Since it’s raining again…

June 23, 2011 at 9:24 am (Day to Day, Summer Break, Weather) (, , )

It’s a good reason for me to post these pictures that I have from the last few rainstorms. This is not near my house. This is by my sissy’s. She gets the better rain. The kind that floods more streets and fills up low places. We get it too, but not so severe. And anyway, I happened to have my camera that day.

Except for a few little things to do today, band practice and bowling, I think I will try and work on this site. I should be studying for my most important test, but I guess the paperwork is a bit messed up and it may take longer to get a date, so I have a few days/weeks (??) of extra studying I’ll be able to get in later. Procrastination is a bitch. It gets me every time. But I work well under pressure so we will see.

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