Good Morning!! Rabies anyone??

June 22, 2011 at 10:31 am (Day to Day, Rabid Sqirrels) (, , , , )

That grainy picture is of a desperate, little, raggy, rodent, squirrel that was trying to get inside the house a few minutes ago! WTF?? I assume it has rabies because they generally don’t come right up to the window like that. It looks really beat up too, like something was chewing on its tail. At least he will be easy to identify.

I heard the scratching on the screen and just assumed it was a bird. They like to sit on our ledge and chill. But no, I got up to look and it scared the crap out of me. Especially since I first thought it was a mouse. I yelped and it did NOT move. ?? Then I talked and it scurried to the side of the house, where it  just sat there, even after I went outside to yell at it. It finally jumped off the ledge into the driveway and ran away. I was so surprised that I didn’t even have time to take its picture!

So, how then, you say, did I get the shots anyway? Well, that is because IT CAME BACK AND TRIED TO GET IN AGAIN!!!! I could not believe it. I was actually on the phone when I saw it creeping back toward the house. Crawled right up to the ledge and started scratching at the screen. Rabies for sure. So I took that picture. Not great, but you can see it. And then I went outside where it let me photograph it some more sitting on the legde. I guess it was deciding if it should attack me now or wait until I go out later. Like an ambush. It chose later. This time it crawled all the way around the house on the ledge as far as it could go , then jumped off and ran away to the front.

This squirrel is either really brave, really hungry, really SICK, or really dumb. What I really think is that it’s just a baby and doesn’t realize you STAY AWAY from the people!  That old saying is true. Youth IS wasted on the young.

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