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It’s probably kind of weird that my first post, after quite a while, is about me, but, hey, it is MY site!

So anyway, that picture is of a drink that I am NOT having right now, but doesn’t it look tasty? It’s my own recipe. I call it “Quick Margarita”.

Just put ice in a cup, pour in the tequila, the sweet/sour mix, triple sec (if you have it, it’s nice but not necessary), stir it up with your fingers, and sprinkle salt on top of the ice. I just use regular old salt from the shaker. As you can see I got a little fancy with the salt around the edge. This is also very easy. Before you put the ice and alcohol in the cup just swish some water on the rim and salt like you would a sweet corn cob, then follow the directions as given above. That’s it.  If you absolutely MUST shake it, follow my recipe, pour the whole thing into a shaker, shake it, and pour it back in the glass. At least now you will have liquor residue on the rim and the salt can stick to that!

Time required to create this masterpiece: As fast as you can pour stuff in a cup without spilling.

After a few of these quick drinks, you will find that it becomes even easier as you start skimping on the slower aspects of the recipe. Salt? Eh…we can skip that. Triple sec? I mean, come on the sweet/sour is prob good enough. Sweet/sour? The glass? Tequila drinks just as well from the bottle as it does from a cup.

So anyway, that’s it for now. It’s my birthday. I am 42. I became an RN just a few weeks ago. It has been my adult goal for the last 5 years. I am happy. No job yet, but I am waiting. Apps are out and I still have 15 days on the master plan. Panic will ensue then.

It’s supposed to be hot again here in Chicago. A blazing 90-95 that will feel like 100-105 thanks to our nasty humidity. Stay cool as you can and have a drink for me/with me/because of me! It’s our day! Have a great one!

One last thing. I’d like to dedicate this little bit of silliness to my cousin Lorraine. She’s an avid follower of my goofy site here and she’s basically, just all-around, awesome! She’s definitely what people call “a cool chick”. This is for you! You rock!


  1. Lorraine said,

    Happy Birthday Lisa!

    I do follow your blog, and a couple of others that interest me! One woman that I follow now has so many followers she has a show on the Food Network! So ya never know where you will end up Lisa! I want to say “I knew her when…” and I secretly hope you get your own segment on some cable show and can have me on. I am fantasizing about a Nurse show with advice on basic health care…..ya know like how to take care of the splitting headache after a bunch of those cute Margie’s in your photo today! I am wondering if the salt on the rim may have a dual purpose??? Us Hicks are always looking for some sort of useful info from our City Slicker family! Okay! Enough about my fantasy!

    How kind of you to say nice things about me but you are the cool Chick! That is why I follow your blog! Too bad you live in the middle of mass chaos in the densely populated periphery of Chi-Town so I can’t just pop over to help you drain your blender of Margarita’s for your B-day!

    Have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Birthday!

    Love ya!

    • masnstevy said,

      Thank you thank you thank you! You really are the coolest tho…Anyhow, I was gonna post all night and drink but now I just got invited to go out and drink! So I’m doing that!! I know it must be hard understanding why us city folk want to live among the stores and people and HOSPITALS….but maybe one day you will come back from the dark side and back to civilization. A place where the locals don’t wake you up at 3 am to ask you to help them find a horse!! That’s my fav so far!! Anyway…thanks for the b-day wishes. I love you too! Your cuz, Lisa

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