies

PLUS, one fake quarter. It’s plastic and it has “COPY” written across both sides. It’s not even the right size. But I am so good at finding money on the ground I can find money that is not even real!

It’s a skill.

Update for the year. Final month! New count is on the way…this is how I celebrate New Years! So sad…

This is the total for today (forgot to add that):  69¢

And here is the semi-blurry picture of the fake coin. Toodles!

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Street Money Update!

November 13, 2009 at 7:12 pm (Street Money) (, , , , , , , , , , , )

Just a quick money check after these few days…Damn Facebook BeJeweled game! I curse the creator! School, study, Care Plans, Laundry, Dishes, Bills, the Outdoors….all forgotten for a computer game that I can’t win.

Anyway here’s the total from the street:

39¢ that we have found in various locations around town. I need to go on some kind of coin website to see if any of these really old ones we find are worth any real money. The wheat pennies and the dimes that are made of actual silver….it would be hilariously ironic if all the loose change I find and am happy about is sitting in a jar when it could be earning me real cash.

Here’s the total for the year.


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