And we’re back down to ZERO

June 9, 2011 at 11:08 pm (Day to Day, Pictures, Weather) (, , , , )

Not zero exactly, but I would say that a FIFTY degree drop in temperature in the last 48 hours is enough to get some of us back on the sick list. Windows were open but now it’s too cold. HA. I love free cool air.

Sadly, our temp change came with a giant thunderstorm last night and tons of rain. So much water that it flooded streets, creeks, ponds, etc., and knocked out electricity all over the place. I was a lucky one. Power and a house on the high ground. It’s night now and calm. I think I will go lay down in my big bed in this perfect sleeping weather and dream of temperate, 75 degree days and nights, 24/7, year round.

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Well it’s not real original but…

June 9, 2011 at 9:30 am (Day to Day, Heat, Pictures, Weather) (, , , , , , )

YOWZA!! That’s HOT!  101.3 degrees F at 2PM on 6/7, here in the ChicagoLand area. That’s pretty high for us. In June. ZERO to 100, that’s how we roll out here. Wednesday was a little cooler (only got to 98 so no one cares too much about that) but today—Thursday, it’s back down to 65. And it’s storming again. Raining and flooding. The usual. I have to go to school now, so I’ll be outside breathing in all of that good pneumonia atmosphere. My chest is NEVER going to feel better.

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