More “work” today

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So. My town is doing pipe work on our water system, which is very old and crappy. We are a 70 (or so) year old town, with 70-year old pipe systems underground. You break one, you break them all, back to the source. And I guess that is what happened. Work on a side street (one block over) you end up working on the through streets when you break the main.

My neighbor called to tell us the good news. We may not have ANY water until the next day. Which is today. Fun! So we left the house to go get water and food that doesn’t need to be cooked with water or washed with water and doesn’t need dishes to clean up after. It’s just a big mess at the end of the block and we get re-routed in the other direction. When we got back at about 5:30, work seemed to be over but a hydrant was open, pouring water into the street towards my block. Oh well. We planned for a waterless night anyway, so no big deal.

But the fates were shining on us, because we had water! It was orange and rusty and full of debris, but you have never seen three people take showers faster in case they turned it off again. We didn’t even have hot water because I had turned the gas off to the heater when I found out it may be off all night. But who cares. We could flush the toilet! It’s like some survival stuff. For one whole day. Not even. Like, 8 hours. We are marshmallow people for sure. But, since this is not an end-of-the-world problem, I won’t go on about it.

Happily, they are back today. More trucks going by, lots of beeping noises and heavy equipment clanging and banging down. I expect in about an hour the water will be off again. Whatever. It’s a good reason to go exercise and study some test material. So you know what that means…I will be posting throughout the day!! Stay tuned!

And FYI for those who need to know…weather is awesome! Perfect. Sunny, clear, warm. And my foot still hurts! Later!

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Cool and refreshing

June 29, 2011 at 12:22 pm (Day to Day, Pictures) (, )

I just like it and Stevie let me post it. We still ain’t got no water. Boo.

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No F-ing water!!

June 29, 2011 at 12:16 pm (Day to Day) (, , , , , , )

Come On!! Kids and old ladies are home for summer break!! We Stink. Dammit. Can’t flush the toilet either. WTF is my town doing?? Block the roads. Dig a bunch of holes. Turn off the water. Disappear. I swear this city creates accidents for women and children to fall into.

I don’t usually get angry over stuff like this so I better get out of here. Ugh. My hair is sooo greasy though. Yuk! I should be thankful right? At least we have electricity. Spoiled Americans.

These pics are of the Fox River at Riverfest a few weekends past. First time we went. Pretty nice. I had been here before but didn’t realize it was the same place until later in the day. Looks different without all the people and vendors and food booths.

I just managed to squeak out enough water to soak a washcloth and squeeze it on my head. I also got enough to run the toothbrush across my teeth. So I guess I can shut up now. Besides all these pictures are making me have to pee.


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Speaking of aches and pains….

June 29, 2011 at 10:37 am (Broken Toe, Day to Day, Giant Food, Weather) (, , , , , , )

I think I found the way to fix MY pain! Start small and go big or big to small, it doesn’t really matter. By the time you get done with all three you won’t care how many bones are broken in your body. Guaranteed.

Ha. Kidding! (not) I just wanted to put this pic somewhere. This is for my cuz.

Weather: GORGEOUS today! And yesterday and apparently it will be for the whole week! 100 by Friday!! Sunny and HOT!

Status of my personal aches and pains: Not too bad!! Joints are good. No fatigue. I can walk just fine (with the right foot wear). However, I put a bowling shoe on last week. It hurt. I have been trying to run. It hurt. I push through though, because that’s what we do.

On the bright side, with my new medicine (see above) it’s like I have NO limitations! Dr. PehPays magic elixir really works with very few side effects. In fact,  as a bonus, since I started my prescription, I am now FUNNIER and I can SING!! Please feel free to contact me for the number of my nearest doctor if you’d like to try my new medication/health plan.

I gotta go, I’m late for my next dose. Adios!

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Back to the books!

June 29, 2011 at 9:46 am (34 Day Summer Slim Down, Body and Brains!, Books, Broken Toe, Exercise) (, , , , , , )

And not the fun, light summer kind.

As usual I spoke too soon. I finally got my test date! So…it’s back to studying! I have about a month to bring it all back. That pic is old, when I was in the heart of classes. The advice I was given is to focus on one source, one type of question/testing and then use another trusted source for clarification of things not understood. Don’t go crazy, but answer questions and study a bit every day. So my book pile is significantly less than this. It actually works out good with the summer slim down plan. I even gave it it’s own category! But I think I’m changing it to:

Body AND Brains! That’s really what it all comes down to anyway.

Rolls off the tongue better than “34 Day Summer Slim Down”. Right?

But you can call it whatever you like! Just get yer booty up and out of that chair and go do something! We will be here if you need a boost! I am partial to BeachBody and the whole P90X gang, but since I broke my dangin’ foot, I am having trouble with the athletic shoe thing. So instead, Jillian Michaels has to kick our asses into gear with high tech calisthenics until I can run and jump like a Tony Horton nut!

Time to hit the floor. Get up! Get out! Let’s GO!

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I believe we’ve solved Rita’s little pain problem

June 29, 2011 at 12:48 am (Day to Day, Flowers, My Mom) (, , , , )

Sometimes the solution is right under your nose. Or under your front window. In your “landscaping”.

Spent all day with mom waiting for the cable guy, running her errands and having some pizza. And the day before that trying to fix the cable. And a few days before that to get her bananas and bread and tea and stuff. We were supposed to go back on Thursday, but she thinks she’ll probably be ok now…”unless I totally wanted to come back with some chips and Twinkies??”

Uh, no.

Clarity. I should have checked that front flower bed a damn week ago.

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When it rains it pours

June 27, 2011 at 7:58 pm (34 Day Summer Slim Down, Day to Day, Exercise, New Features, Running Stuff, Summer Break, Things The Kids Like, Weather) (, , , , , , , )

Not literally. The weather is so last Thursday. I mean that I had a bunch of stuff lined up and ready to go and a bunch of other crap happened that disrupted my nothing. I can’t even keep up with the weather anymore. It’s like Florida here every day now. Rain in the morning. Sunshine. Threat of rain in the afternoon, maybe a sprinkle or wind or dark, ominous clouding, then sun again. Humid too. It’s annoying. Throw in unexpected driving trips, long distances and sketchy computer-looking eyes late at night and you have the perfect storm of nothing but boring rainfall posts.

On the good side, the minute I mention I am waiting, and content to wait for, a test date, the e-mails start to appear. People are beginning to plan their futures! But not me. Still no word. Eligibility pending. So I still wait. I’m not the only one so I won’t jump on the panic wagon yet. My plan is now for the first week of August. Kids will be on their annual vacation with their dad so that’s what I am aiming for. I should be done and over by the time they get back. Jobbed and registered for the next degree. Wishful thinking.

Anyway, we made a new goal to aim for, so this already boring and monotonous site may become even more deserted and bland. Stevie wants to do a 34 day exercise/food/burn the fat/wear a bikini to Indiana Beach/crazy workout/summer slim down. And I think that’s a pretty good idea. (34 days is starting tomorrow and ending July 31.) What the hell right? We could all stand to lose a few. We’re making it official and everything with a weigh in and promises of special sandals and new swimsuits. My kids are kinda strange sometimes. The first week is always the hardest right? Especially when you have issues like, love of food, love of the couch, love of xbox and air conditioning, and a still broken foot.

Oh yeah. It’s going to be GOOD!! Do you wanna hear about it every day? This is my plan for the summer. (I mean, besides scheduling the nclex, studying for the nclex, taking the nclex, passing the nclex (probably the KEY part of the whole plan), then getting a job, taking more classes, and eventually moving to a house that actually has enough rooms for all of us). There is no 5-Mile to aim for this year and no other races that I will be entering. Can’t take the pressure.

So follow us here. Leave a comment. Leave two or three…hell…you can join us if you want. Get up tomorrow. Weigh yourself and start exercising! Post here and let us know what you are doing to eat better, workout harder, burn more calories. (I could really use some ideas to get a boy up and out of the house who would really rather not. And make it FUN!) We don’t need specifics. We don’t care what you weigh exactly, just tell us what you lost! Or what you gained! Strength, agility, speed, a tan! Let me know! You inspire me and I will try my very hardest to inspire you!

Now, I have to go meet my BF for one last bit of the crazy, then I’ll post on the progress and all the other random stuff in between. Up and out. Sky is clear. Looks like no rain for tonight. Ha…had to get in one more little weather bit. Have a great night wherever you are!

FYI–that’s a pic of my morning life as reflected in the grill. See, no kidding. RAN–DUM(B).

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Oops, wait, not raining now

June 23, 2011 at 10:42 am (Day to Day, Summer Break, Weather) (, , , , )

Sky is trying to do that.

Yes, I am wondering too…when the H*LL did this become a weather blog?? Well, it’s easy, that’s for sure. I have other crap. Exciting crap! It’s just that this is fast.

Stay with me here. I will NOT say there won’t be anymore weather (I mean, c’mon, I have a rainbow picture! A Rain. Bow. And flowers and birds and stuff), but I’ll throw in some random things too. I have this big  idea that there should be a theme. Something that flows. Linking one post to another. HA. I need to embrace the fact that my life and my brain are running on several different tracks, and they don’t really go to the same places. The theme is that there is no theme. Random shots. Random thoughts. The only common thread is that they will all be here on this site! Happy Thursday!

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Since it’s raining again…

June 23, 2011 at 9:24 am (Day to Day, Summer Break, Weather) (, , )

It’s a good reason for me to post these pictures that I have from the last few rainstorms. This is not near my house. This is by my sissy’s. She gets the better rain. The kind that floods more streets and fills up low places. We get it too, but not so severe. And anyway, I happened to have my camera that day.

Except for a few little things to do today, band practice and bowling, I think I will try and work on this site. I should be studying for my most important test, but I guess the paperwork is a bit messed up and it may take longer to get a date, so I have a few days/weeks (??) of extra studying I’ll be able to get in later. Procrastination is a bitch. It gets me every time. But I work well under pressure so we will see.

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Good Morning!! Rabies anyone??

June 22, 2011 at 10:31 am (Day to Day, Rabid Sqirrels) (, , , , )

That grainy picture is of a desperate, little, raggy, rodent, squirrel that was trying to get inside the house a few minutes ago! WTF?? I assume it has rabies because they generally don’t come right up to the window like that. It looks really beat up too, like something was chewing on its tail. At least he will be easy to identify.

I heard the scratching on the screen and just assumed it was a bird. They like to sit on our ledge and chill. But no, I got up to look and it scared the crap out of me. Especially since I first thought it was a mouse. I yelped and it did NOT move. ?? Then I talked and it scurried to the side of the house, where it  just sat there, even after I went outside to yell at it. It finally jumped off the ledge into the driveway and ran away. I was so surprised that I didn’t even have time to take its picture!

So, how then, you say, did I get the shots anyway? Well, that is because IT CAME BACK AND TRIED TO GET IN AGAIN!!!! I could not believe it. I was actually on the phone when I saw it creeping back toward the house. Crawled right up to the ledge and started scratching at the screen. Rabies for sure. So I took that picture. Not great, but you can see it. And then I went outside where it let me photograph it some more sitting on the legde. I guess it was deciding if it should attack me now or wait until I go out later. Like an ambush. It chose later. This time it crawled all the way around the house on the ledge as far as it could go , then jumped off and ran away to the front.

This squirrel is either really brave, really hungry, really SICK, or really dumb. What I really think is that it’s just a baby and doesn’t realize you STAY AWAY from the people!  That old saying is true. Youth IS wasted on the young.

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