Super Service!

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Seriously. We have had Verizon for a long time. Even back when my phone was the Nokia doorstop:


Remember? You could throw it across the room, run it over with your car, and drop it into a toilet and it would never break or stop working. But, those days are gone now. We all have smartphones with very breakable parts and glass fronts and malfunctions that can occur if even a splash of water gets near the phone. But we love them so much! So, my daughter has the Apple IPhone. the BF has the HTC DNA and I have the Samsung Galaxy S4. We are very hi-tech over here and not super-brand exclusive, but we bought all these phones at the above Verizon store. 4G and always connected. Basically from the same guy or guys depending on who is working. We like this store. With these people.  Anyhoo, long story short, because I have to go to work and my time is ticking away as it always is, my son just got the Galaxy S4, not from this store, but from a dealer in Kentucky, via his dad and his dad’s account and contract service, and of course, yesterday morning, it decides that he if he tries to make a phone call he will not be able to hear anyone talking and we will not be able to hear him. Microphone-speaker breakdown! We drove on over to the Verizon store above, (Matteson, IL), waited for the man we always talk to, figuring he might know how to press some buttons to make the sound work again. No good. It’s a manufacturing problem. Device fluke or whatever. Phone needs to be replaced. They just swap them out. No problem. But of course there was a problem! Not with the store, but with the location the phone was originally bought at. Verizon replaces all Verizon products. Without really getting into the nitty-gritty details, which are really boring and probably not important in the scheme of things, and more time-wasting to type than I have time to waste (although explaining is also wasting time…), we just had an out-of-state, multiple account, unique-situation problem in getting the new phone. But guess what? The sales guy, our sales guy, (it’s funny how we always claim those special individuals after we see them and they help us over and over, and they are awesome) and his manager, did some computer/phone/e-mail/process magic, and presto! We walked out with the new phone all switched over and fully functioning. I am happy. My son is really happy. And I think we made a cool new friend. So, long long story short: Thank you Michael S. and Phil (the manager–don’t know his last initial–but he was great). I hope it’s OK that I put their names/your names and the store, because they really provided outstanding service and should be recognized. Shout outs from satisfied customers. That has to be a good thing. Now I have to go to work so I can pay for the next upgrade my daughter will prob need soon. Here is a random picture of pool rings underwater (Lifeproof case also recommended by the store and works perfectly. As you can see, worth the money.) I really need to go. Later.


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Early Christmas Eve…

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8 am Chicago time. It’s about 32 degrees and drizzling the best icy rain you can get anywhere in the midwest. I know all around us gets snow but we get rain that freezes everything in its place. It looks pretty, covering all in a transparent shell, but it is hell to walk or drive on. Still, it’s peaceful. I’m inside though. In a few hours the two day blitz starts and for my kids this year they have three days of travel…it just worked that way. They are ready. We stayed up late making food for the days to come, mock chicken legs (its a polack thing–so delicious–always tweaking the formula trying to get them to taste just like my dads–they never do), pierogis, apple slices, cookies, the usual, just like you!…so I am enjoying the silence for a few more minutes. Drinking some coffee, of course, just thinking about…how nice it all is. To be mostly healthy, mostly happy and able to enjoy the small things, not just today, but everyday. I’m not really religious or spiritual much, but I wish the same for you. Have a safe journey if you are traveling around, or a nice warm drink for me if you’re not!, and thanks for spending a few minutes with me and mine today!

Yes, it's a white tree. Hello...Polish....we like it. And it fits in our limited space! It's pretty when its lit up which you will see later today. We keep the lights on all night tonight....

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It’s Official!

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Just checked the website and the scores were posted for the Final Exam I took today. I was sure I was in the “A” category, but not positive. I am not above making a read-back error (although I will strive to never do that in my professional career).

I worked real hard for this. Just like all my classmates. The mood was serious and intense. We were all first-course nervous.

The professor posted a message saying a few of the questions were reviewed and modified for accuracy. You may have an additional point or two on your score.

Click over to the grade section…yes! Official! I am now solidly in “A” territory! What a boost for the next semester! Longer and harder I hear. More intense. We’ll be getting right into the good stuff. I have to keep up!

Thank you, all, again, for the suh-port! It helps when you know you have people out there pulling for you!

Thank you professor! Now I can say how awesome she was without sounding like I am sucking up.

Good luck fellow students! If any of them might happen to ever stumble upon this: I hope you are just as happy as I am!

I feel like I took a marshmallow pill or something. I’m getting all soft and gooey.

Drink time! I’ll make it a beer. We only have one in the house so it will be a short celebration, but it’s all mine!

I’m going to go outside, fill up the bird feeder, take a seat, watch the wildlife and soak it all in enjoying the moment. Talk later.

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Flower Bed Update! New pictures of green, weedy things!

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This is going to encompass a lot of time passage. Since I have been so busy with school I haven’t been able to post these pics that I know you are dying to see.

I know you probably ask yourself every day, “I wonder how those flowers of hers ever turned out? Did they grow? Are they blooming yet? Why haven’t I even heard a peep about them since last month?”

Well, the answer to all your questions lies below.

They have continued to grow in their very natural way and I did take the pictures, but I felt passing my class had to take priority. Flowers are nice for the funeral, but I don’t want to be the one who made it necessary.

Pictures below!

Filled in quite nicely. Still really green though. This is maybe 2 weeks ago.

Filled in quite nicely. Still really green though. This is maybe 2 weeks ago.

The other angle. You can just see the first of the white flowers coming in.

The other angle. You can just see the first of the white flowers coming in.

See? Exciting huh??

See? Exciting huh??

And this is just last week. During the “window” time. Not as impressive as some, but it’s the best I could do with a limited amount of time and money and a shake can of seeds.

Look at all that petal!

Look at all that petal!

Hey! What's that in the middle?

Hey! What's that in the middle?

This is some of that "variety" advertised on the can of seeds. It's the first one!

This is some of that "variety" advertised on the can of seeds. It's the first one!

That’s it for now. I guess it’s kind of a sad display. My flowers seem to be taking their own sweet time blooming, but at least now people can see that they are actually there on purpose. That I actually planted something, and didn’t just let the weeds grow over like cheap landscaping.

Check here for the humble beginnings.

And check back later. I’m going to post some real flowers from my neighbor and my brother-in-law.

Flowers make people feel good. Serious.

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Big Fish News!

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Before Kentucky. 13 inches, 1-2 pounds (maybe). Monee Reservoir, Illinois.

Before Kentucky. Catfish. 13 inches, 1-2 pounds (maybe). Monee Reservoir, Illinois.

In Kentucky. Catfish. 25 inches, 10 pounds. He is filleted (spelling ?) and sitting in our freezer waiting to be dinner.

In Kentucky. Catfish. 25 inches, 10 pounds. He is filleted (spelling ?) and sitting in our freezer waiting to be dinner.

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Ya’ Just Feel Better

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1. Just Feel Better / Santana (feat. Steven Tyler)

2. Semi-Charmed Life / Third Eye Blind

3. Good / Better Than Ezra

4. Better Not Look Down / B.B. King

5. Fresh Feeling / Eels

6. I’ll Feel A Whole Lot Better / The Byrds

7. Some Kind Of Wonderful / Grand Funk Railroad

8. Good Day / Jewel

9. Things Can Only Get Better / Howard Jones

10. I Feel So Good / Richard Thompson

11. 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) / Simon & Garfunkel

12. I Feel Alright / Steve Earle

13. I’m Alright / Kenny Loggins

14. Wonderful Day / O.A.R.

15. Because I’m Awesome / The Dollyrots

16. When Will I Be Loved / Linda Ronstadt

17. Wonderful Night / Fatboy Slim

18. Lake Shore Drive / Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah

19. You Better You Bet / The Who

20. Cum On Feel The Noize / Quiet Riot

21. Ray Of Light / Madonna

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