Stevie #8. But I’m Going To Stop Numbering These Now To Save Brain Power.

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Four Leaf Clover! Looking a bit mangled up here because she had already been carrying it around for awhile after she picked it. Then we had to photograph it. Then she made her wish and let it go into the wind. Or at least into the backyard grass somewhere. I don’t know what the wish was because, you know, you can’t tell anyone or it won’t come true. I told her to be smart though. (Yes, I gave practical, helpful, “wishing” advice.) Don’t wish for something stupid like a billion dollars, because that would never come true. Don’t be greedy. Wish for good health or happiness or something like that. You make your own luck. But it can’t hurt to enlist the help of a random weed in the garden every now and then. Later.

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Early Christmas Eve…

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8 am Chicago time. It’s about 32 degrees and drizzling the best icy rain you can get anywhere in the midwest. I know all around us gets snow but we get rain that freezes everything in its place. It looks pretty, covering all in a transparent shell, but it is hell to walk or drive on. Still, it’s peaceful. I’m inside though. In a few hours the two day blitz starts and for my kids this year they have three days of travel…it just worked that way. They are ready. We stayed up late making food for the days to come, mock chicken legs (its a polack thing–so delicious–always tweaking the formula trying to get them to taste just like my dads–they never do), pierogis, apple slices, cookies, the usual, just like you!…so I am enjoying the silence for a few more minutes. Drinking some coffee, of course, just thinking about…how nice it all is. To be mostly healthy, mostly happy and able to enjoy the small things, not just today, but everyday. I’m not really religious or spiritual much, but I wish the same for you. Have a safe journey if you are traveling around, or a nice warm drink for me if you’re not!, and thanks for spending a few minutes with me and mine today!

Yes, it's a white tree. Hello...Polish....we like it. And it fits in our limited space! It's pretty when its lit up which you will see later today. We keep the lights on all night tonight....

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Let’s start past to present…like a “birthday” present…haha

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When last I left you…we were at the circus. We weren’t actually at the circus, but we saw the tent and we took the pictures (POST BELOW) and we were on our way to dinner. But it still wasn’t my official birthday yet.

Well, that day has come and gone. I moved into a new age bracket, some insurance rates went up, some went down. The various commercial organizations that I get e-mails from, sent me lovely birthday wishes, as if they know me. I have special rates to Vegas, money off if I purchase some shoes, I even get free dessert from Friday’s! Oh yeah, I am living the life.

I only bring it up now because I actually took a picture of all the cards I received and the presents I got. It was a landmark year. One with a zero. I am saving all my acknowledgments, so if I get depressed in the near future or discouraged, I can look at them and remember a good time.

After this we can move on.

Thank you thank you thank you to all who helped me celebrate! I appreciate everything! XOXO

These are my cards

These are my cards

These are my presents

These are my presents. You really can't go wrong with candy, coffee, music and money.

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Birthday Wishes!! Shout Out for Jesse and Elexa! July 24!

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This is just a quick HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my two nieces! My only two nieces! Both born on the same day!! How cool is that??

Jesse is 14 and Elexa is 7!

We will see you both tomorrow at the pool!! Party!! Let me see if I have any cool pics!

Love you guys! Aunty L.


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