And back to the Bugs!

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We are almost to the end. I think this is third to last. I just found out the Arboretum where they had this display is having a 5K race in the fall through all their paths, or some of their paths; the place is huge. So, more to look forward to. Pictures of trees. IN AUTUMN! Yowzer! Stick around! Even with a (hopefully) not-too-crazy school schedule, I want to keep running and keep writing. It’s a good stress buster. Corny.

Now look at these big bugs!


You see that expanse of space behind the sculpture? Big land. Tired kids. But all four are in there.

You see that expanse of space behind the sculpture? Big land. Tired kids. But all four are in there.

Hey guys! There's a giant bug sitting in the weeds right in front of you! We could look in the mud at home. For free. I had to put it in though, because it's just too cute.

Hey guys! There's a giant bug sitting in the weeds right in front of you! We could look in the mud at home. For free. 3 out of 4 captivated by dirty water. I had to put it in though, because it's just too cute.

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Back to the Benches

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I’ll try to keep this short. Let’s do something fun and superhero silly!


And now with extra, added silly. The children decide to sit in the pictures.


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Day Quote

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To stay with the whole confusing, loopy, hazy, trippy aspect of the site we seem to have going these last few days:

History is philosophy from examples.

—Dionysius of Halicarnassus

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On the way to the second-day check-up…

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I was sitting at a light. Big intersection. Waiting to turn. The medical building looming to the front left, a cemetery (?) front right, and houses to the side. Suburban residential. Life and death in four corners. And I’m just sitting there.  And I think to myself that the truck in front of me turning the opposite way looked so strange. I was tired. It was sunny (no specs, they just broke remember?, didn’t get the new ones yet.) It was hot. 90° and you start seeing stuff. I say to my mom, “That truck looks so strange.” She just agrees. It was so red and square and it had those safety cones hanging off the front…I took the picture…my mom says, “You’re so weird.”

08130914450813091445 - Copy - Copy

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Cool Word of the Day! Special Edition (!)

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It’s a two-for-one day! And it’s dedicated to my daughter, so that she will never again get the two words mixed up!

Cataract: (noun)

Has two separate, distinct definitions. The pathological, that most every one knows, Stevie, ahem, I’m looking at you ; )

and then another, regular one, that I was unaware of. See, learn something new everyday!

Definition: Opacity of the lens or capsule of the eye, causing total or partial blindness.

Definition 2: A huge downpour or waterfall.


And this is the special word that Stevie keeps mistaking for the first:

Chloroplast: (noun)

Definition: An organelle present in algae and plant cells that contains chlorophyll and is involved in photosynthesis.

You probably don’t want one of those in your eye!

I love you, my sweetie-fish, ><Ò)ε

Mom (That’s supposed to look like a fish kissing–it’s a stretch–just roll with it!)

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My mom looking cool.

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This is her, in her fancy cataract sunglasses, that she has to wear, for five days, whenever she goes outside. Direct orders from the doctors office. She says they’re annoying, but I think she secretly likes them. And she gave me permission to post her picture. Looking sharp lady!


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Street Money Update!

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My favorite sunglasses that I have been wearing to death for the last year or so, maybe two, broke unrepairably the other day taking my mom to the cataract doctor. She’s fine, the glasses had to be buried.

Went to the mall to get a new pair from my favorite cheap place, Shades of Summer Too (the first shop is ok but the ones I like are in number “too”.) These are not stores. They’re kiosks in the middle of the mall halls. Not to be confused with Sunglass Hut. I tried to find a link online, but couldn’t. I did research for real! The places are small and you can get one pair for $15 or two for $25 (It used to be 10 and 20, but you know, the economy, blah, blah, blah.)

Anyway, the point here is that I brought the old ones, matched up the new ones, which weren’t exact, but that I like better actually, and found some loose change in the process. To finally get around to the main point.

One cent, completely fair, just laying on the floor.

Two more cents, that I saw a man drop, because it fell out of his pockets, reaching in to get bigger change, to buy candy from one of those independent-standing-turnstile-type-candy machines that you would see outside of a K-Mart, for his small child. I tried to get the money for him and give it back, but he waved me off. I left it, very universally and fairly, laying where it landed. We had to go right past it to get out of the mall so I said (to the BF and myself) that if it was still there, THEN I would pick it up. It was. And I did.

Then I found two more cents at the 7-11. One in the parking lot and one in the store. The pennies to my fortune. I was there buying lottery tickets. Mega Millions is like, or was, like, 146 million. $146,000,000. Since I haven’t actually checked the numbers today, I suppose I could be filthy, stinking, rich right now and not even know it. Wouldn’t my face be red talking about 5¢, when I have all that money. But I guess you would never know. What would I do? Just never post again? Post about all the things I am doing from everywhere? Or just leave a nice, simple, “Won the Lottery! Have a nice life!” That might work. But, I have to think to myself, isn’t waking up every day and living my life with good health, happiness, my kids and the BF and my family, well, golly, isn’t that just like winning the lottery on a daily basis?? I will stop now.

And fyi, I didn’t win from the other day either. In case I posted, and in case you care. The internet world is still stuck with me.

This is the total for the year in case you forgot why you were looking at this. Toodles.

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So they say the nursing shortage is over. WHA-AH-AA-T ?!?!?

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That's what this fish looks like it's saying! It looks surprised.

That's what this fish looks like it's saying! It looks surprised.

For now.

I love how my career choice (finally made after years of hazy plans for the future, AND three years of prerequisite education)  has coincided with the fact that I still won’t get a job!

Thanks to the recession. All the retired nurses have come back to the work place to cover for their husbands and families who have lost their jobs. Hospitals aren’t hiring. Medical places are trying to get by with what they have on staff already.  But people keep getting sick. People keep going to the hospital whether they want to or not.

I dramatize for effect. In the next paragraphs of all these doom news stories, they go on to say that most nurses will go back into retirement after the pressure is off, and there will be even more nurses leaving the field in the next 10 years, just because it’s their time. And that’s where all us newbies come in. Someone has to cover the exiters. So I am still moving forward with no fear.

I just thought it was kind of funny to read this early on Saturday morning and only one week before I start full time nursing school!

Now back to our regularly scheduled posting.

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