The name’s Kanockers, Vod Kanockers.

June 23, 2009 at 12:26 am (Video) (, , , , , , , )

There’s pie???

If you do not laugh at this clip that I thankfully found on You Tube, from Two and a Half Men, one of the funniest episode ever, then I can never play the, “We Drink When Charlie Drinks”, game with you.

This kid is perfect. He is exactly portrayed like an eleven year old boy, going on twelve. I should know, because I have one.

Sadly, we have finished our DVD run for Two and a Half Men. The last season out (5th) is watched and put away. The days are long. The nights are longer. Thank goodness I’ve rediscovered Jack Daniels. Now I can relive my wild youth, while waiting for the next season.

Anyway, I’ve seen this one a few times and replayed this exact part for the kids and my own hilarity.

And it was just on regular TV mere minutes ago…(The free cable movie stations are gone. Channel Not Purchased. Call Customer Service. Sob.)

Gotta go to bed. Test in the morning. Until then, I leave you with this: Drink, gamble and hump!

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