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That’s the weather sprinkling on my chair sitting and magazine reading.

I just want to update quickly for the P90X crowd. Skipped Thursday for the garage sale….the drinking portion is below…and went to the early morning fitness training session with my friend Beth, today, Friday. It was at 7 am. Maybe not early for some, but too early for me to have to get up and dress and drive and exercise. I was regretting the margarita’s and pizza (ugh…I did THAT too—horror!) because I felt pretty crap ass this morning. But I did it and it was awesome. VERY glad I went…thanks Beth!!

Her trainer ran us through all these drills and arms and cardio and I really can’t even remember the order or what exactly. It was fast and sweaty and quite a good workout. What’s weird is that the whole time he was showing us what to do and timing us and we were doing it, Tony Horton’s voice was running in my head. “You can do anything for 30 seconds”, “Do your best and forget the rest”, “I’m done talking. 5 4, 3 2, let’s go”.  I really believe doing those workouts, even for 24 days now, has vastly improved my ability to work out in other areas! Just like the program promises.  I know I’m like a running commercial for the stuff, but I love it.

At any rate, I’m worked out for the day and I had nothing but time left to finish some school stuff and update other things so that’s good. I made Beth run an extra 10 minutes with me—squeezed off a fast (for me) mile to prepare for the weekend—so I don’t feel guilty about missing my P90 workout. Tomorrow is another day. Shoulders and arms and abs. I like having arm muscles, and abs I guess, although they are still not visible. Then I can go to the gym and run and that will make up for movies and popcorn which is the next thing I’m going to do tonight. And NOT the healthy air-popped corn. I’m having the nasty, buttery, stomach cramping kind. Sounds yummy doesn’t it? I’m thinking I’ll skip the alcohol though. I’m a cheap date. Ahem.

I’m going to attempt more sitting now. My Achilles tendon is hurting from the incline and I need to rest. I’ll put a little ice cream on the wound, from the inside, and all will be well. I filled all the birdfeeders and we have a BlueBird so I want to get a picture. Hummingbird pics are coming. I caught a really good one and the camera died so it’s trapped on there for the moment, but there’s another kind of bird: One on top. One below. Hahaha. X it.

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Good Morning! Awake!

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And updating the last post because I know you were wondering all night if I did go run at the gym with the BF. Take a deep breath, rest easy, and start the day, I DID drag my sorry butt out and over!

It was crowded but cool (when I go earlier in the day it’s kind of dead and warmer), and I was lucky to get a treadmill near the BF’s stair machine, but I punched in my info and hopped on for 31 minutes. AND I ran at a faster rate to try and “push myself”. I protest other people telling me what to do, but I have to admit I was struggling and I guess that’s what it’s all about.

I also managed to cut the 2.5 mile distance down by 5 minutes. So, I guess I can improve my time on the short distance or bump up the time to 55 minutes and squeeze in the 5 miles. Either way I have about a month to run faster. Any thoughts??

Also, I totally forgot, OMG! Haha. I am using the 10 pound hand weights now, up from the 8 lbs! If you are not impressed by my arm strength (to lift individual weights not body weight) then I encourage you to go do a round of arms and see where you are at! The girl in the P90X uses 12 lbs so I’m feeling pretty strong. Anyway, if I’ve gained anything, it’s the coolness of having workout equipment laying all around the house, and hopefully, soon, I will have the coolness of losing the lunch lady flaps, and my kids will stop jiggling the back of my arms and laughing!

Day 22 coming up shortly…dinner with relatives later tonight so I have to extra “BRING IT” even though I am only going to eat a cracker pack and some tea. Maybe dessert….winkity wink.

Wherever you are, get up, press play and enjoy the day….I’ll be back later!

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So, where was I??

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Let me go back to my P90X notebook (yes, I have a separate notebook just for the X–don’t laugh, you really need one or you can’t gauge the process) last time I was here was….Day 10? Well, I guess I’m behind. Here it is already Day 21. I’ve done the sequence three times now and it’s a tiny bit easier. I say that with emphasis on the tiny bit. Let me re-cap, but quickly:

Day 10, I finished my arms and abs and went running. I discovered a better way to train. Use the Random setting on the treadmill. It’s got inclines and all that. I started with a level 10 of 20 just because I didn’t know where to go. Did 30 minutes. Started slow. Like, walk/jog slow and worked up to actual running. I increased speed every few minutes. The BF says I don’t work hard enough and that may be true. I like the feeling of running not the feeling of winning. I only have to do five miles in less than 55 minutes. That’s my goal. Very achievable at the slow ass rate I run on the treadmill. So that’s that. I highly recommend some extra cardio with the P90X, especially if you have the time and if you are like me and not eating perfect. Plus it makes you feel darn good and so strong.

Anyhoo…I have to hurry because I told the BF I would run with him today at the gym and I really don’t want to…I really brought it today to make up for me NOT bringing it the last three days. Blah. Here’s the fast version:

Day 11 thru 20: I ran thru the schedule just as written. I think I missed a day or two, but nothing drastic. Still hurting. Still can’t do all the Abs to save my life, but I can do all 25 of the first exercise. Ten more to go at the same rate. I am using my pull up bar and it’s good. The day I can do unassisted (without the chair) is going to be a highlight. Push ups are  moving along. Still on my knees…uh huh…but working toward on my toes. You people are sick.

The best news is that I actually lost 2.2 pounds and did not alter the diet super dramatically. I will say that I am eating far less than I was and I try to make the good choices but I am not there yet. I feel better in my skin even though the jeans still fit the same.

This week, my kids are gone again. 😦 They get another vacation with their dad which I am happy for, but sad because summer is flying by and we have to start the grind, and I love having them around me all the time. But I am taking this week to clean up my diet. It’s easiest when there is only you to worry about.

Day 21. This is today. Felt really out of it because I skipped Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Lazy/Fatigued (thanks monthly cycle—it hits me harder some months than others, damn aging), Birthday Party (happy b-day to my double nieces born on the same day, Elexa and Jesse, 8 and 15), Pierogi Fest (the Polack in me must go eat bad foods and drink the hootch). So after getting up to move the car for the BF and assessing the monthly situation…I went right back to bed. And after sleeping my once a year, 12 hour nap, I was ready to get up for good.

I picked Plyometrics as my choice workout. It gives me the best feeling of working and the most fun and activities. Then I added in my own push-up/ab/arm exercises to finish the burn and punch out that last little bit of strength I had. The sweat is unbelievable and disgusting. I like to keep the air off for that extra bonus “heat” effect. Glistening. Anyway it’s not nearly as hot as it was outside so it’s saving money too.

Now it’s about 6:30 pm Chicago time, and I am dreading the phone call to meet at the gym. I am trying to clean out my body today. Nothing bad in. Water (and coffee–I’m not a superhero) and I ate blueberries and a banana. One day of  “sort-of-fasting” is not going to kill me.

For tomorrow, Day 22, I am adding in one more week of Phase 1. I feel I need an extra boost with these exercises and a nice clean lead in to the rest phase and the next weeks to come.

I’m going for alot this week. Exercise, complete catch up on this site, complete school reading before the new stuff comes, an I-Tunes/I-pod updated player and lists, money–in and out, the never ending always waiting laundry and housecleaning. Yuck to the yuck. I’m even gonna go workout special with my friend Beth on Friday—so I really got to work it this week. And I’m gonna help my sissy with her garage sale for one day—I’d love to help all three, but…no I wouldn’t! Sorry Amanda!

Follow me here if you care, and give me your comments and advice and any other thing that crosses your mind. I know I can ramble with the best of them.

Just because I love it, I’m putting pictures of the Pierogi Queen and her Babushka Brigade around all these words. Just a bunch of Polacks having fun!

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Day 3 P90X Just a quick note…

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I swear I am in muscle hell. Every single one in my body hurts. I WISH I had started these discs earlier. The BEST by far, of any I have ever done and I have done ALOT. Trust that I could not complete any of the three workouts so far, but I am trying. The Ab Ripper is seriously not even funny as a workout. When I complete this series I know that I will have accomplished something here. And the nice thing is that it is going to take a really long time to get all the exercises, with all the reps, in the time allotted. But in case you didn’t get me before, I LOVE this workout.

And here’s something that I did not expect: Every workout person/tape/company says you have to do the workout AND eat right for it to work…blah blah blah we all know but we never do it do we? We keep eating crap and tell ourselves we will just work out harder next time. Well let me tell you, do this program for 2 days. That’s it. Do the Chest/Shoulder/Abs…that’s good. Then go eat lunch, dinner whatever.

Day 2, do the Plyometrics. Basically Jump/Squat/Lunge Hell for an hour. Any muscle that did not hurt from the first day will now be screaming in pain today. Then I dare you to eat some junky food. I love fast, junky food because I don’t like to prepare and cook stuff. But I swear on all that I care about I DID NOT want to eat anything that might be “unclean”. I’m not sure what is going on with these discs. Maybe some kind of subliminal messaging while you’re slowly dying of your own accord and on purpose.

Now I am not going to be all holy here and say that I am not eating and drinking this weekend. I picked Fourth of July, party people, to start this madness, but I WILL be thinking twice about every bit of food I do eat, and probably eating a little less and drinking slow with lots of ice. This workout requires alot of  work and effort and it seriously feels wrong to sabotage it with nasty food. The food doesn’t even taste as good. (I tried. I ate about half)

I know I can go on and on but it really is amazing to me that some simple dvd’s can change my entire outlook like nothing before. Maybe it’s just the right time for me. If you try it, please please, let me know! I would love to hear from other people out there doing it to. I cannot even imagine where I will be in 10 days and 20 days and then 90…

For me, I am adding in some running on the “weight” days to supplement my cardio because I still have a five mile to run on Labor Day, but otherwise the workout as it stands would prob be enough. I will be streamlining my food (after tomorrow) and the whole family is going to have to get on board or they will be hungry! Kids are already in a semi-program of my doing but it’s really not enough…won’t they be sorry when they get back! They have no idea trolling around out there in the sun…

So that’s it for now, Day 3 complete. More weights and arms and abs…which was comical because I could barely raise my body off the floor…the abs are already on holiday. I have to go change and hit the stores. I have buns to buy for the bbq (say that five times fast) and some pasta salad to throw together to impress the fam with. But I’ll be back tomorrow—just cause it’s a holiday doesn’t mean I can skip the workout, not this early in the game.

And please drop me a line if you are as excited as I am. Let me know how and why and what you are doing! XOXOXO

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Back to boring old me.

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Dang Nabbit…I wish it would rain here already so I have an excuse for not leaving the house and running again…It’s getting to be 2 pm Chicago time and the storms I was promised this morning have yet to show up. Good Lord I might have to actually get up and go out!

Bugger, I’m tired and sore. I pushed it on through yesterday and ran five whole miles. Not a lot to some, I know, but I’m a novice here. Amateur athlete, with loose use of the term “athlete”. I have the Scenic 5 in September and this was my first run at that distance. (I’ve run farther before but that was way before, and not relevant to this time period in my life). It took a little over an hour. I guess that’s not too bad. I will be happy for the race if I complete it under one hour. That’s my goal. I felt really good running too. I thought I was going at a good pace, but when I got to the end of the trail I run, it’s only 3.6 miles, and I realized I would have to go past the car and keep running as if to do it twice, I got all psyched out and quivery. Then I felt heavy and hot and thought I should just stop. I don’t HAVE to run five miles this very minute. So, I kept going, sloppily, but I logged the miles. Then I was sore all night. Ate a very healthy dinner. Nothing extra. (But still didn’t lose any weight! In fact I gained a pound from last week! Tumor?? Too soon to tell.)

And if you come back later, I’ll share my last and final post about the Warrior Dash. My sister’s mud camera pictures came out pretty good and there are a couple of horrendous pictures of my giant ass going over the wall that I will be willing to post here strictly for the pure hilarity they provide. I wish I was exaggerating even a little. If you can’t laugh at yourself you can always laugh at me!

Anyway, I guess since the weather isn’t cooperating, I better get out there. I’m only doing the 3.6 today so it shouldn’t be too bad.

I have a music list to share also!! It has been a really long time since I posted one. I go in waves with stuff like that. I am currently out-of-love with my I-Pod and music in general. But I needed something to get my ass around that track. This is what I used. If you run at my pace (slow) it will play the exact amount of time you will need for a five mile run! I shuffle it and keep running….Let’s call it the, 5-Mile Shuffle Music List!

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No rest for the wicked…no rest for the Warrior!

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Back on the Trail! Next up is the Park Forest Scenic 5. (Five Mile Road Race)

It’s a good way to stay in the groove  for the fall and winter season. One race every other month works for me. Keeps me less chunky and somewhat in shape.

I’m already thinking about how to modify some training  for the Warrior Dash next year. Since, I had trouble at the Wall, I’m going to need to work on some arm strength and jumping to get me up and over WITHOUT needing a boost. Not that I didn’t appreciate the help! Thank you boosters!! You rock! We would have been there even longer without all your help!

And since it was on a lot of grassy, hilly, uneven, gravel, nature-trail-like course, I will be running at the actual Nature Preserve Trails that we have in our village. It’s almost identical to the course. Maybe less “spooly” and “walk-the-planky”, but similar just the same. I’m still excited. I can’t wait!! I’m not training for Mud Crawling or Fire Leaping though, I’ll just play that by ear.

I also noticed people on the internet comparing bruises! Hilarious! I just noticed a few myself last night! I have one on my forearm and one on each leg where I struggled to hoist my booty over the Wall! Next year I’ll do it gymnast style and never touch the wood! Yeah right. I did see a good suggestion for a springboard and THAT would be totally cool and fun! We could really get some air with something like that!

Alright. Anyway, back to today. My son was so inspired he wants to start racing with me and my sissy. I took him this morning and got him his first running shoes. Nothing fancy. Just the basics. The first race he is hoping to run is in December. Plenty of time.

We hit the Trail together. Run ¼ mile, Walk ¼, Run, Walk, etc. He managed to hang in there the whole 3.6 miles. There were moments. But in the end he managed to run One and One Half Miles, plus an extra tenth of a mile or so right at the end, out of the total!

So proud! Not bad for his first time. He even said he is ready to do it again tomorrow! That’s the spirit!

I took pics of this because he really gave it his all. Please check him out below and give him a positive shout out! I told him that the running people are the best people! They always enhance and never detract! Smile and say keep up the good work! You can do it!

This is for you Mason! XO. Mom.

One mile. Sweating and cranky, but still manages to flash the peace sign. Kids!

One mile. Sweating and cranky, but still manages to flash the peace sign.

One and one quarter miles down. Sucking it in! Looking good!

One and one quarter miles down. Sucking it in! Looking good!

One and one half miles! That was the goal! Nice job. Still have to walk another half mile + though back to the car.

One and one half miles! That was the goal! Nice job! Still have to walk another half mile + though back to the car.

Kickin' it out on the last tenth of a mile! Finish strong! AND he didn't throw up! ALWAYS a good thing!

Kickin' it out on the last tenth of a mile! Finish strong! AND he didn't throw up! ALWAYS a good thing!

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