Stage 1 and Stage 2 Complete

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Of Spring Break….Overhaul!

Such high hopes. (I guess I was off on Thursday and Friday too, but it didn’t really count because I had to take my mom to the doctor and I had to sit on my butt and watch tv while thinking about stuff I should do)

Stage 1. The START of Stage 1 so I guess it can’t be considered complete, but the point was to do it. So it is “completed”. “IT” is exercise, of course. Official Training for the first charity run of the season. It’s pretty cool. Me and my sissy get to run from United Center to US Cellular Field. Home of the Chicago White Sox and my sister’s idea of heaven. We get to run INTO the ballpark and touch the grass. That’s all she wants to do. Touch that grass and walk around on the field. So, I have to train. It’s like six miles, or so. I did three today. Under the required time limit. All week I am going to do this. Yay….

Stage 2. Food in the house. Actual food. AND nothing unhealthy. I know, boring. But, it must be done. We are all too porky. And summer is coming and spring is almost here! I know I already said that, but it’s so nice again today! 60 degrees and sunny, it’s too much for us midwesterns. All we want to do is run around outside without our coats and catch pneumonia.

And I am going to make dinner! What?? I know. It’s crazy spaghetti night. Red, meaty sauce with different shapes of noodles. That’s the crazy part. We are just nuts over here. Dinner is not really part of the stages but it is a nice thing I get to do when I don’t have to desperately try and cram in studying with every free moment. (But I have managed to get a little in! Sad that I feel happy. I did some on Saturday. I plan on doing more tomorrow.)

I will begin Stage 3 after I post this. The Laundry. UGH! I hate it. Just ignore last weeks post where I said I was doing it then, because I didn’t. And just to clarify for all my fans and my boyfriend: When I said he made a valiant effort last week to do all of it, he actually did do all of it. The only thing left was one basket of various loose clothes. But now its all back. BOO.

Stage 4 is magazine reading. Book reading was a fail over Christmas. So I’m not even going to try that again. I never did finish that Denis Leary book. And that is really sad because it’s good and funny and easy to read. And I want to read it. But attention span. So short. I still have a few mags coming to the house every month and they sit in a pile getting old. I like to “read” one (flip thru mostly and look at pictures) now and then to keep up with (somewhat) current events. I shall combine three and four. That way I don’t get too burned out on either one.

Stage 5 is more posting. I-tunes. I-pod. (need new music for running—so boring and loooooong) Bills. Money issues. Purchasing things that I need and don’t have time to go get until a week like now. (I’m lumping all that together because it’s lumped in my brain like that)

Stage 6 is tying up loose personal ends. I have alot of little things I like to do on a daily basis and things that I want to do and things that I will need to do, that I feel better going over and organizing for spring and the rest of the year. ( I hear you out there little chatterers…smiling to yourself and snickering) It’s like a giant master to-do list that keeps me on track and moving forward. I sort of plan out the things I need to do after next week and try to anticipate all the changes that are about to occur. Some people (laugh, but I don’t care and I still love you) may call that OCD and anal and/or annoying but I call it progress and staying linear. Back tracking or being stuck in one place is the enemy!

Stage 7 should be housecleaning. Like the “spring cleaning” type. I heard alot of my friends from school talking of this insane practice. Seems hard. Seems like alot of work. Yuk. I guess I better get the clothes off the floor first and aim for whatever is underneath. I’ll let you know how that one plays out.

Stage 8. Schoolwork. Always schoolwork. Always MORE to study. I have a paper to write (its an extra thing that isn’t really graded but part of the whole experience) that needs to be finished and done with. Some clinical loose ends….a care plan and some evaluation goals. The Math! I have math to go over. Final test next week. This is the clincher. Then the normal lecture test. LOTS of material, but I’ve already started so I can just keep doing some every day. Even after graduation I still have three more weeks of extra school. It’s a class designed to help me with the licensing test. Then even after that I have to go on. Add more letters. Go for the gold! Luckily it won’t be full time anymore and I think I can do alot on the computer. At night. After work! (I talk, but I can NOT wait! I love my soon-to-be job!)

Stage 9. Watching more TV! I hate to admit it but I am eh-eh-EXCITED! for Dancing With the Stars tonight!! I have never watched one minute of that show but I plan to tonight. I hope it’s good! I like Kendra and Kristie and Wendy. I think I saw some other people too like the Karate Kid. I didn’t even know! Anyway, I hope it doesn’t suck. I don’t even know how long it’s on for but if it’s really good it could take me thru graduation! Also…this is just an FYI if you want something good to watch. Chicago Code. It’s a “cop” show but very interesting and they make Chicago look like one of the characters. I believe it’s from the brain of one of The Shield writers/producers/etc…I’m just going to end the paragraph like that.

OK Monday night is here already. These days do go by so quickly! I have kid stuff to do and that dinner to make and that laundry to run. Maybe I’ll be back. I do have more pics….gotta get them off the phone and onto the internet or it never happened.

Until later then.

I feel like I need more of a sign off sometimes….like some catchy phrase or word or something. If you have any ideas, let me know. Comments and thoughts are always welcome!  Later. L.

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How are you celebrating Mark Buehrle Day in Illinois? Amanda?? I’m talking to YOU!

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I got my ABC News picture right there, above these words. I just finished painting on my Buehrle-56-Total-Body-Art-For-One tattoo kit. I’m currently making myself a Mark Buehrle FastBall (9 shots of vodka lined up on my coffee table in front of the TV) with a chaser (5 more shots that you drink during the actual game). Then I’ll probably finish painting the kids room or throw up and pass out.

I’m just kidding. I’m not going to paint. But I do know what Amanda is doing thanks to her kiss ass phone call to my mother while my mother was still at my house.

Appreciation. Have fun sissy! I’ll need pics for future posts! Love, L.C-Bip

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The birthday that NEVER ends…

July 28, 2009 at 12:52 pm (Celebrity, Day to Day, Pictures) (, , , , , , , , , )

Ok sissy, first off, THANK YOU! for reading my posts. Without all this good family material what would I really have to talk about??

So, here it is from me, C-Bip, (that’s my new internet handle–get used to it–stands for Chicago-Based Internet Personality…???…from the previous post???…does anybody READ this thing???) (haha. i’m just kidding. not.)

Even though her birthday was 11 days ago now, we still have to talk about it! The Sox!, blah blah blah, Baseball!, blabbity blabbity, Pictures!, blab blab blab, With players!, me me me…enough already! Here’s your stinking post! With pics!

My only regret is that she only sent three fabulous pictures out of 200 for me to share with my new world-wide celebrity fan base!

So, one more time, HAPPY B-DAY SISTER!! Here’s you, hubby, AJP (can’t spell the last name, too lazy to look it up) and the Sox! Love, L. C-Bip to my peeps.

birthdaysoxgame 002birthdaysoxgame 008

Hey, I just noticed AJP's last name is spelled perfectly on that guys shirt in the pic above! So, there ya go!

Hey, I just noticed AJP's last name is spelled perfectly on that guys shirt in the first pic above! So, there ya go!

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And we are back…it’s Wednesday afternoon, pre-running post…More Warrior, with updates!

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As I was flipping thru the internet I noticed that the Helmet Cam video is on You Tube now! Thank goodness! I can’t get the other formats to work or convert or whatever people do to make things show up here. So I am posting that here. It’s long, but it gives a really good playback of what we were doing. Makes you wish you were there huh??

I went to my sister’s yesterday to babysit for her and her house full of children, including my own, because this year her birthday NEVER ends!

The hubby went and bought her tickets! Awwww….

It was a secret, she didn’t know she was going to the SOX game AND sitting behind the dugout–so close to the players she could feel their sweat (Eeeww for me, Yay! for her). She’s kind of a fanatic. At any rate, they took, like, 200 pictures of players I couldn’t identify on threat of death if they were standing right in front of me with their jerseys on, much less standing at home plate facing the other way swinging a bat! But whatever…she had a good time. If she sends me any of her favorite pictures I can add them here as kind of a Sox player-sister-tribute thing. So look for that later too!

Now that’s it. Happy Birthday. It’s over! Sheesh…

Also, they got the pictures back from the Mud-Cam and some are really good! Some are really bad too. Two in particular have me going over the Wall with my ass looking like I put two beach balls in my pants! It’s funny but not TOO funny. I confiscated the actual prints and they are currently residing in my fridge and food cabinets with a serious note to myself asking if I REALLY want to eat anything inside these areas of the house?? Maybe I should go have a big glass of water, run around the block, and reconsider eating any kind of solid food for the next few weeks. But I’m waiting for the digital to show up in my e-mail so I can post, so we’ll see if those two make it to daylight…maybe if I get a few subscribers??? Hint, hint. (Pathetic grab for attention!)

How long can I drag out this Warrior Dash to get more hits for my site? At least a few more days!

We have to go hit the trail now. Third day of the new fitness regiment. Mason doesn’t want to–he’s still sore, and Stevie doesn’t really get it yet…so this should be fun! Mommy has to be the bad guy. Exercise is good! In a month or so they’ll thank me!

I will post later with any new pics and such. Stay active!

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Monday. All is well in Tree-velle

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Mother Nature saw fit to spare my trees and me this year of throwing off any more of their limbs into my back yard. Maybe it’s because I already have a forest of limbs ready to cut up; or maybe I’ve been extra good; or maybe, the Rotation of the Earth, Atmosphere, and Global Warming just couldn’t muster up enough high velocity wind to knock any down this weekend; (???)  Whatever the reason, I feel relieved. It takes me all summer to get rid of what is already there…just in time for next year….but we won’t go there right now.

As for the other Mother…me…my day rocked from top to bottom and is rolling on today. Sounds corny. Looks corny typed but I’m having writing issues. I’m working on it with a Miller Lite and some leftover pizza. Stay until the end of the post, it should be real good and sappy.

Where I left off: Sat. PM.: Waiting for Mom and sister. They arrived, and we went to the restaurant. The food was not as great as it could have been for the money, but it was gigantic! Please click on the food item to see a snapshot of said entreé:



The Dirty Martini, I had,  however, was excellent. Skyy Vodka and Bleu Cheese Olives–(yum–not gross like you would think)

We gave the Mom our present–digital camera–now everyone on Earth finally has one!

I gave my sissy her little present: CLICK HERE!! She’s so silly.

We ate, we drank, we went home. I went to bed.

Sunday: Kids are delivered to me by their other Aunty (Dad’s side) who had a 6-month Halloween Party–fully decorated, scary movies, costumes, etc…she’s a bit of a loony…Saturday night.  I was immediately given my Mother’s Day presents; two gifts my children could barely keep a secret since buying them for me on Thursday night.

Drum-roll please….a Candy/Chocolate Pizza… AND… a Toaster!

It doesn’t look like much typed out, but believe me, when I unwrapped the big box handed to me by my son, a toaster was the LAST thing I was expecting to see. I laughed so hard I was crying. The reason it was funny is because the toaster we have, (had), just started toasting weird this past week, like Monday. It burned one side and didn’t cook the other. My son was not happy. He likes perfectly toasty toast. But he never even said anything. Then 6 days later–there it was: New toaster! It’s ingenious. His poor girlfriend/wife.

Anyway, that picture is below. I was told that I keep posting the same pics so I need to get more creative. Thanks boyfriend! Helpful criticism is always appreciated.

After the presents we went to the Monee Reservoir in Monee, IL and fished for a few hours. It was windy and chill and kept trying to rain on us. The BF is the only one that caught a fish.  Picture here: BLACK CRAPPIE

We over-enthusiastically bought two boxes of NightCrawlers (in the fridge–yuk) and a dozen minnows. The guy gave us alot more though, so we took them home and fed them to the Oscars. An exciting day for all of us!

Then we motored on over to El Famous Burrito. Very delicious guacamole and the BEST Chicken Quesadilla. It’s not on the menu so you have to ask for it specifically–but it’s the best thing they have there! Especially if you get it later in the day, with all the soaked chicken in that magic red grease juice. My kids love it with fries…

Night time. Bed time. School time…moving into Monday AM: As soon as my kids were dropped off I zoomed over to the post office to pick up my very important Certified Letter.  I missed the damn thing by a few hours on Saturday:

My acceptance into Nursing School for Fall!! Thank god. Four more semesters and I’m done. Four more really tough semesters. I’ve been going to school part-time, work in the day, school at night, for the last three years to get to this point…the adventure begins….

Kids, if you are reading this…go to school RIGHT AWAY. How ever you can get there! Do not get a full time job (unless it’s like 100K +), get married, have 2 kids, get divorced, turn 40 and THEN decide that maybe school is the way to go. It’s do-able when you are older but easier when you are younger. Please, please, please, listen to me!!

So, I got my letter. I’ve read and re-read the thing 100 times. Took pictures. Stared at it while waiting for the BF’s Mom at the doctor’s office, and thought about it the whole time I ran around the Forest Preserve Trail today; 3.6 miles of happiness. Not SO hard to get around this time…

And here I am. Finishing this. Beer is almost done. One last drink….It might not seem like much, to some, but it is for me. I’m going to be a nurse.

Here is my playlist for the day. Used it today. It’s called, “Pretty Beautiful.”

That’s just about right.

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White Sox Cookies

May 11, 2009 at 3:05 pm (Pictures) (, , )


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Good Morning Weekenders!

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For some of you, the weekend started early…and I thought I’d send a post about my coffee paraphernalia. It occurred to me last night after reading some other websites, that maybe I should devote my time to something more worthwhile than posts about the useless things that go on in my life. Who really cares?  I don’t know, maybe something will evolve from this and it will be beneficial to someone other than myself.  (At least it’s not a bunch of pictures of me, taking pictures of me, in various bathrooms and types of clothing. Haha ) But until that time…here are my three great loves. Coffee, my coffee maker and my coffee holder. (This is just as terrible–an excuse to post a picture of my coffee mug–shameless self-promotion of a different sort anyway, I guess…)

The coffee is cheap, because I used to get really good stuff from work, and I tried to continue to spend the big bucks for small bags after I left but I realized that I’m not really particular on the brand, and I could get more for less. Does drinking just anything resembling coffee make me a lover or just an addict?

The coffee maker is cheap too because we make SO much coffee that the machines keep breaking.

The coffee holder/travel cup is the one I have had for an unknown number of years. I got it at my job a long time ago. (I worked in catering for an ad agency and people were always leaving their mugs and containers behind after they left. I would collect them, save them for a bit to see if they would be claimed, and then eventually keep what was useful and throw out the rest. This is how I got the above travel cup) And it is the best travel mug in the world! Seriously. It holds the warmth for hours and hours. Literally. It can sit in the car, in winter, for the whole day, and still be warm enough to drink without making that cold-coffee face.  My boyfriend has spent many dollars and hours trying to find a cup equal in heat retention, with no luck thus far. It’s not even that extraordinary a cup. It says Starbucks on the black rubber band around it, and it seems to be made of stainless steel. The top screws on with a rubber gasket around the rim. Sometimes it seals so well I can’t get the top off until it cools down. And sometimes not even then. It’s obviously some kind of  first edition Starbucks travel mug, because I’ve never seen another like it in any of the stores I have visited in the last few years. It is probably made of some kind of dangerous super-conducting metal that is actually killing me very slowly and painlessly.

I feel too attached to this cup–so much so that my boyfriend will not take it with him on trips for fear of losing it and suffering my wrath. Pathetic. For me. I have always wondered what I would do if I ever did lose it. My kids can’t remember a time when I didn’t have it. (Before they were born) And I always imagined that if the suspense of when I would eventually lose it became too unbearable, I would simply chuck it into the Chicago River, aka Harold and Maude, and get on with my life. Forever knowing it was stuck in the mud at the bottom of the Big Cruddy.

But that will not be happening. My children have decided that when I die, my ashes will be stored in this coffee cup. It’s been common knowledge for quite some time, that I will be cremated and they are ok with that. We’ve talked about it, not to scare them, but just in a real life kind of way and the problem wasn’t with the cremation, but what to do after. The cup was the solution. On our last road trip to Florida, they decided, together, that this is what to do with the ashes. That may be a little creepy I guess, but I was kind of proud that they came up with a solution that they can feel good about. Forward thinking you know? And I really like it. It’s fitting. It probably wouldn’t burn with me…so…next best thing! Don’t judge. What do you talk about on a really long drive?

That’s kind of getting off subject here, but it does offer one more reason to stay slim throughout my life: Keep to the program. Have to fit in the cup! It’s not that big ya know!

Today is out though for exercise. (And the food plan too, for that matter) I am heading out to babysit for my sissy so she and the hubby and my BF and son can go to a baseball game tonight. Have fun with that. Me and Stevie will see you on TV. Inside the warm house eating cheap, bad food. Tomorrow and Sunday probably aren’t good either–kids have double bowling, a birthday party, and of course Easter. We celebrate by way of going to my mother’s and eating Deviled eggs (ironic!), cold ham, potato salad and Lamb cake. Don’t be jealous.

Wrapping up…have a great weekend, religious and otherwise.

And for my sis…2 more days to chocolate…GO SOX!

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