Looks like Vegas may not be where I wake up tomorrow

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Not for $2000 per person. Just for the airplane. How can that even be the right price?!?

Anyway…In my vodka haze I must have misread the channel guide. 2½ Men was done at 7 pm. But hey! Role Models! And I’m recording Turistas. I think I remember hearing that it was scary, so that should be good in a few hours after more of the vodka soaks in.

For now, here’s a picture of my Pocket Poker game. I have been playing it non-stop throughout my school year but never with the big wins like I had last summer. Well guess what?

That’s right. I hit the Royal Flush. Again. It’s not quite as satisfying since I was at, like, ZERO points, but I still got 5000 for it! Now I’m trying to hit it again to beat my all time high score. What? Did you say you needed a picture to remind you of what that was? Great! I have one!

That’s 7130. Seems like it wouldn’t be that hard right? But it is. And so addicting to someone like me with OCD tendencies. It’s prob good we aren’t going to Vegas after all. Having credit cards with no balance and a high limit is just too easy. But, oh man, the sun, the pool, the casino’s…I love playing poker all night and laying by the pool all day. With drinks. In that hot, desert sun and those cool air conditioned hotels. Torture. I need to stop. The drinks are totally kicking in and I would pay any amount and hop on a plane right now, with those awesome airline mini-alcohol bottles, flight in the night, with the lights of Las Vegas shining in the distance as we approach McCarran International ….man I could be in Vegas in 5 hours! License first. Vacation later.

Have a great night wherever you are!

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Now why does this seem so familiar?

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Another long weekend is upon us. Memorial Day! (Take a vodka soaked minute to honor and think about all our soldiers please, past and present, and currently serving to protect our right to drink too much and act stupid all weekend. Thank you.)

Anyway…long weekend, kids are gone (camping with their dad), no school, nothing to study, it’s getting dark, kind of cool outside, the BF is trying to find us a cheap flight to Vegas, we’re watching 2½ Men on TV, drinking martini’s and playing my favorite game–we drink when Charlie drinks–, and I’m posting about it!

It’s like the best kind of  déjà vu! Here’s the difference:

Swords! For the olives. They add a fun touch and they were the only kind of sticks available at the store. Rainbow colored!

Also, we are watching 2½ Men on TV, but….

We do own the last season on DVD. We watched it already though. Three discs. Three straight nights in a row. I probably shouldn’t let the kids watch it, but most of the jokes go right over the heads and my son looks just like Jake…really, and they think it’s pretty funny for what they do get. So I have a soft spot for the show. But I don’t want to get off the subject or start over thinking about my kids because then I’ll miss them and that really kills the buzz. But anyway, luckily, FX Network is playing the show tonight until 8 pm, so I can be pretty blotto-ed by then! (They’re also running a marathon on Monday, but sitting around all day watching that would be lame right…?)

Alright, well it seems that my glass is empty and this episode is almost over so I gotta go make another one and get ready for the next hour. Later.

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The name’s Kanockers, Vod Kanockers.

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There’s pie???

If you do not laugh at this clip that I thankfully found on You Tube, from Two and a Half Men, one of the funniest episode ever, then I can never play the, “We Drink When Charlie Drinks”, game with you.

This kid is perfect. He is exactly portrayed like an eleven year old boy, going on twelve. I should know, because I have one.

Sadly, we have finished our DVD run for Two and a Half Men. The last season out (5th) is watched and put away. The days are long. The nights are longer. Thank goodness I’ve rediscovered Jack Daniels. Now I can relive my wild youth, while waiting for the next season.

Anyway, I’ve seen this one a few times and replayed this exact part for the kids and my own hilarity.

And it was just on regular TV mere minutes ago…(The free cable movie stations are gone. Channel Not Purchased. Call Customer Service. Sob.)

Gotta go to bed. Test in the morning. Until then, I leave you with this: Drink, gamble and hump!

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Ahhh, 4pm Friday Afternoon…

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It’s 75 degrees south of the City. Sunny and breezy. The kids are gone for the weekend. And I’m trying to decide what to do.

Go to the gym and run 4 miles on the treadmill or kick back with my friend Jack and a Diet Coke?


The question almost answers itself. Join me won’t you? I need a new game. We drink when Charlie drinks, is over for now. We blew through all 5 seasons of that show. And now we have to wait. It’s like breaking up with a boyfriend. Sad. But, the world keeps spinning, so…

I’ll make mine and you make yours and we’ll just hang out and post silly stuff all over the internets tonight until we can’t type straight.

I’ll go first.

What do you think of when I say, “Giant Spiders” ?

And…..drink! Happy Weekend!

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Sunday Night and I have been slacking off…

April 27, 2009 at 12:41 am (Day to Day, EFS, Movies, Warrior Dash) (, , , , , , , , , , , )

No cool words. No quotes. No poetry. No movies. No exercise. No healthy foods. Not even any money! Not even ONE stinking penny!

Although if you count yogurt mixed with granola as healthy then I did do that. I like to let it get kind of mushy and then eat it. It gets a strange doughy texture that I find quite appetizing with the cool, sweet yogurt taste…but whatever.

Everyone is asleep and I want to just re-cap the weekend and put up some words.

Saturday: Final week of bowling for the kids! Yeah! They got 4th place for team rank. Not bad for only having 3 bowlers out of five that actually show up, and only playing half the season! I forgot to take the pics of the trophies but I’ll do that tomorrow. They got free pizza and soda and played cosmic bowling for 1½ hours. What more could you want in a league??

After that we drove straight to their very best friends in the world where they were spending the night. Daycare buds from back in the day. Primary school. A brother-sister-sister combo. Picked mine up Sunday afternoon. We see them every few months. Switch off houses to spend the night. Every time they separate at the end of the weekend, it’s like a break-up.

For the adults left behind: myself and the boyfriend, this is what we did:

He went to play racquetball and eat sushi with his friends. I took the kids to bowling and their friends house.

He came home and put floor trim/ base board up around my kitchen! I watched! Finally. 10 years living in this house with the memory of trim…and it took like, 2 hours, tops. It looks so good. Tomorrow I’ll throw some paint on the angle cuts and kitchen complete! You know, for now. Still needs a counter top that fits correctly and new windows and new paint…but one decade at a time people!

Then we went out and got food.

Back home again and watched a movie.

Netflix is nice to have but those red envelopes are like small pieces of movie pressure. You want to get the most for your money–the most movie turnover per month, but you feel obligated to actually watch one to return one. And sometimes there just isn’t time. But that red envelope sits there, accusing, making you feel like you aren’t using your free time wisely enough. We tried to add movies to our list that we have missed over the past 30 years. Or even last year. Like good movies, not just comedy fluff or mindless entertainment. Serious movies. Drama.

But that means when they come in the mail you HAVE to watch them.

So, break out the alcohol. Vodka with Mike’s Pomegranate. Last one though, so I have to plan ahead. I take Stevie’s leftover Strawberry Fruitista Freeze (from Taco Bell) and some of her leftover popsicles from the business fair, out of the freezer. If I am going to add them to vodka they are going to have to melt a little. The strawberry is fine, but which pops to use? I settle on 2 pinks, a purple and a blue. That flavor combo shouldn’t be too gross. But what does that say about me? Problem, anyone?; that I would melt down a slush drink and popsicles because I don’t have anything else to mix with? Drinking straight vodka is just tacky.

Anyway. The movie is No Country For Old Men. Now I know people are going to disagree with me, but I thought the ending was sucky. Unfinished business. It was like Raising Arizona. Except Raising Arizona was good. That dreamy-dream-telling ending felt like the best solution in a discussion on how to end the movie because no one could figure out how to actually end the movie. I checked too. Both movies: Coen Brothers.

Now I’m sure I missed some symbolism or bigger message about life and all that, but still…the movie was intense and well done. I was holding my breath alot. I like the way everyone talked so easy, southern and country. Tommy Lee Jones is always good. Scary concept being chased by someone who will never stop and who will kill anybody in his path and your loved ones just to make a point. But the end. After Woody showed up I was getting a little nervous.  Everybody dead in the end–presumably–except Javier and Tommy. Maybe. One walks off, one retires. Is it just a slice of a certain kind of life and that’s all it is? Smarter folks than me can argue that. Maybe I should get the book.

Next up: Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead. Not sure when…soon. Got to get it back so we can get something lighthearted like Bolt!

After movie time, it was back to TV. Charlie Harper and family. Season 3. Got my vodka mixed with Fruitista and pink popsicle juice (not as disgusting as you would think) and it’s time to play: We drink when Charlie drinks! (See post last weekend–April 19) I am going to be so sad when we are all caught up on this series.

Watched a few episodes. Finished my vodpop. Found a Diet Coke in the back corner, bottom shelf of the fridge. Holy Harper! Back in Bizness. Luckily the boyfriend can drink straight rum so I don’t have to share. Pro. I like vodka though so…Poured it up with the Coke. Watched more. Drank more. Fell off the couch and into bed. An hour later I was asleep. I think I am in love with Charlie Harper.  (I am also simultaneously in love with Denis Leary, but that’s a whole other series.)

Sunday: Boyfriend goes to play racquetball. I stay home and drink coffee. Shower. De-hair-ify. Need to stay smooth for the summer. 80+ on Saturday. 70+ today. Need to break out the short pants. Need to stay stubble free.

Boyfriend comes back home. We discuss my hair removal techniques up close and personal, then pack it in and go get the kids.

To distract from the extraction, we are taking them to the pet store to buy some feeder fish. That’s goldfish of varying sizes that you  purchase with the express intent to feed them to other bigger fish.  24 smalls were purchased and let loose in a tank with 4 Oscars (had 2 tigers/ bought 2 albinos today to replace the deceased ones from a few weeks back). Time of release was approx. 5 pm.

Kids showered, got re-dressed, took them to Applebees, and came home. Goldfish left in tank upon arrival at 9:30 pm: exactly…one. By morning, probably none. Those Oscar bellies are fat. Just like my kids bellies. They ate everything. stuffed to the grill, so they say. This was our last night of out eating. Back to the strict program in the morning. Modified for them, Hell for us. I am going to be SO hungry. And I have to run too. Exercise anyway—something. I forgot I have a 5K in May. Then the Warrior Dash. And possibly the Half-Marathon. Possibly. I’m going to see if I can run every day for distance and decide later in the month. 13 minute pace MUST be maintained or you have to get off the track. Picked up by the truck that picks up the ones who can’t keep up. I don’t want it to be me. 13 minute miles sounds easy until you have to keep running them over and over again. And I am NOT a professional athlete. I just do it for fun and to fit in the cup. (See post on April 10/Good Morning Weekenders, for explanation).

So that’s it for tonight. Boyfriend just strolled thru to get some water and maybe I better go to sleep myself. I’ll have words and quotes and playlists galore in a few short hours. Back on track at 5am.

Sleep sweet.

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We Drink When Charlie Drinks

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This post might be a bit scandalous based on the previous, but like Beth says…stream of consciousness…

Saturday. No kids. No plans. Went to visit the BF Mom with the BF brother and gal pal…that sounds kind of dirty…it wasn’t. Then off to the library, where I may be a wanted criminal. Living dangerously. Finally returned the Booky Wook. Funny stuff. I’ll miss being in his head. But when the library sends you a letter in the mail telling you to get that book back, ya better do it. I owed $2.90 and it was worth every penny. Zoomed over to Jimmy John’s and had a sub and some chips. We have them all over downtown but none at home. Recently a shop made it out to the edges of Cook County and now there is one right near the house!  Sadly, I have been thinking about these sammy’s for a week and only made it there today. Too lazy to drive and spend 5 dollars. I guess my son is right, to mutch (on purpose misspell) free time.

Went home and watched Sidewalks of New York. Took a few words from there AND spotted the NYCC! See below! But then what? Dinner? Not really hungry yet and nothing to drink—or nothing to add TO a drink…but hey! Idea!

Let’s watch 2½ Men, and when Charlie drinks, we drink! The rules are simple, when Charlie takes a drink of anything alcohol we take a drink of whatever we have. Which, at the time of this brilliant Saturday night party idea, was nothing. Do we do shots? And of what? Or just make a drink and have that? Let’s see, put in the new disc (Season 2 already–Disc 2) watch the first one…oh crap…3 drinks BEFORE the opening theme song. Doing shots we’ll be bombed before we  finish one episode. So let’s modify. Make a drink with a few shots in it,  then take a drink of that when he does. That works. Let’s go get some stuff!

First to our favorite dive-y restaurant for a quick dinner—pad the belly–and then over to the liquor store. Uh oh. Can’t go. Kids are home early, and Dad and the whole family are sitting inside! See the truck, see the people. Those darn kids of mine like that place too, dragging their other family over there! Oh well, get back in the car and drive to the highway. Our second favorite dive-y place is over there.

Now back to the plan. Get Vodka and Mike’s Hard Pomegranite Lemonade–I know it seems cheesy, but if you put the vodka in the Mike’s with ice it’s pretty good. Gives a flavor and kicks it up without tearing the throat…and we picked up some Bailey’s for the coffee…for the NEXT day! We plan ahead!

Back home and we got the drinks ready to go. Sitting. Watching. Waiting. No drinking at all in the next episode! What?? Now what? Do we just drink? It’s not like these are hard rules here…Maybe shots are the way to go? Next episode please….oh yeah! It’s good. Charlie Harper back in business. I think we ended up watching 4 more, maybe, 5, don’t know, because I was gone….

Needless to say, the night ended well. Pulled it thru until 2.

3 am to 6 was a bit of a touch, but pulled it again round about 9.  (Winky man right?)  ; )

But that’s another story. : )

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