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That’s the weather sprinkling on my chair sitting and magazine reading.

I just want to update quickly for the P90X crowd. Skipped Thursday for the garage sale….the drinking portion is below…and went to the early morning fitness training session with my friend Beth, today, Friday. It was at 7 am. Maybe not early for some, but too early for me to have to get up and dress and drive and exercise. I was regretting the margarita’s and pizza (ugh…I did THAT too—horror!) because I felt pretty crap ass this morning. But I did it and it was awesome. VERY glad I went…thanks Beth!!

Her trainer ran us through all these drills and arms and cardio and I really can’t even remember the order or what exactly. It was fast and sweaty and quite a good workout. What’s weird is that the whole time he was showing us what to do and timing us and we were doing it, Tony Horton’s voice was running in my head. “You can do anything for 30 seconds”, “Do your best and forget the rest”, “I’m done talking. 5 4, 3 2, let’s go”.  I really believe doing those workouts, even for 24 days now, has vastly improved my ability to work out in other areas! Just like the program promises.  I know I’m like a running commercial for the stuff, but I love it.

At any rate, I’m worked out for the day and I had nothing but time left to finish some school stuff and update other things so that’s good. I made Beth run an extra 10 minutes with me—squeezed off a fast (for me) mile to prepare for the weekend—so I don’t feel guilty about missing my P90 workout. Tomorrow is another day. Shoulders and arms and abs. I like having arm muscles, and abs I guess, although they are still not visible. Then I can go to the gym and run and that will make up for movies and popcorn which is the next thing I’m going to do tonight. And NOT the healthy air-popped corn. I’m having the nasty, buttery, stomach cramping kind. Sounds yummy doesn’t it? I’m thinking I’ll skip the alcohol though. I’m a cheap date. Ahem.

I’m going to attempt more sitting now. My Achilles tendon is hurting from the incline and I need to rest. I’ll put a little ice cream on the wound, from the inside, and all will be well. I filled all the birdfeeders and we have a BlueBird so I want to get a picture. Hummingbird pics are coming. I caught a really good one and the camera died so it’s trapped on there for the moment, but there’s another kind of bird: One on top. One below. Hahaha. X it.

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Why does this seem so familiar?

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Oh yeah!

See below

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This way! Hammer Time!

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To the…

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All items shown here are available for purchase. Money back guarantee. Special financing available for those who qualify. Other restrictions apply. Please see dealer for more information or visit our website. Thank you for shopping. Please come again.

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One fancy ass drink.

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The Beer Cup Margarita. Ice in a glass, 2 shots Tequila, 1 shot of Triple Sec, Fill it with Sweet and Sour, Stir with a straw. Sometimes I like to shake a little salt on top of the ice after stirring to get that authentic effect, but most times I just suck it down as is.

After my extreme garage sale day with the sissy….and in my very swank Milwaukee Lakefront Brewery Glass. Oh yeah, take a big whiff of all that.

I got there early, we set it up, we sat in the sun and baked for 6 hours or so, and then we put it all back in the garage. I didn’t work out today, but I feel like I worked out. Just driving the hour to her house and then the hour home felt like work. More power to all who commute…wouldn’t want to be you. Here, hold on, let me take a drink on your behalf…

I was gonna have the ice cream to chill and then thought, well, if your going to have something bad…alcohol is really the answer. No dairy and all the cool with the added bonus of all the hot for later…(feeling like a girl who doesn’t have her period (or kids) for the rest of the week!) (Sorry mom.)

And it is Thursday. Afternoon. Late afternoon. That’s practically Friday. Anyway I can’t get too crazy right? Still have to get up at dawn to go be tortured by my friends fitness trainer in the name of hell…I mean health.

Here’s where the action was. Her Royal Majesty’s Court:

And here is your Ethereal Highness, holding the sun (mirror–available for ten dollars) and wearing the finest cloak in all the land (housedress–2 bucks)

Kneel on the ground and bow your head in humility. (I used purple highlight color because that’s the color of royalty). All hail Queen Amanda!:

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Storms are rolling in…

July 28, 2010 at 5:17 pm (Day to Day, Exercise, P90X, School News) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

And it is dark at 4 o’clock. I posted yesterday morning but I never did come back. I apologize to all those breathless to read more about my long, boring, days of summer until school starts again…it’s a me thing.

I did complete Day 22 and Day 23. That would be some chest and back–so misleading–when it’s just endless push-ups and pull-ups and ab exercises–and Plyo, the jump stuff. I managed to half-ass my way thru that too today. I have a theory on my lack of energy and it’s not pretty. Reading the books that come with the program (P90X–got it in there for ya’ Amanda) They talk about the diet, eating healthy, I get that. They also talk about eating enough. Yes, eating more than you want to because you are burning the cals and you need the food to help you make it thru the workouts. I thought that was a load of crap. I have plenty of food stored in me that I should be able to go for many more days without any extra. But I might be wrong. Hardheaded. It’s all written. I read it. Didn’t believe it.

Here’s the unpretty part: (Turn away if you are squeamish, it’s about to get too personal) This is my first period, menstrual cycle, whatever you want to call it, while doing this program, and since I am a bit older than I’d like to be, things can be fast, slow, heavy, light, if you get my drift, AND I was trying to burn up the cals with some double workouts (got one tonight) and some leaner eating–by which I mean NONE. No food. Just some fruit and a chicken breast with some steamed beans…like literally, I cut my cals by three-fourths. Well, lo and behold, I can’t get up and once I do, I can’t do the exercises. I can’t get the same intensity because I have no energy. Like none. It’s strange. No food in, lots of draining body fluids (sweat and other things, sorry) and I am dogging it. My booty is not lifting, as much as sagging, around the living room trying to keep up with the gang on the TV.

But I think I got it now. I’ll increase the food or at least go back to my normal diet. Normal, healthy, low-fat, no-dairy, diet, I mean. Of course.

I’m excited though because I weighed yesterday too. I am trying to do it about every two weeks. Nothing drastic. Slow and steady. It’s good. I am down 5.5 lbs in 27 days. It is not noticeable on me whatsoever. It’s just the way I’m shaped I guess. And I’m not starving myself or starving at all. My appetite is less lately. Although that could also be because it’s 90+ degrees every day now and that kills any urge to eat or move or breathe.  But I don’t care anyway because it’s for the long haul and I don’t have alot of years left to be getting down to little old lady size. Gotta do it now.

Last night we did dinner with the family. Pizza–so good. Tried to eat the smallest, crustiest pieces I could, as slow as I could. I even had dessert. Key Lime pie. Not my fav but it was ok.

Here is a fun fact for you: One eighth of that pie had 450 calories. I wasn’t cutting so I tried to get a small piece, but isn’t that alot??  I thought so. Sometimes all that labeling is evil.

So hopefully I will go to the gym again tonight and run my miles…do I even dare try the 55 mins.? I don’t know. I’m scared thinking about it. Have to do something as my sister Amanda and my friend Beth are trying to kill me in the next two days. Garage sale tomorrow, nice and early, all day and an hour away…I have to get up sooooo early and I don’t even get any of the money!

Then Friday is my cardio-fitness-trainer-tag-a-long workout with Beth. Again with the early. 7 am. People are crazy. Who can exercise that early? I’m really not an early morning kind of girl for doing stuff. Any stuff. I like to lay and drink coffee until my eyes open better. I am already overly worried about my school schedule and I still have three weeks! I’ll be getting up early for sure, but it’s mostly moving the kids around and putting on clothes. Then driving in the car. The nursing part is not nearly as hard as balancing on half a ball for a minute holding dumbbells and jumping 50 times. Or sitting at a garage sale in the sweltering sun bargaining down my sissy’s belongings, praying for death or at least a big rainstorm. (Just kidding…I’m sure it will be fine. And fun!)

Anyway…I’ll wrap it up for today. It’s longer than I thought, as always. I can’t even shut up typing! And the sky has cleared. I’m going to go back outside and finish sitting in my chair, looking at the backyard. We have hummingbirds!

There’s some pictures around because I took them and it looks better than just all words. I may be back. (She says mysteriously) Later.

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Good Morning! Awake!

July 27, 2010 at 7:44 am (Day to Day, Exercise, P90X) (, , , , , , )

And updating the last post because I know you were wondering all night if I did go run at the gym with the BF. Take a deep breath, rest easy, and start the day, I DID drag my sorry butt out and over!

It was crowded but cool (when I go earlier in the day it’s kind of dead and warmer), and I was lucky to get a treadmill near the BF’s stair machine, but I punched in my info and hopped on for 31 minutes. AND I ran at a faster rate to try and “push myself”. I protest other people telling me what to do, but I have to admit I was struggling and I guess that’s what it’s all about.

I also managed to cut the 2.5 mile distance down by 5 minutes. So, I guess I can improve my time on the short distance or bump up the time to 55 minutes and squeeze in the 5 miles. Either way I have about a month to run faster. Any thoughts??

Also, I totally forgot, OMG! Haha. I am using the 10 pound hand weights now, up from the 8 lbs! If you are not impressed by my arm strength (to lift individual weights not body weight) then I encourage you to go do a round of arms and see where you are at! The girl in the P90X uses 12 lbs so I’m feeling pretty strong. Anyway, if I’ve gained anything, it’s the coolness of having workout equipment laying all around the house, and hopefully, soon, I will have the coolness of losing the lunch lady flaps, and my kids will stop jiggling the back of my arms and laughing!

Day 22 coming up shortly…dinner with relatives later tonight so I have to extra “BRING IT” even though I am only going to eat a cracker pack and some tea. Maybe dessert….winkity wink.

Wherever you are, get up, press play and enjoy the day….I’ll be back later!

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