And Now Back To The Cutting Edge

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The butterfly blooms are finally coming in. It’s not just a patch of weeds if  flowers are visible and butterflies hover. Looks like I may have sprinkled the seeds pretty evenly this year too. No gaps or thin areas. Texture and color variety. Cutting edge. As promised.







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Before Shower Dandelion Picture With Daughter

May 30, 2013 at 9:10 am (Day to Day, Flowers, For Stevie) (, , , )


That’s one of those titles that tried to “sum up” for me so I would NOT type a paragraph about a very long dandelion. Fail. Another day another weed. I think all the yellow, then puffed, dandelions are gone now. All that is left are giant beds of spiky, dark green leaves with long stalks sticking up out of them, and dead head buds drooping over in everyone’s front yard. You can try to pull them, but beware, you never get the whole thing. Usually the mess breaks off at the dirt line and in 2 days another fully grown but somehow dead-looking stalk, with leaves, will appear in it’s place, plus three more of its friends. Dandelions know where they can spread safely. They know who’s not really serious about playing the weed killer game. Anyway, we found this one walking around on our block. Can’t get perspective on how long it is from the above pic? I know. I just thought that picture with my pretty girl was kind of nice and she always likes to see herself looking cute. The next picture should give some idea. It was the longest one we saw all season. Don’t worry. We picked it. (Duh) And photographed it. And then my daughter shook it all to hell and scattered a thousand more seeds to spread the fun as far as the wind could blow it. Yay for tall weeds!


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Dandelion Puff

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Times Two. When I came home from work the other night, this lone dandelion puff was just laying on the patio, in front of the chair, like it rolled there all by itself.  Or someone placed it there very specifically. Maybe an animal moved it. Who knows? It didn’t have a stem, or anything else, anywhere near it. So of course I wasted about 20 minutes taking pictures of it, from many angles and zooms, at one in the morning, like a weirdo. I even put all my crap down in the chair to really get down and dirty with this puff. Where else are you going to get cutting edge entertainment like this for free? Devotion to a cause I guess. And…you are welcome. The “artsy” puff is below. You are welcome again.



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Update 2. What did it mean??

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Tomorrow Weed For Women Behind. Click here for the original post and question. Since the story is pretty basic, and straightforward  once you hear it, I will just explain without a lot of writing. It was a note left by my daughter to herself. The “woman” that lives “behind” us, asked my daughter if she would “weed” her garden area “tomorrow”, for money, so that she could plant the next week. So my daughter left herself that note so that she wouldn’t forget when she got home from school the next day. However by spelling woman as women, she added that little bit of mystery and confusion to the whole note. Never believe that your words don’t matter. And never believe that punctuation or one wrong letter cannot change an entire thought or meaning to a random message. Spelling matters!! Every letter counts!! Every comma counts!! And I should know, because I use A LOT of both! (And let’s not forget the under appreciated exclamation mark, which I also roll out on a regular basis to make extra points.) The flower was simply there so that she would be sure to notice the note. Makes all kinds of sense right? Now it does. And FYI, she did weed the garden and she did receive some cash. End of story. Mystery solved. Now we can move on to the next silly thing.

Extra FYI, those are the kids being cool and funny above.  But since they take, like, a million pictures, all the time, they can’t all be gems. So I put one of those below. I swear my daughter just holds the phone up and presses the button constantly, capturing these exciting moments for me to cherish. It makes me laugh every time I see it. Blah blahbbity blah. Bleahhh…


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I Know They’re Weeds But I Gotta Post Something

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It’s late. It’s been another week. Hot. Cold. Warm. Chilly. Calm. Windy. Sunny. Rainy. I told my cousin that I would post these dandelions. So here they are. Next up is a fantastic picture of the Nivea Lip Balm I promised her I would post so that she could go and buy it because it works so good. Warning! Old people posting. This is our conversation on a hot, partying, Saturday afternoon at my sissies:

“Now, where is my chapstick? I never leave home without my Chapstick.”

“Oh I know. I never go to work without my lip balm, my eye drops and my reading glasses.”

This is just sad. The week can only get better from here. Later.

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Rest the brain, rest the body. Running will have to wait a few more days.

June 6, 2011 at 1:43 pm (Day to Day, Heat, Home Improvement, Pictures, Weather) (, , , , , , , , , , , , )

Sunny and hot followed by dark and violent. The day is just oppressive as hell until it suddenly isn’t. The Earth is surely trying to tell us something. Spinning wildly and throwing storms all over its surface. Tossing more limbs into my world anyway. Luckily most of the big ones are gone now. The winds are going to have to try a bit harder and go for a whole tree, although I’d appreciate it if they all just stayed where they belong. Anyway, this was after our walk in the woods. Temp dropped about 25 degrees, wind picked up, sky went dark and kind of green, and the rain poured down. Sideways, actually. It was bizarre. But it was fast. The camera didn’t even really capture how menacing the sky looked. The auto focus kept lightening up the pictures. I don’t have the right equipment for the really threatening storms. I can only catch my views from under a shelter. It was nice after though. Humid still, but cooler. Just getting us ready for yesterday.

The thing we learned from this last week of rainfall is that our gutters are crap. They are full of so much junk that water can’t even collect in them, it just pours over the top and makes a nice waterfall around the perimeter of the house. And I had steel, mesh guards over the tops. They were being slowly destroyed, one by one, due to the basketball hoop in the driveway. Seems the roof and gutters are easier to hit with the basketball then the net. The house and garage looked like they were missing teeth.

Thanks to another day of heat and boredom, we decided to take all the guards down and clean the gutters, finally. Should have done it about five storms ago, but it’s such a pain and I can’t reach them without a ladder, and isn’t that really a man’s job?? It is.

Before I get a nasty comment here, let me just clarify that by “we”, I mean, the BF. He, and he alone, did the actual gutter cleaning. Climbing up and down, hands in the muck, removing the soggy, stinky, rotting leaves and whatever the hell else sits in there and blocks the drainage. He even had to dismantle one of the downspouts to get it unclogged. But they do all flow so nicely now. So thank you. I do appreciate all the hard work you do. And we didn’t spend any money! That’s a good weekend project right?!?  Now I can hardly wait for the next rainfall!

I did do some stuff to help. I did accessory things, like move the garbage can closer and hand him the hose to flush out the small debris. I think I even moved a ladder at one point. Don’t judge. I am sick. I can’t breathe remember?  Besides, I also pulled my dead daffodil and wildflower plants out. I raked the dirt and fixed the border so we can put something prettier there. What I like to call my “wildflower” area in front of the house, most everybody else calls weeds. Things grow in that spot so well, that they just look weedy.

At any rate, we accomplished a lot and the front of the house doesn’t look like like derelicts live there anymore. It’s plain, but we can add some pizzazz next weekend. That’s when we’ll spend some money. Timbers, rocks, flowers…I have pics of all the “before’s” and I’ll get the “after’s”. You know I will. And hopefully, I seem to be getting a little more consistent posting lately, so hold onto your hats people, it’s going to be a crazy summer! I guess it’s not as exciting as some things, but this site is free and you can feel better about your house by comparing it to mine!

I need to get some “going out in public” clothes on before my kids get here. My son has another doctor appointment today to make sure he’s cured and can participate in the last two weeks of “school”. Which is basically field trips every day. He’s going to Springfield tomorrow. It’s the whole history-Constitution-Land of Lincoln thing. Very exciting. Hopefully he’ll take good pics and you can see it too!

I’ve got a few other ideas to spice up this site and get it flowing faster. More pictures, less words. Here’s a few small teasers: “Benches. 2011.” “Stevie Shadows.” “Target Summer Fun.” “Nerf Guns.” “Stink Bug.” Oh yeah. It will be as thrilling as it sounds. Until later.

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Flower Bed Update! New pictures of green, weedy things!

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This is going to encompass a lot of time passage. Since I have been so busy with school I haven’t been able to post these pics that I know you are dying to see.

I know you probably ask yourself every day, “I wonder how those flowers of hers ever turned out? Did they grow? Are they blooming yet? Why haven’t I even heard a peep about them since last month?”

Well, the answer to all your questions lies below.

They have continued to grow in their very natural way and I did take the pictures, but I felt passing my class had to take priority. Flowers are nice for the funeral, but I don’t want to be the one who made it necessary.

Pictures below!

Filled in quite nicely. Still really green though. This is maybe 2 weeks ago.

Filled in quite nicely. Still really green though. This is maybe 2 weeks ago.

The other angle. You can just see the first of the white flowers coming in.

The other angle. You can just see the first of the white flowers coming in.

See? Exciting huh??

See? Exciting huh??

And this is just last week. During the “window” time. Not as impressive as some, but it’s the best I could do with a limited amount of time and money and a shake can of seeds.

Look at all that petal!

Look at all that petal!

Hey! What's that in the middle?

Hey! What's that in the middle?

This is some of that "variety" advertised on the can of seeds. It's the first one!

This is some of that "variety" advertised on the can of seeds. It's the first one!

That’s it for now. I guess it’s kind of a sad display. My flowers seem to be taking their own sweet time blooming, but at least now people can see that they are actually there on purpose. That I actually planted something, and didn’t just let the weeds grow over like cheap landscaping.

Check here for the humble beginnings.

And check back later. I’m going to post some real flowers from my neighbor and my brother-in-law.

Flowers make people feel good. Serious.

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