Flowers From The BF

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Just because. So bright. So beautiful. Love you. Thank you. I updated three pages,  posted a few things, babysat the nephew, watched football, and did a little, little, work. This weekend is over. I need to go to bed. I have an early work day tomorrow. Sleep sweet with good dreams. And stay warm all my friends in the Midwest. The cold is here, and the snow is coming for us. Good night.


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I wanted the sunset. I got 50 pictures of the same 2 girls standing in front of the sunset. Or kneeling in a field. Or standing or bending or posing in some way. I totally want to do one of those multiple-picture-boxes-in-one type things, so you can see that I am not exaggerating. But according to Stevie, I don’t have the app or the time to get this together in the next 20 minutes. Bummer. I will work on that. I could probably save a lot of time posting all the pictures at one time in one big picture. And FYI, that’s the underwater pictures I have. A collage type shot. Still coming. Not forgotten. Then you’ll see what I mean. Anyway, these two are my favorites, one above, one below.


And then I threw in the only, single, un-peopled picture of the sunset taken.


And after talking to some of my cousins at the party, they requested that I post MORE flower pictures. I guess they really love them. So I will get on that for you guys! There is an entire summer of blooming beauties to be found! Thanks for all the feedback and creative input! I have to get in the shower and get out of here. But here is a shot of the flowers in front of my house to keep you busy with until I get back. Love you guys. XO. Later.


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So, kids have a way of getting right to the heart of the thing

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My lovely daughter just told me that she saw the, “younger, skinnier, more beautiful version of me” on the beach in Michigan. She was wearing a black bathing suit and had clear skin and the skinny body with the same kind of black hair that I had, when I used to get my hair colored black. My daughter said she saw this woman, and was so surprised because it looked so much like me, that she just stared at her until the woman started looking back at her like she might be crazy.

So I guess that’s nice. (?).

However…since I was eating at the time of this news flash, and I caught a completely unintentional  glimpse into my fattiness, I proceeded to go ahead and finish all the crap in the house that I like (that would be White Castle’s, Kettle Cooked Potato Chips and Oreo’s–luckily there was only a little of each). And now I will finish the bottle of wine I opened 2 days ago. Because tomorrow, in addition to my RUN (National Running Day! Click it or check the next post and get in on the fun!), I have to re-boot my dietary intake. And by re-boot, I mean drink only water and starve myself for 3 weeks or so. I have 18 days to become the younger, skinnier, more beautiful version of myself!

That’s healthy right?

I’m not really going to starve myself. That would actually be impossible. I really like food. And I get really hungry and pretty crabby when I’m trying to be “good”. So I’ll just make better choices in the next 18 days. (I picked 18 because of the Warrior Dash. It’s in 18 days so I’m going to use that). It’s a short, attainable amount of time. And if I want to eat a bunch of crap I can do it after the race!

First side note: I also want to clarify, that even though I suggested that my daughter was calling me fat by using some kind of psychologic, mind-bend to passively indicate beauty is equated with thinness and youth, she DID NOT intentionally mean to make me feel bad. She was just telling a funny story and I added all the rest! She even said, “I guess that lady couldn’t have been more beautiful than you, because she looked just like you.” And that’s a direct quote.

Healthy. Unhealthy. Exercise. Sloth. Water. Alcohol. This site is all over the place. I can’t decide to be good or bad. Everything in moderation and add some activity! That’s probably good enough.

**On a second, side note: I had to have lost a few pounds today just from pure sweat and suffering. That rainstorm never did pan out for us and it’s been sweltering here all day. It’s good and hot in the house now. Everyone looks droopy, like water starved weeds. Still not turning it on though. That’s probably going to be a fight later when the BF gets home. Hopefully once he gets going on the topic, the heat will press down on him, crushing his urge to argue and squashing his ability to fight back. He will collapse in a heap of wilty protestation, and me and the kids can drag him to the bedroom and let him sleep it off. It’s always cooler at about 3 am so I don’t know what everyone is complaining about! All that whining about winter and how cold it is…blah blah blah…well, it’s HOT now!! Enjoy!

Alright I better go. I have to call in a take out order for dinner. So healthy!

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I grew it myself!!

August 10, 2009 at 8:30 pm (Flowers, Pictures) (, , , , , , , , )

That’s a little “inside” joke of the family! But that doesn’t mean you can’t gaze upon the pictures below! And I have to say, looking at them now, they came out really good! Exceptionally good, especially when you consider these were taken with my phone camera. No kidding.

This is "with" the owner! Looks good huh?

This is "with" the owner! Looks good huh?

Now check these out. Camera phone. Against the white garage door. Horizontal shot first, then vertical.


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Running with the Rotation of the Earth

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UN-believable! I felt like I was on the biggest virtual reality treadmill in the world.

Seriously. Well, seriously, because I guess I was. Running on the spinning Earth. But knowing, I was running on the spinning Earth, and noticing it and realizing the bigness of the whole thing. (Geez, today really is turning out to be quite a sapfest–it’s like I have overly emotional sentimental hormones coursing thru my body or something…)(Make it stop!)

Anyboohoo, for about ¼ of a mile, I seemed to be running in the same direction the Earth was spinning. It sounds crazy. It was awesome, and it felt incredible and strange. More importantly, I didn’t fall down from the weird effect, AND I’m not high or drunk.

If I had run the other way on the trail, I never would have noticed it. I started off in the other direction. 3.6 and counting down or backwards. I like to do it that way so it seems like I have less to go. Like, instead of running to the 2 mile mark, I only have “less than” 2 to go…make sense? Doesn’t matter.

At any rate, when I got to the space between the ½ mile mark, running toward the  ¼ mile mark (going backwards) the trail opens up into a big field. No trees, just flat grass on the side. Nothing around. Just the trail in the middle of all that ground and sky. And as I looked up at the clouds, they seemed to be moving in front of me,  rolling forward like giant cotton balls, and I was running with them on the surface of the Earth. It really felt like a giant treadmill with a slow motion moving picture show in front of me. I never even lost my balance! And then it was over.

I was back on the ground with the rest of the world, just running. Time sped back up and regulated. I made it to the end, walked to the car and drove home.

And here I am. Friday afternoon. The sun is still shining and I’m waiting on my son.

After I changed, I jumped back on the scale and weighed within .2 (that’s point 2) of the weight I wanted to start from on my 20 pound adventure. So I’ll start from here. Close enough. I am officially declaring myself even. Oh, what a feeling.

Back to hard boiled eggs and yogurt with granola. It was delicious. For real. Apparently, diet DOES make the difference. I felt a million times better running today than I did two days ago. The difference is the crap I DIDN’T eat. Ugh! How many times until I learn??

As usual, I had my music with me. I set it to shuffle on my ALL GYM play list and let it rock. 272 songs, and the following twelve rolled off the hard drive and into my head. I’m including them below. In order, as they played. It’s good for a 4 mile run. Right to the end, if you’re slow like me. Give it a chance. I was impressed. Luck mostly, but sometimes things just…work.

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Monday. All is well in Tree-velle

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Mother Nature saw fit to spare my trees and me this year of throwing off any more of their limbs into my back yard. Maybe it’s because I already have a forest of limbs ready to cut up; or maybe I’ve been extra good; or maybe, the Rotation of the Earth, Atmosphere, and Global Warming just couldn’t muster up enough high velocity wind to knock any down this weekend; (???)  Whatever the reason, I feel relieved. It takes me all summer to get rid of what is already there…just in time for next year….but we won’t go there right now.

As for the other Mother…me…my day rocked from top to bottom and is rolling on today. Sounds corny. Looks corny typed but I’m having writing issues. I’m working on it with a Miller Lite and some leftover pizza. Stay until the end of the post, it should be real good and sappy.

Where I left off: Sat. PM.: Waiting for Mom and sister. They arrived, and we went to the restaurant. The food was not as great as it could have been for the money, but it was gigantic! Please click on the food item to see a snapshot of said entreé:



The Dirty Martini, I had,  however, was excellent. Skyy Vodka and Bleu Cheese Olives–(yum–not gross like you would think)

We gave the Mom our present–digital camera–now everyone on Earth finally has one!

I gave my sissy her little present: CLICK HERE!! She’s so silly.

We ate, we drank, we went home. I went to bed.

Sunday: Kids are delivered to me by their other Aunty (Dad’s side) who had a 6-month Halloween Party–fully decorated, scary movies, costumes, etc…she’s a bit of a loony…Saturday night.  I was immediately given my Mother’s Day presents; two gifts my children could barely keep a secret since buying them for me on Thursday night.

Drum-roll please….a Candy/Chocolate Pizza… AND… a Toaster!

It doesn’t look like much typed out, but believe me, when I unwrapped the big box handed to me by my son, a toaster was the LAST thing I was expecting to see. I laughed so hard I was crying. The reason it was funny is because the toaster we have, (had), just started toasting weird this past week, like Monday. It burned one side and didn’t cook the other. My son was not happy. He likes perfectly toasty toast. But he never even said anything. Then 6 days later–there it was: New toaster! It’s ingenious. His poor girlfriend/wife.

Anyway, that picture is below. I was told that I keep posting the same pics so I need to get more creative. Thanks boyfriend! Helpful criticism is always appreciated.

After the presents we went to the Monee Reservoir in Monee, IL and fished for a few hours. It was windy and chill and kept trying to rain on us. The BF is the only one that caught a fish.  Picture here: BLACK CRAPPIE

We over-enthusiastically bought two boxes of NightCrawlers (in the fridge–yuk) and a dozen minnows. The guy gave us alot more though, so we took them home and fed them to the Oscars. An exciting day for all of us!

Then we motored on over to El Famous Burrito. Very delicious guacamole and the BEST Chicken Quesadilla. It’s not on the menu so you have to ask for it specifically–but it’s the best thing they have there! Especially if you get it later in the day, with all the soaked chicken in that magic red grease juice. My kids love it with fries…

Night time. Bed time. School time…moving into Monday AM: As soon as my kids were dropped off I zoomed over to the post office to pick up my very important Certified Letter.  I missed the damn thing by a few hours on Saturday:

My acceptance into Nursing School for Fall!! Thank god. Four more semesters and I’m done. Four more really tough semesters. I’ve been going to school part-time, work in the day, school at night, for the last three years to get to this point…the adventure begins….

Kids, if you are reading this…go to school RIGHT AWAY. How ever you can get there! Do not get a full time job (unless it’s like 100K +), get married, have 2 kids, get divorced, turn 40 and THEN decide that maybe school is the way to go. It’s do-able when you are older but easier when you are younger. Please, please, please, listen to me!!

So, I got my letter. I’ve read and re-read the thing 100 times. Took pictures. Stared at it while waiting for the BF’s Mom at the doctor’s office, and thought about it the whole time I ran around the Forest Preserve Trail today; 3.6 miles of happiness. Not SO hard to get around this time…

And here I am. Finishing this. Beer is almost done. One last drink….It might not seem like much, to some, but it is for me. I’m going to be a nurse.

Here is my playlist for the day. Used it today. It’s called, “Pretty Beautiful.”

That’s just about right.

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Pretty Beautiful

May 11, 2009 at 4:45 pm (Music Lists) (, , , )

1. Oh, Pretty Woman / Roy Orbison

2. Beautiful / Akon, Colby O’Donis & Kardinal Offishall

3. Beautiful Girl / INXS

4. Wonderful Tonight / Eric Clapton

5. Beautiful / Carole King

6. Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl) / Looking Glass

7. Beautiful Child / Fleetwood Mac

8. Perfect And Pretty / Castaneda

9. Beautiful / Gordon Lightfoot

10. Beautiful Girls / Sean Kingston

11. Beautiful / Christina Aguilera

12. Underneath It All / No Doubt

13. Beautiful Night / Burden Brothers

14. So Beautiful / Pete Murray

15. Gorgeous / Indina Menzel

16. Beautiful Soul / Jesse McCartney

17. You’re Beautiful / James Blunt

18. Paradise City / Guns N’ Roses

19. Beautiful World / Colin Hay

20. She’s A Beauty / The Tubes

21. She Is Beautiful / Andrew W. K.

22. True Fine Love / Steve Miller Band

23. (Oh) Pretty Woman / Van Halen

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