This Is Not The Way.

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Sorry Doc. I guess I will have to start that diet next week. I haven’t had those delicious breakfast burritos in soooo long. With that spicy good Hot Picante sauce that the McDonald’s Corporation is being super stingy about handing out with their breakfast foods. Signs everywhere restricting the “sauces per order per item”. It’s so stupid. And even when you ask for more packets, AND are willing to pay for the extra sauces, they act like it’s a huge inconvenience, or that you are committing a crime against the purity of their food preparation. Where are these sauce packets that it takes so long, and three different people, to get? Are they stashed away in a secured vault with a time lock or some kind of multiple employee fingerprint/eyeball unlocking mechanism? Seriously they aren’t that good. This is the truth: Sometimes, even when I really really want McDonald’s, or the kids do, I’ll just skip it because I know what a pain in the ass it will be to get what I actually want. Plus the two stores closest to my house are terrible with service, speed, and getting the orders right. Even with the nuggets, the sauce is wrong or missing altogether, more times than not. Doesn’t McDonald’s have enough money without over doing the sauce thing? Its a sauce conspiracy! But I don’t want to have a whole post complaining. I mean, I did get it today. Spent my money. And ate all of it. And tonight the Charmin Corporation will be thanking me for using lots of their fine product. Gross Point Ending. Play on words. Later.

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I Just Bought Myself A Valentine’s Day Present

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Best doughnuts ever! And not because they taste good. The trick to the Krispy Kreme is heating them up just enough (10 seconds, maybe 15, depending on pre-heat temperature and condition) so that the entire doughnut can be compressed into a convenient, compact lump that will easily fit into your mouth all at one time, thus constituting one bite. I’ve already eaten two and my daughter has eaten one. This box will never make it to sundown much less all the way into next week.

What I really really have a massive craving for is the little Sausage Breakfast Burritos from McDonald’s with packs of that delicious Hot Picante sauce on every bite I take. But I have been far too lazy to drag my tired ass out of the house before 10 am to go get one. Or three. Krispy Kreme’s are always available for purchase at the local Jewel Food Store. And I can go at any time of the day. Still…those little tubes of tasty are calling me. I may have to break down and go in the morning. I’ve been really good with the food and sodium on my days of work, (10 total with 6 on the floor), and I don’t seem to eat enough to mess it up on my days off. Not because I’m really trying to eat less or even because I’m just so good like that. I’m pretty much hungry all the time now and my sleep/wake schedule is so off track, that I sleep for the hours I used to be awake and eating.  I generally don’t eat when I first wake up and I don’t eat in the middle of the night. These days I feel like I am always “just waking up” and when I have an opportunity to get food, it’s the middle of the night. I almost, almost stopped at Taco Bell on my way home the other night, but I am not sure I can be a “midnight eater” and kind of afraid to find out if I could. Plus, I don’t want to risk the heartburn. And truthfully, it’s already 11 pm and the doughnuts are still here. Could this mean that I might actually be developing some kind of, healthy-diet-eating-plan for life?!? The kind where if you want something, you can have it, but in moderation. Have that donut. But only one. (Or two) I’ve heard of this phenomenon but never experienced it personally. Strange days are here. Strange days indeed. Most peculiar mama. Bet you didn’t think I’d end with that. And in a post about doughnuts. Night all.

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Riding in the Rain

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So the BF has mapped out a very long 15 mile + trail for us to bike ride on. He has the bike rack on the back of the car. The bikes are ready, with proper tire air and water bottle holders secured. His mileage counter/techy gadget is calibrated and standing by. We are wearing our finest bicycle shorts/racing peddle shoes/tight, wicking t-shirts/fast helmet/goggle combos; aka Lance Armstrong and Co. (Just kidding about the clothes–we live in the suburbs. Of Chicago. We could get our asses kicked riding around town looking like space alien freaks.)

As you may recall, and I see that I typed it last night, I was going running today. 4 miles plus. Which I may do after this “bike ride” the BF wants to do. Our only problem here at the moment is the giant mass of thunderstorms and rain clouds moving across the area this very minute. I have a few choices here.

Just go ride the bikes. It’s chilly and rainy but at least I’ll be moving(??).

Then go run on the trail, after. 3.6 miles will seem so easy then.

Go to the gym. Indoors. Always temperature and weather controlled. (Poop)

Or…STOP eating.

But, since I already devoured 4, yes (shame) four, McDonald’s Breakfast Burrito’s with Hot Picante, while watching Grease 2 (double shame) this morning, it’s probably too late for that option.

My favorite alternative option, since it feels kind of like New Orleans out there; breezy, rainy, Southern tropical; I say we make Hurricanes and sit out on the veranda and drink all day. (We don’t actually have a veranda, but we do have a patio with some very nice plastic Adirondack chairs and a backyard full of grass to look at.) It’s close enough.

And I can’t seem to waste any more time with this post, as I’ve run out of things to embarass myself with. I will be back, much later, with my regular schedule of things you don’t care about.

I have to go lose some calories and be a part of society now.


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And now for a little break.

June 23, 2009 at 11:42 am (Day to Day, School News) (, , , , , , , , , , )

It is Tuesday at 11 am. I am home from school and my second test. Nervous, sweaty, fear does not describe my total feelings, but it’s a start. It is really hot again today. Summer did come in with its usual vengeance. Sudden and swift. The first day of 90 degrees actually started during the night. Yes, it got hotter as the night progressed. It makes no sense. I think about it, but I have to stop. How can the temperature rise despite the setting sun and darkness, when theoretically it should get cooler. I know it’s a weather question and I am going to be a nurse, so, who cares? I will when I’m working emergency and it’s 100 degrees and everyone is over heated and ticked off and people start doing crazy things that end them up in the ER for me to work on. And I say, “How can it get hotter???” I’ll be praying for bad weather. It keeps people indoors and off the streets!

Anytesting…Second one was today. I literally studied most of the day Saturday, some Sunday, and hours more on Monday. In the day and the night. I can’t imagine when I have to do paperwork and skills. I’ll be sticking everyone I see with needles and taking their blood pressures and trying to give them enemas. I kid.

Unofficially, I missed zero questions on this test. All correct. That is good news. Without details, know that it is essential to miss as few as possible to achieve passing, for one, and higher scores, in the A and B range, for another. But I was sweating. You only have so much time, and I try not to second guess myself, and I studied for, like, 15 hours! Pressure.

(Personal revelation to follow, if you care.) I’ve always been strong with the book skills and pretty good with the hands-on. But I still get too nervous. I have a CPR class to take in the next few weeks and I want to go in strong. I know the whole thing has changed again since I did it last, but it still makes me jittery. I’m not sure if there is any breathing now, or if it’s just compression. I stink at the breaths. Luckily, for someone out there; experience-only-unlucky for me; I’ve never had to do it on a real person and when I was EMT (many many many years ago—very briefly) we used a bag. No mouth contact. Anyway, I’ve only used lifesaving once on a baby, choking. And that was just taps on the back.  That’s a good thing. With more experience comes more ease of care.  So we’ll find out.

Anyway, there’s a few more weeks left of school for the summer and one Final Test. Yikes.

As celebration I got McDonald’s–yay! I haven’t eaten those delicious burrito’s in WEEKS! For shame! I should have celebrated by running a fast four miles. Oh well. Don’t want to get heatstroke. And, I had to wait for my humiliation! It’s those hash browns. They take forever. But, it cost less than 5 bucks so, fair trade for my fat butt.

Next up are the butterflies. I have pics from the party. You didn’t think I forgot did you? I really have been focusing on school. I love it. And I want to do good. Stay tuned!

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Safe For Now

April 28, 2009 at 11:44 am (Day to Day, EFS) (, , , , , , , )

Shew…made it. It is now 11 am. Too late to go to McDonald’s and get those delicious Sausage Breakfast Burritos, with a hash brown on the side and their so-so coffee. Extra packets of Hot Picante sauce…squeeze…bite…squeeze…bite….I know I’ve said it before, but I really love that sauce they give you with those burritos. I have been sitting here, talking myself out of driving over there for 2 hours!

Burning philosophy question of the day: Do I really “want” the burrito or do I just need something to transport the Picante sauce to my stomach? Perhaps a concrete answer can be attained…19 hours from now…whence, I will go to the McDonald’s and put it to the test. For science.

No, no, no. I had yogurt with a bit of granola and some pretzels with a Laughing Cow Cheese Triangle—actually a really product. It is one of those things that you don’t believe will actually taste good, but does. I spend money on them often. Even my kids like them. Can’t fall off the Extreme Fat Smash wagon after one day. That would be weak. The exercise part though…

What? It is rainy. Again. Cold. Again. Ridiculous. I could run around outside but I don’t want to lower my immunity defenses, and the gym is right next door to the McD’s. So you see? Nothing I can do.

After 11 now, ok, forgot. And it looks like the sun is trying to come out and harass me.

I didn’t have anything else to say at this moment, I just wanted to share my struggle with resisting McDonald’s.

And FYI for the coffee: Depends on what you like. Here’s my breakdown if it helps: Starting from BLACK. I don’t add stuff so this is pre-whatever you put in:

McDonald’s:  Kind of plain, watery, with a slight cardboardy taste that they can’t seem to get rid of despite the “gourmet” label.

Dunkin’:  Almost everyone’s fav. But I find it not as strong and actually pretty sweet. It has a light flavor that goes really good on the train.

Starbuck’s:  Strong. Can taste groundy at times and really bitter. It prob depends on where you go, but if you want to move then this is the one for you.

7-11:  Actually not bad. Nice and smooth. Not too weak or overly flavored. But they have ALOT of pots sitting on their coffee island, and it can be hard to tell which is which. I once accidentally got Irish Coffee Flavor. Smelled weird, but the taste was fine. Still, I prefer the plain.

Burger King:  My favorite by far! Seriously. The BK Big Joe. It is the best of all the fast places. It has snappy adverts too. But I would go there above all the places if choice is given. Good price too. It’s strong and bold. With that “coffee” flavor that is not sweet or watery or bitter or cup tasting. It is noticeably different tasting from the others. If you have it once, you’ll want it again. And I swear, every time I have it I always say, “”Their coffee is so good. BK has the best!”  But no one in my life cares anymore.

So try them and let me know what you think. Or point out someplace I didn’t put down. The above are the places that I go to. (I didn’t include Caribou because we don’t have one close enough for it to be an issue)

Have a great morning!

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