Trippin’ On Father’s Day

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Somewhere between Ohio and Pennsylvania. No more info given except to say that he stopped for a few to let the GPS catch up and then back on.


Random pics. I like this one too. I like the color and all those poles. Everyone is coming in but no one is leaving.


Last shot for the night. Destination. Of course I don’t have a name of the town. I texted but you know these motorcycle gangs, they don’t stop to answer a text message! This was at 7:30 pm Saturday night, his time. The BF is an hour ahead. Who knows what wondrous things he has already seen today while I have been sitting in my backyard drinking coffee. I’ll post as I get em’. Meanwhile enjoy this beautiful Sunday. Father’s Day!  Honey, if you read this, I love you and thank you for being an awesome dad to the kiddies. They love you tons. Be careful as always. Stay safe.

Our weather here is gearing up for storms later. Hot cha cha cha.

Watch for motorcycles! Later.

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Early Christmas Eve…

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8 am Chicago time. It’s about 32 degrees and drizzling the best icy rain you can get anywhere in the midwest. I know all around us gets snow but we get rain that freezes everything in its place. It looks pretty, covering all in a transparent shell, but it is hell to walk or drive on. Still, it’s peaceful. I’m inside though. In a few hours the two day blitz starts and for my kids this year they have three days of travel…it just worked that way. They are ready. We stayed up late making food for the days to come, mock chicken legs (its a polack thing–so delicious–always tweaking the formula trying to get them to taste just like my dads–they never do), pierogis, apple slices, cookies, the usual, just like you!…so I am enjoying the silence for a few more minutes. Drinking some coffee, of course, just thinking about…how nice it all is. To be mostly healthy, mostly happy and able to enjoy the small things, not just today, but everyday. I’m not really religious or spiritual much, but I wish the same for you. Have a safe journey if you are traveling around, or a nice warm drink for me if you’re not!, and thanks for spending a few minutes with me and mine today!

Yes, it's a white tree. Hello...Polish....we like it. And it fits in our limited space! It's pretty when its lit up which you will see later today. We keep the lights on all night tonight....

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May 1, 2009 at 2:07 pm (Pictures) (, , )


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Long Road Ahead

May 1, 2009 at 2:01 pm (Music Lists) (, , , , , , , )

1. Middle Of The Road / The Pretenders

2. Road To Nowhere / Talking Heads

3. Car Wheels On A Gravel Road / Lucinda Williams

4. Highway To Hell / AC/DC

5. King Of The Road / Roger Miller

6. Thunder Road / Bruce Springsteen

7. Carefree Highway / Gordon Lightfoot

8. Ride / The Vines

9. Hard Road To Travel / Jimmy Cliff

10. Hitchin’ A Ride / Green Day

11. Seven Bridges Road / The Eagles

12. The Road We Travel / Ryan Myddleton

13. Drive / R.E.M.

14. On The Road Again / Canned Heat

15. Free Ride / Edgar Winter

16. Down The Road I Go / Don Williams

17. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road / Elton John

18. Roll On Down The Highway / Bachman-Turner Overdrive

19. Brickyard Road / Johnny Van Zant

20. Ventura Highway / America

21. Road To Nowhere / Ozzy Osbourne

22. Low Rider / War

23. Everyday Is A Winding Road / Sheryl Crow

24. The Road / Tenacious D  (Language Warning !! Rated R)

25. On The Road Again / Willie Nelson

26. Life Is A Highway / Tom Cochrane

27. Drive / Incubus

28. Shut Up & Drive / Rihanna

29. Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler) / Alabama

30.  Take Me Home, Country Roads / John Denver

and one more for good luck….

31. Lake Shore Drive / Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah  (Chicago!!)

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