We Drink When Charlie Drinks

April 19, 2009 at 3:09 pm (Day to Day) (, , , , , )

This post might be a bit scandalous based on the previous, but like Beth says…stream of consciousness…

Saturday. No kids. No plans. Went to visit the BF Mom with the BF brother and gal pal…that sounds kind of dirty…it wasn’t. Then off to the library, where I may be a wanted criminal. Living dangerously. Finally returned the Booky Wook. Funny stuff. I’ll miss being in his head. But when the library sends you a letter in the mail telling you to get that book back, ya better do it. I owed $2.90 and it was worth every penny. Zoomed over to Jimmy John’s and had a sub and some chips. We have them all over downtown but none at home. Recently a shop made it out to the edges of Cook County and now there is one right near the house!  Sadly, I have been thinking about these sammy’s for a week and only made it there today. Too lazy to drive and spend 5 dollars. I guess my son is right, to mutch (on purpose misspell) free time.

Went home and watched Sidewalks of New York. Took a few words from there AND spotted the NYCC! See below! But then what? Dinner? Not really hungry yet and nothing to drink—or nothing to add TO a drink…but hey! Idea!

Let’s watch 2½ Men, and when Charlie drinks, we drink! The rules are simple, when Charlie takes a drink of anything alcohol we take a drink of whatever we have. Which, at the time of this brilliant Saturday night party idea, was nothing. Do we do shots? And of what? Or just make a drink and have that? Let’s see, put in the new disc (Season 2 already–Disc 2) watch the first one…oh crap…3 drinks BEFORE the opening theme song. Doing shots we’ll be bombed before we  finish one episode. So let’s modify. Make a drink with a few shots in it,  then take a drink of that when he does. That works. Let’s go get some stuff!

First to our favorite dive-y restaurant for a quick dinner—pad the belly–and then over to the liquor store. Uh oh. Can’t go. Kids are home early, and Dad and the whole family are sitting inside! See the truck, see the people. Those darn kids of mine like that place too, dragging their other family over there! Oh well, get back in the car and drive to the highway. Our second favorite dive-y place is over there.

Now back to the plan. Get Vodka and Mike’s Hard Pomegranite Lemonade–I know it seems cheesy, but if you put the vodka in the Mike’s with ice it’s pretty good. Gives a flavor and kicks it up without tearing the throat…and we picked up some Bailey’s for the coffee…for the NEXT day! We plan ahead!

Back home and we got the drinks ready to go. Sitting. Watching. Waiting. No drinking at all in the next episode! What?? Now what? Do we just drink? It’s not like these are hard rules here…Maybe shots are the way to go? Next episode please….oh yeah! It’s good. Charlie Harper back in business. I think we ended up watching 4 more, maybe, 5, don’t know, because I was gone….

Needless to say, the night ended well. Pulled it thru until 2.

3 am to 6 was a bit of a touch, but pulled it again round about 9.  (Winky man right?)  ; )

But that’s another story. : )

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  1. Katie said,

    Hi nice blog 🙂 I can see a lot of effort has been put in.

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