Poker? But I hardly know her…HA…sorry…there was alot of ways I could have gone here…

May 29, 2009 at 10:26 pm (Day to Day, Pocket Poker) (, , , , )

My first choice isn’t AS funny, considering I’m a girl, but that’s for all you dudes out there. You’re welcome.

This is my next choice:

HA! The Elusive 500!

A little more cryptic…what could I be referring to? And…you keep reading!

Next headline (actually typed, then deleted, so I could go with the above):

Poker Night for Everyone!

Kind of boring. Obviously referencing some kind of  “poker” game.

So, that’s it for the headlines. Here’s the meat:

Pocket Poker is my downfall!

Well, ONE of my many downfalls (if you ask the BF—hardy har har) and I have just been playing and playing. My ex hubby bought it years and years ago for me, and then one day, it disappeared.

Fast forward to last Christmas, in Florida, at the great Grandma’s house. Grandpa has been gone for a year plus, and Grandma was just now cleaning out some of his “junk” drawers.

POOF! Like a magical gift from the heavens, it returned to me. It was in Grandpa’s drawer all these years. I remembered then, that when he was sick, he liked to play it, and I left it there for him. Grandma didn’t want it, and it was back with me.

I searched for some years for it, and I searched the stores for one just like it. Nothing. This is the best. The most straightforward. The easiest. You can play for many mind numbing hours. And I do. My goal (sights set high over here) was to get 500 points.

Well, today is that day! Mere hours ago, I achieved this spectacular feat! I don’t get anything for it except satisfaction, and the next time I play I’ll probably lose 100. But, I’m no quitter. On to the next “level”….SIX hundred points!! OMG! I could be up all night!

Here’s a picture of my outstanding achievement in Hand Held Pocket Poker Gaming (505 points with a Full House):


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