No F-ing water!!

June 29, 2011 at 12:16 pm (Day to Day) (, , , , , , )

Come On!! Kids and old ladies are home for summer break!! We Stink. Dammit. Can’t flush the toilet either. WTF is my town doing?? Block the roads. Dig a bunch of holes. Turn off the water. Disappear. I swear this city creates accidents for women and children to fall into.

I don’t usually get angry over stuff like this so I better get out of here. Ugh. My hair is sooo greasy though. Yuk! I should be thankful right? At least we have electricity. Spoiled Americans.

These pics are of the Fox River at Riverfest a few weekends past. First time we went. Pretty nice. I had been here before but didn’t realize it was the same place until later in the day. Looks different without all the people and vendors and food booths.

I just managed to squeak out enough water to soak a washcloth and squeeze it on my head. I also got enough to run the toothbrush across my teeth. So I guess I can shut up now. Besides all these pictures are making me have to pee.


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