All Hallows’ Eve

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And a full moon tonight. The sky is clear enough and there is no wind. It’s a damn tragedy the free candy holiday is over for us now. I was able to get low census at work (yay!) which means I don’t have to go in tonight! It’s true that I don’t get paid, but I will take the trade. I just got done making a giant pot of  kick-ass chili (10+ pounds of heartburn in a cauldron) and I’m about to bake out some corn muffins and boil some elbow macaronis for the girl.  Add a little cheese, onion and sour cream and it’s our meal. We got the pumpkins and ghosts lit up around the house and this afternoon is slowly, thankfully, slow slow slowly, edging into night. I poured myself some of the reddest wine I could find in the house and I am sipping it like a shipwreck survivor so I don’t lose any of my brain function. It’s an enhancer not the main course sillies! There are scary movies ready to roll but for now we have a running stream of The Most Terrifying Places In America. I do miss the old days a little. I would walk them around the neighborhood until we were freezing and so bogged down with candy we could barely carry it all. Then we would go home to our nice, warm, cozy, little house and the kids would dump all their stuff onto the floor while I made something real to eat. Easy stuff, like tonight, chili or soup, frozen pizzas or crazy spaghetti (that’s just sauce with different kinds of noodle shapes), and then we would watch Sleepy Hollow and call it another Halloween. The kids could eat some candy that night, but for the most part they were in it for the chase as opposed to the kill. I usually ended up taking almost all of it to work with me a week later. Oh memories. Hmm, I think the girl is about to go do a quick run down the block. I see she is getting a costume together so I should wrap this post up. I do have more to say (of course–as always) but I have to finish this dinner. And speaking of costumes, here is mine. It’s not really a costume if it’s your job, but I was already wearing my uniform when they called me, in fact I was already driving to work, but I left it on for effect. My daughter thinks it looks like I am cooking brains. Stay safe out there and get lots of candy! Happy Halloween!

Oh candy…I almost forgot the garbage can full of candy we bought. Seriously. It’s the kind of garbage pail you would put into a bedroom or next to a desk. Ridiculous right? Too much money. Too many raw pounds of chocolate, because of course it’s all chocolate. Why would we waste our time eating leftover smarties and jolly ranchers? That’s right. We wouldn’t. Here’s to another year without cavities!

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Just because this starts a whole new year. One week late.

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And because I get to combine all my favorite things. A chunk update. Another weather update. And pictures from my phone. Of the sky. At sunset. With a lot of skeleton trees. This is what 55 degrees in January at dusk looks like this year. It was warm today too. I don’t generally go for the no jacket thing just because it’s hotter than usual. I’m the first one to yell pneumonia. And we’re all being lured into poor health by good weather. But I’ll admit I was only wearing a zip-up hoodie and I was getting kind of hot outside. The sun was shining down so bright that I was getting crabby and drowsy. The warm sun just makes me want to lay down in it and take a nap. Like a snake I guess. Or a fat middle aged non exercising chunk of fun. Here comes the chunk part! It’s a tough week. I’m more tired than usual. Kind of achy and greasy. And I was particularly sick of feeling sad and depressed. So I spruced up this old carcass a bit with some new hair color (sorry Amanda…I know you are the only one who should be allowed to fix my hair but I swear I cannot drive for two hours, pay for gas and tolls and feel good about myself until I get a job…the box has to be the cure for now…it looks good by the way. The kids didn’t even notice. They thought something was different but couldn’t put their fingers on it until after I told them. My theory on home hair coloring, or anything really that you try to do yourself, is that if no one notices anything different it’s a good job. Only the glaring mistakes or radical change gets any attention) and some good hygiene and hair removal. However I also ate a bunch of crap that I shouldn’t because it was here and I had to get rid of it by next week when the real work on chipping away the fat cells begins. You will all be happy to know that I managed to eat, er, get rid of, all the chips and dip and most of the cheese/sausage/cracker stores. I also disposed of an entire box of Whitman’s Dark Chocolates, with my daughters help, who interestingly enough HATES dark chocolate but was able to power through and help me save our household for the greater good. I also drank the rest of the wine from the other night and am currently working on the final two bags of Ghirardelli chocolates while washing them down with Jack Daniels. I haven’t cooked in a week or worked out. In fact we have been staying up way too late watching the bad movies we love so much. The kids have to go back to school Monday and I should be working by the next week. (That’s very wishful thinking as I am making it my sole purpose in life–well besides eating all the food in the house—to have a job in another week or two.) I will have a full report on the snacks because I took pics of them. Really. For instance, I found this GIANT potato chip in the bag. I mean it was really big. I don’t think I have ever seen one this big. So of course I took it’s picture. With the dip container and the TV remote for scale. I also took pics of the sky and some more trees, big surprise. And I have a movie list if you’re interested! We watch BAD movies. Like B movie bad. With old stars like Debbie Gibson and Tiffany in them. Or Lorenzo Lamas. Remember him? And they usually are battling a giant crocodile or a sharktopus, you know a shark-octopus hybrid, or a giant squid against a giant snake. Some are better than others and some are just terrible. This is how we spend family time. As for tonight, I have to try and hurry this along, because the BF is on his way with another sack full of fast food from the local greasy spoon and we have a special night of, All New Releases!, to watch. They have to be back tomorrow so we have to plan our time carefully. I actually feel a little sick right now from the food I ate today. I know this is not something I should even say out loud, but I cannot wait until I get my dang period! (pardon my french). My appetite will disappear, I can get some energy back and hit the gym instead of the Dunkin Donuts, and burn off the winter weight. From about 10 winters but who’s really counting anymore. I only have about 10 pounds to lose (for each winter) so it’s pretty do-able! I’m excited. Oh! I almost forgot! I finished a book! A reading book. Not a school book. It was the Denis Leary one. You might have read about it here two years ago or so. Sadly, that’s how long it has taken me. I finished it last year. Made it just under the mark too. Like December 29th or something. I still recommend it for anyone who likes Denis Leary. It is funny and easy to read. Even my mom’s brain surgeon said, “that guy is something else…” and he chuckled. So there you have it, a brain surgeon endorsement! I’m just not good with the whole concentration thing in sentence and paragraph form without a lot of pictures to break up the words. Except for when I type. I can really string some letters together huh? I put a picture of the book below so I wouldn’t ruin my sunset shot. Oh! And I also found my first street money of the year. One penny and one dime. I will try and keep that up to date now. Just as soon as I tally up last year and post it under its proper heading. There’s just no excuses for letting all you loyal readers down. You want to know these silly mundane things that have no benefit to anyone.  And I cant even keep up. And truthfully I am not doing much else besides sitting around and thinking about doing stuff. I’m lucky we have laundry. Alright, seriously, let me wrap this up. I know the BF will be here any minute and I want to catch up on my Words With Friends (evil evil evil—addiction in smart phone form) and BeJeweled (the other evil in the world of computers and high tech gaming–that was meant to be funny. BeJeweled is hardly high tech. It’s really no-tech. It’s pretty though. Match the gems for one minute. Try to score as many points as possible. Why, oh why, would that ever be addicting??) Ok, I think I hear a car in the driveway and my liquor glass is empty. Using the words from my son’s first book that he really liked…breathe and think…relax and run…om shanti shanti…Until later…

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Good Morning Weekenders!

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For some of you, the weekend started early…and I thought I’d send a post about my coffee paraphernalia. It occurred to me last night after reading some other websites, that maybe I should devote my time to something more worthwhile than posts about the useless things that go on in my life. Who really cares?  I don’t know, maybe something will evolve from this and it will be beneficial to someone other than myself.  (At least it’s not a bunch of pictures of me, taking pictures of me, in various bathrooms and types of clothing. Haha ) But until that time…here are my three great loves. Coffee, my coffee maker and my coffee holder. (This is just as terrible–an excuse to post a picture of my coffee mug–shameless self-promotion of a different sort anyway, I guess…)

The coffee is cheap, because I used to get really good stuff from work, and I tried to continue to spend the big bucks for small bags after I left but I realized that I’m not really particular on the brand, and I could get more for less. Does drinking just anything resembling coffee make me a lover or just an addict?

The coffee maker is cheap too because we make SO much coffee that the machines keep breaking.

The coffee holder/travel cup is the one I have had for an unknown number of years. I got it at my job a long time ago. (I worked in catering for an ad agency and people were always leaving their mugs and containers behind after they left. I would collect them, save them for a bit to see if they would be claimed, and then eventually keep what was useful and throw out the rest. This is how I got the above travel cup) And it is the best travel mug in the world! Seriously. It holds the warmth for hours and hours. Literally. It can sit in the car, in winter, for the whole day, and still be warm enough to drink without making that cold-coffee face.  My boyfriend has spent many dollars and hours trying to find a cup equal in heat retention, with no luck thus far. It’s not even that extraordinary a cup. It says Starbucks on the black rubber band around it, and it seems to be made of stainless steel. The top screws on with a rubber gasket around the rim. Sometimes it seals so well I can’t get the top off until it cools down. And sometimes not even then. It’s obviously some kind of  first edition Starbucks travel mug, because I’ve never seen another like it in any of the stores I have visited in the last few years. It is probably made of some kind of dangerous super-conducting metal that is actually killing me very slowly and painlessly.

I feel too attached to this cup–so much so that my boyfriend will not take it with him on trips for fear of losing it and suffering my wrath. Pathetic. For me. I have always wondered what I would do if I ever did lose it. My kids can’t remember a time when I didn’t have it. (Before they were born) And I always imagined that if the suspense of when I would eventually lose it became too unbearable, I would simply chuck it into the Chicago River, aka Harold and Maude, and get on with my life. Forever knowing it was stuck in the mud at the bottom of the Big Cruddy.

But that will not be happening. My children have decided that when I die, my ashes will be stored in this coffee cup. It’s been common knowledge for quite some time, that I will be cremated and they are ok with that. We’ve talked about it, not to scare them, but just in a real life kind of way and the problem wasn’t with the cremation, but what to do after. The cup was the solution. On our last road trip to Florida, they decided, together, that this is what to do with the ashes. That may be a little creepy I guess, but I was kind of proud that they came up with a solution that they can feel good about. Forward thinking you know? And I really like it. It’s fitting. It probably wouldn’t burn with me…so…next best thing! Don’t judge. What do you talk about on a really long drive?

That’s kind of getting off subject here, but it does offer one more reason to stay slim throughout my life: Keep to the program. Have to fit in the cup! It’s not that big ya know!

Today is out though for exercise. (And the food plan too, for that matter) I am heading out to babysit for my sissy so she and the hubby and my BF and son can go to a baseball game tonight. Have fun with that. Me and Stevie will see you on TV. Inside the warm house eating cheap, bad food. Tomorrow and Sunday probably aren’t good either–kids have double bowling, a birthday party, and of course Easter. We celebrate by way of going to my mother’s and eating Deviled eggs (ironic!), cold ham, potato salad and Lamb cake. Don’t be jealous.

Wrapping up…have a great weekend, religious and otherwise.

And for my sis…2 more days to chocolate…GO SOX!

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