I Call It: Warm Peach Pie Draped In Cool White Cream And Hot Black Coffee On Rainy Grey Day; With Spotted Chicken.

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I also call it: Break Time. And: Too Much Time. And possibly: The Longest Title I Have Ever Created, That Includes 5 Different Thoughts AND A Weather Update; What A Cheap Way To Get In Even More Words.

I feel sometimes that this site may be confused for a weather center or outdoor enthusiast blogroll of some sort. I can’t seem to stop talking about the weather and the things outside in my yard alot of the time.  Really, I can’t stop talking at all, most of the time. But this site is about more than just weather and birds, and flowers, and birds. It used to be about money and cars and benches and laundry too. And it shall be again. Truthfully though, it’s really about nothing. Just one life and what I do in it, with the people I am surrounded by, every day or every week (or month/months, as it’s been) and mostly for my own amusement. I do love the sound of my own words. And maybe you do too. Anyway, the simplest things can be the most satisfying things I never say. OK. I typed myself into a soft spot there. Let’s get back to the humdrum.

I did leave after that last post because my car was ready to be picked up and I need my car. The tire place was very nice and gave me a loaner car so I could come back home instead of sitting there for 4 hours, but it was like, the garbage car. The one that they have to brush wrappers and leaves off of when they need to drive it. Like, “Joe’s” car, the guy who gets lunch for everyone and picks up extra parts and crap when they need him to. And maybe gets into accidents or runs it into things when he parks. I don’t know. When I asked about the “car” I was getting, the guy says, “Oh yeah. Frank told me that. It’s a green Contour. Hold on, let me go see if I can find it.” Like, what?? This place is not that big. I mean, where could it have been? After I saw it, and drove it, I’m guessing it was parked behind a dumpster or in a hole. I will not complain though because it sounds bad and tacky and I really was glad to have it. I guess I am spoiled now with my “nice” car. More on that later. Of course I took pictures. I am just grateful for the fix. Finally and completely. I hope.

On another note, I did do several loads of laundry and folded them and put them away. That’s right. I said several. And folded. And put away. Well, mostly put away. The clothes are in their proper rooms and near the closets and drawers they belong in. That right there is the main roadblock to my laundry doing. I can throw clothes in and out of a washer and dryer like nobody’s business. It’s the folding and putting away part that I hate. And it’s been awhile since I had any control over the disgusting piles building up every day. I do my uniforms and whatever is right below my uniforms and that is all. I had to wear shorts and a really really old tshirt to bed last night because I have no pajamas to wear. At least none that I can find in any of these piles and piles, clean or dirty. They must all be at the very very bottom of these baskets. Good Lord. Anyway…the main point here is that they are NOT sitting in a giant crumpled wrinkled heap on the couch getting layed on and kicked and shoved into the cushions or pushed onto the floor anymore. These clothes have a chance now. A real fighting chance to look clean and smooth and presentable while being worn and walked around in. It’s a rainy day, tax day miracle.

FYI, true weather update, it is raining now. I was going to post outside with the laptop but now I can’t. So I ate peach pie and drank coffee instead while thinking about all these words I just layed down for you. Oh yeah. You are welcome. Let me go switch switch another laundry load quick quick and I will be right back. Yes. I know it’s not real time. Just having fun here. Later.

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We need some pictures in all these words! How about…SUSHI!

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I’ve been promising pictures. You’ve been waiting. This was after our 25 mile bike ride; that was after our 19 mile bike ride the day before. It was good. The sushi.

Never been a big fan. That black stuff they wrap the rolls in always makes me gag, but this place has a mild wrapping. Or I’m just getting more, “cultured”! (Hahaha, NEVER!)

Now, if I could just get the whole pieces in my mouth without looking like an idiot or like I’m about to have it all fall out, we’d be all set.

(Sorry, but I don’t know the names. My apologies to the experts and lovers out there…maybe next time!)

This was the better picture. The guy who prepares it made it special for us. Spicy crab, and something. It was large and delicious and hot! I'm sure he thought I was some kind of crazy person taking pictures of the food.

This was the better picture. The guy who prepares it made it special for us. Spicy crab, and something. It was large and delicious and hot! I'm sure he thought I was some kind of crazy person taking pictures of the food.

We already ate 3 rolls that I DIDN'T take pictures of. We ordered these from the specials. They were beautiful, BIG, spicy and so delicious! I was stuffed and I didn't think this kind of food would do that. (I think I want to go again tomorrow now!) The picture is making me hungry!

We had already eaten 3 rolls that I DIDN'T take pictures of, when we ordered these from the specials. They were beautiful, BIG, spicy and so delicious! I was stuffed and I didn't think this kind of food would do that. (I think I want to go again tomorrow now!) The picture is making me hungry!

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Riding in the Rain

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So the BF has mapped out a very long 15 mile + trail for us to bike ride on. He has the bike rack on the back of the car. The bikes are ready, with proper tire air and water bottle holders secured. His mileage counter/techy gadget is calibrated and standing by. We are wearing our finest bicycle shorts/racing peddle shoes/tight, wicking t-shirts/fast helmet/goggle combos; aka Lance Armstrong and Co. (Just kidding about the clothes–we live in the suburbs. Of Chicago. We could get our asses kicked riding around town looking like space alien freaks.)

As you may recall, and I see that I typed it last night, I was going running today. 4 miles plus. Which I may do after this “bike ride” the BF wants to do. Our only problem here at the moment is the giant mass of thunderstorms and rain clouds moving across the area this very minute. I have a few choices here.

Just go ride the bikes. It’s chilly and rainy but at least I’ll be moving(??).

Then go run on the trail, after. 3.6 miles will seem so easy then.

Go to the gym. Indoors. Always temperature and weather controlled. (Poop)

Or…STOP eating.

But, since I already devoured 4, yes (shame) four, McDonald’s Breakfast Burrito’s with Hot Picante, while watching Grease 2 (double shame) this morning, it’s probably too late for that option.

My favorite alternative option, since it feels kind of like New Orleans out there; breezy, rainy, Southern tropical; I say we make Hurricanes and sit out on the veranda and drink all day. (We don’t actually have a veranda, but we do have a patio with some very nice plastic Adirondack chairs and a backyard full of grass to look at.) It’s close enough.

And I can’t seem to waste any more time with this post, as I’ve run out of things to embarass myself with. I will be back, much later, with my regular schedule of things you don’t care about.

I have to go lose some calories and be a part of society now.


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Since we are on the subject of BIG things…

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What…Were YOU thinking??!! I mean like, big bugs, big benches, big fish…I have another example of BIG FOOD. Sheesh.

It was for my sissy’s birthday dinner (I have to mention it again to tell the story) that we all went to the night before the Warrior Dash (no more link–it’s over). And the BF ordered carrot cake. Seems harmless enough right? Little did we know! Needless to say, when it showed up after having no indication it would be THIS big, we had to take the shot!

It took three separate eating sessions to finish it! No kidding.

The restaurant is Rock Bottom Brewery. In Orland Park, IL. Excellent food, drinks and service.


Kind of looks big right?

Kind of looks big right?

With the standard issue cell phone for scale.

With the standard issue cell phone for scale.

These are some of the other giant foods we have encountered since starting this site. (Just for all-inclusiveness sake–because I’m anal)

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Wacky Water Weekend With… / Sunday Snack

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Holy Pierogi! Can the weekend really be over already?? Yes, I know it’s Monday, but we have actually been out in the world:

Swimming,  Party-ing, Food-ing, Cake-ing, Picture Taking, Food-ing, Driving, More Food-ing, More Driving…we packed it in these last three days. (Our weekend started with Friday…lucky!)

Let’s start from Sunday, and go back…One guess…

lexi'sbirthday weekend 09 194

Pierogi Fest! What? You don’t know? You are either,

1. Not Polish

or, 2. Not from around here

or, 3. From around here, a Polack, but still not know what this is!

All very likely. That was us three years ago. Now we know. This is the Official Website below:

Pierogi Fest / Whiting, Indiana

Here’s more pictures!

lexi'sbirthday weekend 09 180lexi'sbirthday weekend 09 181lexi'sbirthday weekend 09 183lexi'sbirthday weekend 09 184lexi'sbirthday weekend 09 185lexi'sbirthday weekend 09 182

What a bunch of Polish people!

What a bunch of Polish people!

I think this speaks for itself

I think this speaks for itself

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And that concludes my eating for the day…

May 1, 2009 at 2:12 pm (Day to Day, EFS) (, , , , , , )

It is 9:20 AM, Central Time, US, and I am not proud to say that I just ate entirely too much food from McDonald’s because I am weak and I suck.

I have been resisting all week, trying to stay true to my new religion, Extreme Fat Smash; and my new God, Dr. Ian K. Smith. Although I could have used a little salvation at the drive thru about an hour ago.

I couldn’t get my kids to school fast enough so I could get over there. There was no Dr. Smith standing in the window of the Richton Park, McDonald’s, over by the highway, crossing his arms and shaking his head, shaming me into sulking away from the fast food and over to the gym. (I avoid the McD that is right next to the gym because, you know, the gym is right there…too much guilt if I actually see the place…)

Anyway, I ate alot, and after totaling up the calories, that’s pretty much it for me today.

So, water and coffee, maybe one of those popsicles in the plastic if I’m really dying. Otherwise, long road ahead. Except that the sound of  gravel under the tires is really is my grumbling stomach. Oh boo hoo…I did it to myself. Music keeps my mind busy and my hands typing. So here is the list for the day:  “Long Road Ahead

It’s about roads and travel and highways and freeways…it came to me last night after looking for songs withDirection“.

The ways to get there can get there own. Say that five times fast.

Raise a glass (of water) and listen up! List is below. Ha.

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