So, based on the number of hits I got today, you actually like the site BETTER when it’s all screwed up!

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Sick! Sick people. Everyone loves a train wreck! Well, sorry to disappoint you, but I think I have fixed the problem. My earlier posting of some benches didn’t sit right with Mr. Internet, so it went all loopy.

I just took a break, went to go run (had to anyway) and now I am back with a clearer head and a better idea of what and how to fix these little problems. So, now we can get back to my monotonous life!

This an exercise update: Bike ride. We did 19+ miles on Saturday and I thought we would do it again on Sunday, but no. The BF had a better idea: Riding along the Old Plank Trail. Click on the name to see what it is and then finish reading, or just skip ahead and pretend to know what this means. Either way, it’s just a long-ass bike ride.

If you look at the site and click on the map, you will see Richton Park to the right and New Lenox to the left, that’s what we did. Rode from Richton Park going west to New Lenox. I too was like you, phhhtt…what’s the big deal?? We just rode 19 and it wasn’t even a problem (except that my butt bones are sore to the core) I can barely sit on that stupid bike seat much less ride it for 12.5 miles. In one direction. And then you have to ride it back, all 12.5 miles, because it’s not a loop. And your car is now 12.5 miles in the exact opposite direction. OMG. Easy on paper, quite a struggle on the path. I was sure I wasn’t going to make it. My knee was hurting from the ever-so-slight bending action required to peddle (not good–I think I need to raise my seat) and my butt was screaming! Everytime it would get nice and numb we would have to stop to cross a street and then, to sit back down, or even move the bike forward from a stop position was like pushing boulders up a hill with someone poking a red-hot pointy stick in your butt cheek, if I can get a little graphic here.

By the time we crossed Central and went under 57 I was ready to cry. Tears for the pain and tears because we were so close. As we came around the final turn to the parking lot where the car was you have to go down a curb bump. I think tears did spring to my eyes as I hit that last one and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get off of the bike. I wasn’t sure I could swing my leg up high enough to get it over the middle bar. Obviously, I did.

We even recovered enough after a few hours to go get sushi and walk around a car show, how’s that for diverse?

All in all, we logged a little over 25 miles in about 2 hours and 15 minutes. The only good thing was I was able to eat pretty much anything for dinner and not feel bad. I’m back to the calorie count and the eating plan. With the exception of no dairy now. That was the culprit in my terrible skin rash that kept breaking out on my face and cheeks (face cheeks, people! sheesh!)

Don’t worry, I took lots of pictures from sushi and the car show, but I have to post those later because I have a school meeting to attend and I can’t be late!

In case you were wondering, I ran 4.2 miles today. Legs were just fine. Did it in <49 minutes. (I hope that symbol means “less than”–I’m kind of beat–and dizzy from running—and I always get them confused when there’s only one of them—so forgive me for not knowing)

Stay tuned for later! Seriously. I have the kids room finished, Japan, Germany, some You Tube, the Oscars (fishes–in our tank), cars, words, quotes, and anything else that happens between now and 7 pm.

Keep me viable! My goal is 6000 hits by 6 months (September 17, anniversary) and only YOU can make it happen!

Thanks for staying to the end! Be back in a flash. L.

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And since we are doing spiders…

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Today’s Big Bug is a BIG spider! If it looks impressive to you in these photos, it was even better close up! Creepy-crawly!

But stay tuned here in the next few days because the artist did ants too. Giant, sprawling-across-the-grass, ants. Ants are my biggest bug problem. Spiders are pretty scary too, check out this dedication post to a brave but crazy spider that was living in our house, but ants are the ones that get me rolling.

Not to go off subject, but we live on a slab foundation, and as anyone who may live on one knows, ants love to live in the cracks underneath the house. Except in winter or rainy times when they like to migrate indoors, say onto your living room floor or bedroom or closet or tables or kitchen or anywhere they can crawl their teeny-tiny bodies around too. These are a particular kind of ant, slab ants. They’re small, really small, but they can get everywhere fast and before-you-know-it. You can just be sitting on a chair when you suddenly notice a small movement on the floor or near a wall, and you go to take a close look…OMG! Seriously, there could be like a hundred, in a trail with that one crumb of food the vacuum didn’t get. It sucks, and it sucks worse when you have small children who like to crawl around on the floor but now you don’t even want them to walk on it because an ant might crawl on them. Yuk yuk yuk!  Thankfully there are awesome exterminators who will come and eliminate the problem for you! We found a great one and the ants only make a minor appearance, maybe, once every few years now. It’s lovely. Plus it makes you vacuum a whole lot more, and who doesn’t like to be forced to keep their house clean so vermin doesn’t set up camp?? Not me!

Anyway…here’s the spider:


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After yesterday’s bike ride the last thing I want to do is sit on something hard (!?!) Like a bench…?? (Sick)

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Before I go on and on about what we did yesterday—bike riding adventure—you will be impressed…here is another bench from beautiful, downtown, Tinley Park! The theme is…

Superheroes! Or Spider-Man at least! Peter Parker!

Superheroes! Or Spider-Man at least! Peter Parker!

I don't remember Spider-Man fighting these horrible creatures but I never read the comics. That green lizard guy is a mystery too!

I don't remember Spider-Man fighting these horrible creatures but I never read the comics. That green lizard guy is a mystery too!

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