De-tox complete from the other night and on to today. Maybe.

May 29, 2011 at 1:02 pm (Day to Day, Holiday, Weather) (, , , , , , , , )

Sister is having a combo party. She is kind of famous for them. This time is a triple dip although I am only bringing one food item.

Her son, turning 6…happy birthday!

My other sister’s son, turning 4…happy birthday!

And a Crawfish Boil….happy…whatever. That’s not like an official party thing. I think. I think it might have gotten thrown together kind of last minute. Not really sure because I don’t really eat the buggers. I am not a fan of eating things that require getting them out of small bony bodies. Crustacean shells. Exoskeleton. However you want to describe it. I’m not eating it.

That’s really beside the point because we are under tornado watch again, even though the weather was supposed to be clear now. The black stretch of severe thunder and lightning and tornados is scaring the bejeesus out of me. Especially since we are supposed to be driving more into it and it’s heading for where my children already are. They already had a terrible day and night of rain yesterday and it only looks like it’s going to get worse. I don’t think 3 hours of cloudy weather in between horrendous storms makes for a fun weekend. I say chuck it all and come home and be warm and dry while watching the storms from the living room couch. That may have to be my plan. Half an hour and then we’ll see.

If your weather is better…have a great weekend, but if you are in the crap belt like I am, be careful, watch the weather, take shelter as needed. And that’s not just me saying it. That’s the advice in the advisory. Watch the sky, stay away from windows, take shelter. See you on the other side.

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