Happy New Year To Me!

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44 years old today. My final birthday in which I will actually be getting older. I like the number 44 so that’s what I will be staying at.  This is a super fast post before I go to work in half an hour. It’s my holiday to work. Boo. At least it’s double time. Let’s all hope for a fast shift and a fun day if you aren’t working! Have a drink for me. Please! These are my presents so far. Lighthouse bird feeder from the BF. LOVE IT!!  Just imagine all those bird shots I will be getting now. Amanda, I am talking to you. Boring, my ass!


From my mom. These are fall decorations for my house. And I got cash. The pumpkins are in the living room now, but they will be relocated to the bathroom as soon as I get new towels and crap. Thank you mommy!!


From my sissy Noelle. Lottery tickets and a magnet. That magnet is already on my fridge. I hope I win money! Thank you! Ok Amanda and Tom, I am waiting…

I also received many internet birthday wishes and coupons from places I shop at and places I don’t. I plan on listing them all later, because some of them are pretty funny. I hope they age adjust the coupons to places I will need as I get older. That would be awesome. Although I am NOT looking forward to my first birthday wish from the “Depends” company. I really really “gotta go” hahahahahaha. Have a great day! With any luck I can spend the last 30 minutes of my birthday back at home tonight! XO to all! Lisa.

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New(ish) Feature! Posts In Pictures! Because, Seriously, Sometimes These Things Go On Too Long.

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Sorry Sisters. This exactly displays the horror we feel on many occasions. This one was for our brother, who’s having his first baby, after emphatically denying that he would EVER have any children, for most of his life. We took this after the baby shower (haha–baby shower–family and friends, all women, focused solely on him, (and his wife of course. Which reminds me of marriage, another thing he said NO to for most of his life also, if we are keeping track. Which I am.) giving him tiny baby items that he could not care less about or even identify a mere two weeks ago, and will now become the center of his entire universe, when this new little human being will be awake and crying at 2 AM. We took this at his house, while goofing around on his new IPhone, yet another object of the 21st century that he also stated he would NEVER own. We jest because we love.

It’s also the kick-off picture, for what I am hoping will be a new kind of posting, that allows me to post faster and more efficiently, with less words. You know, let the picture “talk”, and me just kind of “caption” the event happening. Although I see I am not getting off to a great start here. That “horror” look is for how long my posts can go on for.  And, as a bonus representation, it works for the horror I personally feel, because I never, NEVER, ever, EVER, post a picture of myself. And with good reason if you check the title of this blog site and this stunning picture proof of my “almost good looks”. I am the one on the bottom left as you are looking at the pic. In my defense, I photograph horribly. No lie. People say they take bad pictures, but I truly do. Even goofy, silly pictures. I am not photogenic at all. I look much better in person. And that is a hard truth I accept as fact now, and avoid the camera like it’s on fire or will give me a disease. Or get me pregnant. HA. My sisters look good either way. Luckys.

Once again, I must go, quickly. My stove timer is beeping, telling me I need to get showered and ready for work. (I set a timer for myself for more efficiency and that doesn’t work either.) I am still racing the clock, all the time. More posts to come if I can actually make this picture thing work. I have the pics. I just have to utilize the time. Enjoy your Saturday. I’m out for the next 8-10. (Hours. That is. That reference is to the hours I will be gone. Ugh. Stop typing!) Later!

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Can anyone say National Jr. Honor Society?

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How do you spend the money you get for achieving high honors in academics when you are 13?? If you are my son, you buy a bunch of Nerf guns!!

But really cool Nerf guns. With extra foam  bullets. They got two shotguns and two automatic guns. The shotguns even have fake “shell casings” that pop out every time you re-load. These are the kinds of things my kids like. Even from my old fart perspective, I do have to say, they are pretty fun. And, as a bonus for me, the process to purchase them was highly entertaining.

We were quite the spectacle at the store, picking them out. My children were trying to pretend that they were getting gifts for their younger cousins instead of admitting that these were all for them. There were lengthy discussions in front of the display about the merits of one type of gun over another and who would like which gun better. Do we like the automatic? Should we go with the shotgun? How many extra bullets? What color? What design? Nobody was paying attention. Nobody really cares what you buy, least of all the checkout lady. For good measure though, my daughter asked for a gift receipt. So we, I mean, they, their cousins, who were having a birthday party that weekend, could return them if they wanted. Elaborate lies! She explained this all to the register girl, who I am 100% sure did not give a shit. Pardon my French. A thousand kids a day go walking through and I doubt that two almost-teenagers buying Nerf guns hardly raises an eyebrow.

Props go out to my son who generously spent his smart-money on himself AND his sister. He bought Stevie the same guns and they split the extra bullets. He never even hesitated. So that’s one more thing I can add to my “like” list. And it’s an important one. Really. Good. Kids. I am a lucky mom! Later.

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Why does this seem so familiar?

July 30, 2010 at 5:20 pm (Birds, Pictures) (, , , , , )

Oh yeah!

See below

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May 6, 2009 at 10:35 am (Pictures) (, , , , )


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Monday Morning. Back to the grind…

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Weekend is over. It is Monday and back to the very specific and hunger inducing Extreme Fat Smash Regimen. Now, we took a few liberties with the diet this weekend…drinks and bad food Saturday(Crawfish Boil)–alot of GOOD food,(and fun) but not good for the bellyroll; then more bad food and cake for Sunday(the B-day party)–OK food–plus pizza! but again, not good for the bigger bellyroll. So if you are keeping track at home, we are on Day 6 of Week 2. Since the party times didn’t really start until afternoon/evening, we tried to stay close to the diet early and then modify a little for nighttime. AND the exercise was key. The boyfriend managed to work it in at the gym, I had to use more home-based methods, but moving is losing so we’ll see at the end of the week.

We are changing it up a bit to accommodate our Saturday Weigh Day. Used to be “free day” on BFL, but not anymore. Free Day wasn’t really working for us, as it’s hard to keep it to a day. You feel good all week, lose pounds and then go crazy eating what you think you’re missing and have to work twice as hard for the next week. So basically free day is not free anymore. We will be extending EFS until Friday, using the weeks of 1 or 2 and their first 3 days of meal plans to take us to Saturday morning–then we’ll be right on track for all the plans we follow. And NO free day. The craziest we’ll be getting for a while now is Exercise-Break-Day!! (Rest Day as it’s written in the book.) Watch out!

To sum-up the parties in case you are interested:

Saturday: The Boil was bubbling! The weather was crap, but the people were fun and the food was awesome. The music, however, was totally lacking! I spent the time making the playlist;  A nice mix I felt of the old and new, but alas, I had no where to play it. The party and conversations didn’t really fit for music playing. Talk was the preferred audio. But now I have playlists forever…I can exerpt pieces of the list everyday for a month! LazyTime for me, and a list you can piece together however you like. I recommend the random playback selection. Nobody can complain then! That list will start in a few days, I have a better idea for today.

Sunday: The Birthday was bashing! Had the family:  mothers, sisters, brothers and all the kiddies that come along with them. We threw in a couple of friends and partydone. I made the famous dip (Taco-my version that I feel is the BEST) but of course, I forgot to take the picture. I also made the Better-Than-Sex Cake (Or the Better-Than-SpongeBob Cake for the PG audience–sorry sis about the intro to the S-word for yours…), also my recipe–sort of. The basic idea for it can be found anywhere on the internet, but I like to alter it and add more stuff to make it MORE “Better Than–you know what”. The last one I made was 8 pounds! I weighed it. It’s rich and thick with evil sweetness. And again, I forgot to take the picture. BUT, I did take a photo of the vegetable tray. Lucky you. There was like, 5 dips that I forgot to label and then got all mixed up…it was like dip surprise! Hey its a party–you just never know what might happen! Don’t we all just sound crazy and out-of-control?!? Oh come on, what do YOU do on Sunday??

So basically, everyone eats, singing, presents, chit-chat, gossip, and goodbye. In the end my one sister (with hubby and 2 kids) stayed later, we ordered pizza, and they left. Clean up and off to bed. Exciting stuff.

And I have to add, for my kids benefit–both must be treated equally; after all the cleaning, even carpet shampooing…no one messed up the floor except my own 2 kids!  On Saturday afternoon, Mason spectacularly dumped an entire cup of my coffee right off the table and onto the floor, creating a pretty splashy brown stain right where we all sit. We gave him quite a hard time, but got it cleaned almost invisibly by Sunday Party Time. Then, to be fair, Stevie decided to drop her plate-sized piece of  BTS cake off the table and onto the EXACT same spot that Mason spilled the coffee, but with the added bonus of doing it in front of everybody!  Now we have dark dark chocolate with syrups and whip soaking into the fibers. This floor stands no chance of staying clean past March. Pressure is off! Thanks guys! I love you!

Oh and my one friend–the sci-fi gal, told the family about this running log of nothing–so if you are reading—this is the big idea for the day—the music list is for you. My family. Mothers, sisters, brothers…(There weren’t any daddy’s. ODD.  The only technical dad present was my sisters hubby, but I was meaning more like the dads of us adults–we love ya J! but we have to give the dad’s their own list. I’ll tack it on later. A 2-for-1 Bonus Day! Once I started compiling family songs—there’s alot—the dad’s had enough for their own. Good but kind of bad too. There are alot of ticked off rock stars who don’t like their daddys–sorry guys)

With that said, it’s all about Family Fun. It’s all about YOU!

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Monday. Time to play…Family Fun! It’s pretty long too. Just like spending time with your real family!

March 30, 2009 at 3:48 pm (Music Lists) (, , , , )

1. We Are Family / Sister Sledge

2. Family Portrait / Pink

3. Mother / Danzig

4. Mother’s Little Helper / The Rolling Stones

5. Mother / Pink Floyd

6. Stacy’s Mom / Fountains Of Wayne

7. Your Mama Don’t Dance / Poison

8. When You’re Good To Mama / Queen Latifah & Taye Diggs

9. What’s Your Mama’s Name / Tanya Tucker  (repeat! it’s in the green list too!)

10. Take Your Mama / Scissor Sisters

11. Mama, I’m Coming Home / Ozzy Osbourne

12. Mama Said / The Shirelles

13. Mama Said Knock You Out / LL Cool J

14. Mama / My Chemical Romance

15. Dear Mama / 2Pac

16. Sister’s Are Doing It For Themselves / Aretha Franklin & Eurythmics

17. Sister Luck / The Black Crowes

18. Little Sister / Elvis Presley

19. Sister Christian / Night Ranger

20. Sweet Little Sister / Skid Row

21. Look At Little Sister / Stevie Ray Vaughn & Double Trouble

22. Brother Lee / Citizen Cope

23. Brother / Dark New Day

24. Daughters / John Mayer

25. Daughter / Pearl Jam

26. Son Of A Preacher Man / Dusty Springfield

27. Surrender / Cheap Trick

28. Into Hell Again / 3rd Strike

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