Moody pictures from my phone.

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Day Quote

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Is there in the world a climate more uncertain than our own? And, which is a natural consequence, is there any where a people more unsteady, more apt to discontent, more saturine, dark, and melancholic than our selves? Are we not of all people the most unfit to be alone, and most unsafe to be trusted with our selves?

—William Congreve

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Cool Word of the Day!

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Zymurgy (noun)

Definition: Technological chemistry that deals with fermentation processes, as in brewing.

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Full Disclosure:This is blatantly copied and pasted from D-Listed. There is a link to the right if you want to check it out. Adult content.

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Michael K./D-Listed. His words:

Open Post: Hosted By Brendan Fraser And His Five-Month Old Fetus

Does Brendan Fraser have something tell us?! Or maybe he doesn’t even know himself and we’ll soon see his ass on an episode of “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” after he pops out a baby in the toilet of a public bathroom? Or maybe he’s starring as the pregnant dude in a Lifetime biopic? Or maybe he sort-of, kind-of swallowed a beer keg during a drunken night? Eh, it happens.

End of copied work.

So this is me now. I totally copied and pasted the part I wanted to keep. That would be the above. The rest that Michael K. wrote and the actual site are a little too adult for my children who might see it on the front page. But please click on the link to the right and get ready to laugh. It’s my go-to web place for guaranteed humor. (Please don’t be mad. I gave full credit!)

Anyway, the reason THIS is so funny to me, is one, tipsy on the beer fuzz, and two, Brendan Fraser with a beer gut? It can’t be. We just watched Journey to the Center of the Earth a mere 36 hours ago. Seriously. My daughter loves him. She asked if he was married. I said he was. She said, “Awww..” She’s ten. These crushes happen. We watch at least one movie of his every few weeks. No kidding. We are waiting for Inkheart from Netflix right now.

The third reason this is so funny is that I have just recently noticed this disturbing trend in our white male population of the 40-year old range. It seems like every time I see an older, somewhat attractive white guy walking around, he’s carrying that lump along with him. What the heck??

Maybe it’s just me? Maybe America is producing some new super-junk-food-sensation sweeping the nation that our white middle-aged boys can’t resist? And that women and other races know nothing about? I don’t mean to sound prejudice, I’m sure every nationality has a male gut problem…no offense intended…but it’s seeping over into our action stars!! Our sexy, muscle-y, looking-like-they-are-working-out action stars! Oh, the humanity.

At any rate, we still love Brendan, and this gives me a new idea. I’m going to keep an extra sharp eye out now and take a sneaky picture of anyone I see carting this belly thing around with them. It’s very specific in shape and seems to ride high up on the waist. It’s weird. And it looks unnatural.

But, it gives me something to do.

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Some stuff is just funny…

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Especially if you don’t eat all day (nerves) and then drink a beer.

I literally had coffee and a low-fat Quaker Granola Bar (Oatmeal Raisin–not my fav–but it’s the only one the kids left behind–90 calories) for food today. That was at 7 am.

And I’m not saying that one beer makes me drunk. But it does put a nice, calm, on everything.

And this is funny:

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It’s Official!

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Just checked the website and the scores were posted for the Final Exam I took today. I was sure I was in the “A” category, but not positive. I am not above making a read-back error (although I will strive to never do that in my professional career).

I worked real hard for this. Just like all my classmates. The mood was serious and intense. We were all first-course nervous.

The professor posted a message saying a few of the questions were reviewed and modified for accuracy. You may have an additional point or two on your score.

Click over to the grade section…yes! Official! I am now solidly in “A” territory! What a boost for the next semester! Longer and harder I hear. More intense. We’ll be getting right into the good stuff. I have to keep up!

Thank you, all, again, for the suh-port! It helps when you know you have people out there pulling for you!

Thank you professor! Now I can say how awesome she was without sounding like I am sucking up.

Good luck fellow students! If any of them might happen to ever stumble upon this: I hope you are just as happy as I am!

I feel like I took a marshmallow pill or something. I’m getting all soft and gooey.

Drink time! I’ll make it a beer. We only have one in the house so it will be a short celebration, but it’s all mine!

I’m going to go outside, fill up the bird feeder, take a seat, watch the wildlife and soak it all in enjoying the moment. Talk later.

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