I believe we’ve solved Rita’s little pain problem

June 29, 2011 at 12:48 am (Day to Day, Flowers, My Mom) (, , , , )

Sometimes the solution is right under your nose. Or under your front window. In your “landscaping”.

Spent all day with mom waiting for the cable guy, running her errands and having some pizza. And the day before that trying to fix the cable. And a few days before that to get her bananas and bread and tea and stuff. We were supposed to go back on Thursday, but she thinks she’ll probably be ok now…”unless I totally wanted to come back with some chips and Twinkies??”

Uh, no.

Clarity. I should have checked that front flower bed a damn week ago.


  1. Amanda a.k.a The Greatest Sister of All time! said,

    WHA?!?!? For real? I am so innocent, so I am not sure, is that POT???? Hahahaaha. If it is, she seriously needs to smoke it!!!
    And FYI, I just ran just shy of 4 1/2 miles in my new tennies. So far my shins feel ok….

    • masnstevy said,

      I couldn’t say either way if that is, or is not, a traditionally pain reducing herbal remedy. As you see I was only TAKING the picture. She hasn’t called tho….congrats on the shoes. I hobbled out an entire 1/4 of a mile yesterday on my broken footsy. And it hurt! Mason was able to walk faster than I ran! Oh well. Have a fun vacay.

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