Bonus Cool Word! because I like to confuse myself, and I need this word typed out to understand.

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Existential (adjective)

Definition: Relating to existence, living or occurring;  Based on experience.

Thereby, Existentialism (noun)

Definition: A philosophy that emphasizes the absence of supernatural authority and the freedom of  and responsibility of the individual in a universe that lacks essential meaning;  Randomness of the universe.

The problem I have here, is that I believe in the randomness of the universe, but not in the idea that things like a solid, physical object can suddenly appear with NO explanation at all. Even if the explanation is that there is no explanation.

Confusing? I know. That’s my brain right now. Which means I have to stop.  That’s what those philosophy courses are for at the big universities! My brain is going into shut down and I need it to drive my mom back to the doc for her eye check in a few hours. I’m going to go take a shower and watch TV. Hot water and television will restore all the brain cells I need to complete my day. Ciao. Internationale!


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Mystery Solved! Weird Shit Update!

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Sorry if this takes away the whole existential aspect to the universe, but I think most crazy shit has some basis in reality and here is my small slice of explanation.

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(It may provide more explanation if you think you want it! And you’ll feel better about that swear word in the headline!)

This was the mystery:


This is the mystery solved:


It’s from a racquetball glove. Why these little rubber things are on there is the REAL  mystery. The BF says decoration. Must be, because they serve no other purpose. You don’t use the top of the glove for anything as far as I know. In fact, the glove looks better without that “decoration”. Now those loop things just irritate me when I see them. That’s the lesson here. Sometimes things should just STAY a mystery.

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Day Quote

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History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake.

—James Joyce

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Cool Word of the Day!

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Decimate (verb)

Definition: To destroy or kill a large proportion of;  To select by lot and kill one in every ten of.

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I didn’t really think it would turn out

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The deer pictures. I have two, well, I have about a hundred pictures, that upon closer inspection on the big screen are composed of a lot of grass, trees, leaves, shrubs, weeds, and sky shots, with a small, blurry, deer-shaped smudge in the center, or off to the side, or at the bottom. Just your basic professional camera-phone, nature-photo photography. It’s mostly crap.

But this came out pretty good. I’ll only bore you with one, because the other one looks just like this except the deer might have tilted his/her head ever-so-slightly to the left. (Nope, actually, I change that thought—one below—one above, if that isn’t confusing enough) I notice the change in color too, now that I have it here. One seems darker and more natural. Almost the same shot, from the same distance, from the same spot on the trail. All I had to wait for in between was my phone to save the picture.

And all you thought you were getting was long, rambling stories about nothing and here it’s a (could be) college-level (generous) type discussion on the technical and and artistic capabilities of camera phone technology. I am sure I can make up any number of time-frame-exposure-light sentences for you to read and we can all feel extra smart during our day today!

But, it’s the usual, simple, at my favorite running trail, deers so close they are trying to jump on me! See past post for THAT exciting story! Even the babies are bigger than you want bumping into you!


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