Wacky Water Weekend With… / Sunday Snack

July 27, 2009 at 12:10 pm (Day to Day, Pictures) (, , , , , , , , , , , , )

Holy Pierogi! Can the weekend really be over already?? Yes, I know it’s Monday, but we have actually been out in the world:

Swimming,  Party-ing, Food-ing, Cake-ing, Picture Taking, Food-ing, Driving, More Food-ing, More Driving…we packed it in these last three days. (Our weekend started with Friday…lucky!)

Let’s start from Sunday, and go back…One guess…

lexi'sbirthday weekend 09 194

Pierogi Fest! What? You don’t know? You are either,

1. Not Polish

or, 2. Not from around here

or, 3. From around here, a Polack, but still not know what this is!

All very likely. That was us three years ago. Now we know. This is the Official Website below:

Pierogi Fest / Whiting, Indiana

Here’s more pictures!

lexi'sbirthday weekend 09 180lexi'sbirthday weekend 09 181lexi'sbirthday weekend 09 183lexi'sbirthday weekend 09 184lexi'sbirthday weekend 09 185lexi'sbirthday weekend 09 182

What a bunch of Polish people!

What a bunch of Polish people!

I think this speaks for itself

I think this speaks for itself

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