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Parlezvous français? No. But I love the internet because it lets me speak any language I want. Three flowers. And I think I will wrap it up with the French thing. It just sounds so much cooler then plain old English. I like the way the words are spelled too. After high school I took one of those tests that tell you what career or field of study you would excel at, and language was one of the highest. Another one, actually the first thing on the list, was web design. I didn’t even know what that was at the time. But I guess they were right. I really do love both of those things. My super power would be the ability to understand all languages if I could. To be able to communicate with every person (or animal) on the planet. Trippy stuff so late at night. If I could somehow bring my web career (ahem) together with some kind of language study (maybe writing? learning another language? or 10?) maybe I could make my fortune, one tiny keystroke at a time. At 2am. With all the other dreamers. Time to go to bed. Au revoir. Fin.

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So they say the nursing shortage is over. WHA-AH-AA-T ?!?!?

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That's what this fish looks like it's saying! It looks surprised.

That's what this fish looks like it's saying! It looks surprised.

For now.

I love how my career choice (finally made after years of hazy plans for the future, AND three years of prerequisite education)  has coincided with the fact that I still won’t get a job!

Thanks to the recession. All the retired nurses have come back to the work place to cover for their husbands and families who have lost their jobs. Hospitals aren’t hiring. Medical places are trying to get by with what they have on staff already.  But people keep getting sick. People keep going to the hospital whether they want to or not.

I dramatize for effect. In the next paragraphs of all these doom news stories, they go on to say that most nurses will go back into retirement after the pressure is off, and there will be even more nurses leaving the field in the next 10 years, just because it’s their time. And that’s where all us newbies come in. Someone has to cover the exiters. So I am still moving forward with no fear.

I just thought it was kind of funny to read this early on Saturday morning and only one week before I start full time nursing school!

Now back to our regularly scheduled posting.

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