This Happened Last Night

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I don’t really follow hockey, but apparently LOTS of people where I was hanging out last night, do. This was driving around the neighborhood and the owner and GF were convinced somehow, to stop and let pictures be taken, and then even stayed for awhile and enjoyed the party. Of course I jumped on the bandwagon. This is the goalie for the Chicago Blackhawks, I am told. The name starts with a “C”. That’s as much research as I will be doing as I cannot remember the name and do not want to look for it. There were many photos taken. Alone. With the girls. With the boys. With the girls doing obscene things to this figure. With the boys doing obscene things to this figure…I think there were even animals involved. I don’t know. This truck parked in front of our friend’s house attracted a lot of attention. People were walking up from all over the place to ask about it, talk about it, take more pictures with it, etc. The one thing I can conclusively state is, that some of these male hockey fans are pretty darn good looking. I mean seriously. If I didn’t already have a BF, I’m telling you, I may, may have, been able to get lucky, wink wink. I’m just saying. Some legit hotties were rolling up and hanging out. Good for the old ego, and I stress the word “old”, especially after you’ve been feeling your mortality lately like I have. Also, I was told the girls that like the hockey are pretty attractive too. Must be something about all that testosterone, fighting, and no teeth. Real manly man stuff. Anyway, we stayed out until 1 am. That’s my latest night out in a long time. And I was…tipsy, let’s say. Good night. Good party. I feel fine today. It’s Sunday. It’s beautiful. I will try to post more. Later.

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This is also Packer Day!

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Technically this should have been posted YESTERDAY. Today is actually December 26 and Christmas is over. The Green Bay Packers played a little football game against the Chicago Bears last night and of course they won. They are a 14 and 1 team. Clinched their playoff spot and got home field advantage or whatever. I was kind of busy having Christmas with my kids last night (and watching the game) so I neglected to throw something up here. These posts are probably going to start getting real scarce in the next two weeks—not that that is really unusual for me since I can go a month without a word—but because I have to really hit the bricks for a job. I can’t be unemployed for January. Things are starting to get really stressful without two paychecks and my “win the lottery” strategy didn’t work. I still have hope for my “find a giant bag of money on the street” scheme, but I’m not holding my breath.

Anyway we saw the above Packer mobile out in a parking lot at Menard’s, so of course I took pics. I am a recent fan of the Packers. Like the last two or three years. I have to keep it kind of quiet because I do live in the Chicago area and this could get me assaulted by crazy Bear fans. I even have a jersey but I have only worn it once. It’s endless sarcastic comments, bordering on threatening, one after another when you walk around this part of the world. I like to say I am a football fan. Which I really am. I have three different team jerseys and I love every one. I just got an awesome Terrible Towel for X-mas. (That would be a Pittsburgh Steeler thing—if you want to know the hows and whys I am afraid you will have to do an independent research study on that one. And then report back to me please, because I really don’t know how that started.) I also received a GB Packer coffee mug which I am using right now while I type this. Thank you BF! I also have my tiny helmets collection and some college football stuff (The Razorback Craze–you can see it all with the link to the right if you want).

So that’s it for now. We have one more Christmas to do today. My mom and family. I’m pretty sure I already laid this out in a previous post but we can’t really get together on the actual holiday because of goofy schedules, so we are doing it today. Kind of like my last vacation day in a long string of vacation weeks and months. Haw haw. Anyway I got onions that need to be wrapped in cream cheese and the tastiest processed meat, that will also simultaneously destroy healthy heart cells while you are gaining a few more robust indestructible fat cells, and remarking, “Mmm so good” along with other appetizers that are just dying to clog up those arteries stat. Follow that up with some nice diabetes and cirrhosis, I mean dessert and drinks, and we are having a party to end the weekend right! All the way until New Years anyway when we are doing it again! Ahh the holidays! Love and MI’s. Fabulous.

Here’s more pics of the Packer truck. Notice the detail. Notice the Indiana license plate that I left slightly visible so that you can draw your own conclusions about who in the hell would do this to the vehicle they actually need to drive. It has a Pac-Man on one side and Mrs. Pac-Man on the other chomping down little Bear logo’s. Creative. Helmet on the roof. Check. Green and yellow spray paint paint job. Check. Smarmy, but not too offensive insult on the back. Check. Dingleball Packer hanging decoration? Check. That weird egg carton packing material (although it may be carpet of some sort too) laid out all over the dashboard. Check. I’m not even sure what that is for. Color? Anyway, enjoy!


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Holy Cannoli! I am wasting alot of time today!

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School is kicking my internet-loving, website-posting, useless-information-transportation, booty! Since I have already wasted the better part of a day doing “study avoiding” activities, a few more hours probably won’t matter.

If you follow my facebook…and of course you do…as I have no illusions that you would have found this randomly…you must be my friend and therefore linked to this site…you know that I have been off the radar for awhile but I completed another skill check, and I was, seriously, so happy that I did well I had to put up a funny little comment. It was for oral medication administration…which sounds fun huh? And I will not repeat myself with the lewd/ambiguous/slightly naughty status thingy. Trust that it was pretty clever. Ha.

It is though. Fun, that is.  And I probably shouldn’t have jumped to post that info because I have to do the harder, and probably more important, injection skill next week. I could be crying in about 6 days…we’ll see…

Anyhoo, here’s some stuff. With pictures.

This is a truck that I keep seeing on my way to school. I finally got a pretty decent picture. I am not normally a huge fan of green for a vehicle, but this bright green with two-tone looks really cool. It's a retired guy driving, but that shouldn't matter, right?

This is a truck that I keep seeing on my way to school. I finally got a pretty decent picture. I am not normally a huge fan of green for a vehicle, but this bright green with two-tone looks really cool. It’s a retired guy driving, but that shouldn’t matter, right?


This is a very, delicious roast beef that the BF made for us during the weekend of Mason's extreme fever flu blowout.

And, apparently, a very expensive roast also. I was told I didn’t want to know. How much is too much? What is a good price for meat? I am sorry to say, as a woman, a lousy housekeeper and definitely not a Betty Crocker, I really don’t know the price of good meat, or any meat for that matter. I stink at the household type stuff. I avoid buying anything related to cleaning and cooking if I can help it, and get really irritated when I am forced to.

Anyhow. If you care, and you have read this far…let me know! Drop a line. E-mail. Post. Comment. Whatever. I love hearing from the people that actually read this thing! You are all crazy and obviously easily entertained, like myself, and therefore you must be one of my peeps.

See? All the really important issues are here. Here’s another:


Stevie got a cut and perm. Looked beautiful for about a week...then all the curl fell out. Poor girl. Fine hair. It's a nice wave now though.

And of course…pumpkins!:


Try to guess who's is who's. Here's a hint...the round one weighs, like 30 pounds, and was one of the biggest you could buy. Hmmm? Who would have picked that one? I suppose this would look more dramatic lit up...


Um...nope. Probably need to wait until dark.

Well, I think that is definitely enough for now. I have an updated poker post AND street money. These are the really exciting things that I didn’t want to just add onto at the end of a long, possibly unread posting. Pictures are nice, but I’m no fool. People have short attention spans.

I’m not kidding about the poker and money thing. I got a GREAT ultimate score and I found a BIG bill of money (and alot of change over the last month).

It all adds up to edge-of-your-seat excitement. I was going to write seat-of-your-pants…either way, your pants will be involved somewhere in this scenario. And don’t forget…night is coming! That means pumpkins lit up in the dark! So much, for so little.

And we have more of the usual: camera pics, Mason coolpix, words, quotes, mumbo-jumbo, and flowers.

End post.

I’m just going to stop typing now.


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On the way to the second-day check-up…

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I was sitting at a light. Big intersection. Waiting to turn. The medical building looming to the front left, a cemetery (?) front right, and houses to the side. Suburban residential. Life and death in four corners. And I’m just sitting there.  And I think to myself that the truck in front of me turning the opposite way looked so strange. I was tired. It was sunny (no specs, they just broke remember?, didn’t get the new ones yet.) It was hot. 90° and you start seeing stuff. I say to my mom, “That truck looks so strange.” She just agrees. It was so red and square and it had those safety cones hanging off the front…I took the picture…my mom says, “You’re so weird.”

08130914450813091445 - Copy - Copy

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