Good Morning! Awake!

July 27, 2010 at 7:44 am (Day to Day, Exercise, P90X) (, , , , , , )

And updating the last post because I know you were wondering all night if I did go run at the gym with the BF. Take a deep breath, rest easy, and start the day, I DID drag my sorry butt out and over!

It was crowded but cool (when I go earlier in the day it’s kind of dead and warmer), and I was lucky to get a treadmill near the BF’s stair machine, but I punched in my info and hopped on for 31 minutes. AND I ran at a faster rate to try and “push myself”. I protest other people telling me what to do, but I have to admit I was struggling and I guess that’s what it’s all about.

I also managed to cut the 2.5 mile distance down by 5 minutes. So, I guess I can improve my time on the short distance or bump up the time to 55 minutes and squeeze in the 5 miles. Either way I have about a month to run faster. Any thoughts??

Also, I totally forgot, OMG! Haha. I am using the 10 pound hand weights now, up from the 8 lbs! If you are not impressed by my arm strength (to lift individual weights not body weight) then I encourage you to go do a round of arms and see where you are at! The girl in the P90X uses 12 lbs so I’m feeling pretty strong. Anyway, if I’ve gained anything, it’s the coolness of having workout equipment laying all around the house, and hopefully, soon, I will have the coolness of losing the lunch lady flaps, and my kids will stop jiggling the back of my arms and laughing!

Day 22 coming up shortly…dinner with relatives later tonight so I have to extra “BRING IT” even though I am only going to eat a cracker pack and some tea. Maybe dessert….winkity wink.

Wherever you are, get up, press play and enjoy the day….I’ll be back later!

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