Terrible Mom Alert!

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TWO missed birthdays! The boy. Above. Oct. 13. He is 16. The girl. Below. Nov. 21. She is 15.



Thank you Outback Steakhouse for having large mirrors and flattering lighting in your bathrooms, men and women’s, so that both of my children could, separately, but at the same time, go into the bathrooms the night we were there and take pictures of themselves without the other one knowing. They both came back to the table and were very excited about the selfies they got in the excellent washroom photo studio they apparently have there. Also, it’s good because I have no actual pictures of them with their cakes and mini-party celebrations we had here at the house. If I find any pics later, I’ll just post them randomly and you can guess what they’re from. Kind of a “Where’s Waldo?” but with cake. At least I only missed the girl’s by 2 days. And we are going out for a collective dinner tonight. An expensive, collective dinner. We really spend way too much on food in this family unit. Plus we get to dress up! But I need to finish this now quick, so I can shower, shave, and shine. The BF is yelling because he doesn’t think we’ll be ready to go. He’s walking around confiscating cell phones and electronic devices. This is serious business. But first, quick quick: Old mom alert! The boy has a driver’s license now and a vehicle. That he paid for. And the girl will be starting driving school soon. Here’s a picture of the truck that he bought:


It’s good for both kids actually, because now he can drive them both to school. And anywhere else they need to go! One of the only sophomores with a license, a car, and a parking permit. I knew he’d be ahead of everyone else in his class at something! Alright, I’m seriously getting a side-eye from the time police over here, so I need to go. Happy (late-internet) birthday, Mason and Stevie! I love you! XOXO. Later!


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It’s Your Birthday! It’s Your Birthday! (One Week Later)

November 29, 2012 at 2:17 pm (Birthday Wishes, Day to Day, For Stevie, Stevie's Nails) (, , , )

For a girl who cannot take enough pictures of herself, she would not let me get even one picture of her for her birthday. This is the best I could capture, taken under extreme protest. And she looked so cute in her new birthday pj”s from her grandma. Teenagers. Just when you think you know a girl, the 14 year old life truck hits them hard and you can’t push them out of the way fast enough. Sigh. Anyhoo. This is my girl. She turned 14 a week ago on the 21st. The day before Thanksgiving. And a Wednesday. So there wasn’t a lot we could do by way of party or celebration. She had a few dinners and saw a few people, spaced out over the week, so I think it actually worked out better. Her birthday lasted way longer than most. And here is one more day, and a post just for her, to acknowledge the joyous occasion of her birth! She is fully entrenched in teenageville now. And what you can’t see behind the pillow is her new best friend, I-Phone. I hope that little device doesn’t put out any serious UV radiation rays, because if it does we are looking at a generation of young adults that are going to have major face skin cancer in a few years. And probably some crippling finger arthritis too. They hold it so close to their faces. Pushing those tiny keypads with their poor little crampy fingers and thumbs. Tip of the day: Wear sunscreen while operating your mobile device. Slather it on good and thick, especially over the face and neck area. Just in case. And maybe give those hands a break every few hours. Extend those digits outward. All that cracking you hear when you first do it is not always a good thing! Flex and extend. Flex and extend. Jazz hands. Whatever it takes. Alright I need to wrap this up. Shower and work. Must make more money to support the daughters other obsession: fake nails. Oh yes. We buy too many packages of this addiction in a box. I think that I will start posting all the nail work that Stevie has dedicated the rest of her waking time to creating. It will be very easy to make this the new winter feature on this site because she takes a picture every time she sticks any new nails onto her hands, which is practically every day. I am not exaggerating. Stevie’s Nails. Watch for it. In conclusion:

Happy happy birthday! I love you my beautiful, little girl! Hope the day and week and weekend were the best you have ever had! At least until next year! XO Mom.

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Stevie’s Joke of the Day!

September 22, 2011 at 11:05 pm (Joke, New Features, Stevie's Joke of the Day!) (, , , )

ooooh…almost 2 days in a row! Whatev’s. Here it is:

Why are strawberries such bad drivers??

‘Cause they always get into jams.

Thank you and goodnight.

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Cool Word of the Day! Special Edition (!)

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It’s a two-for-one day! And it’s dedicated to my daughter, so that she will never again get the two words mixed up!

Cataract: (noun)

Has two separate, distinct definitions. The pathological, that most every one knows, Stevie, ahem, I’m looking at you ; )

and then another, regular one, that I was unaware of. See, learn something new everyday!

Definition: Opacity of the lens or capsule of the eye, causing total or partial blindness.

Definition 2: A huge downpour or waterfall.


And this is the special word that Stevie keeps mistaking for the first:

Chloroplast: (noun)

Definition: An organelle present in algae and plant cells that contains chlorophyll and is involved in photosynthesis.

You probably don’t want one of those in your eye!

I love you, my sweetie-fish, ><Ò)ε

Mom (That’s supposed to look like a fish kissing–it’s a stretch–just roll with it!)

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Thursday. $3.60 in the bank.

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Another day of exercise is complete. That is 4 in a row for us!

We used various methods in order to get around the full Three Dollars and Sixty Cents worth of trail. (Please refer to the previous day for the money explanation on mileage)

I ran. Yay! 3.6 miles. Non-stop! Ooooh…impressive to the kiddies. (I dogged it too, but who cares, I did it.)

Mason rode his bike. He probably logged 4.5 miles or more going around on his own.

Stevie scootered it. She prob got about 4 miles circling back and forth around me the whole time.

I was like a planet with my revolving moons…or was I the revolving moon with my planets jiggling in orbit while my shining stars hovered near by? According to my kids, my stomach looks like a water balloon and my butt crack was trying to eat my pants.

Here’s a picture of a giant globe from Art Chicago at the Mart last year. Seems fitting.


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One more day of crazy schedule…Video is coming

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Hang in there with me. I’ll get the video up tonight, but I have family obligations that will take me away from the sweet hum of the computer all day.

Need to go get dressed, get my girl packed–her clothes are in the dryer as we type–pick up a champagne holder-thingy and drive to a party with my sister-in-law. Then go to my sister’s where Stevie will stay for a few more days. Mason and I will get our hair fixed, maybe grab a bite, and hopefully get home before it’s too dark and late!

My body is just a bit achy, and my ankle feels a bit sore, but other than that…not bad. The Warrior Dash was a good thing!

Check back here for video later, and definitely check out the Facebook Page for more comments and possible video and pictures. It looks so fun you know you are going to want to do it next year too!!

I just posted some random pics to keep the site visually interesting. That’s just me. Still from the dash, but not really about the race!

Mason Spectator

Mason Spectator

A couple more years and he can run too!

A couple more years and he can run too!

Baby frog on the field!

Baby frog on the field!

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