I Just Bought Myself A Valentine’s Day Present

February 12, 2012 at 1:42 am (Blood Pressure, Day to Day, Food News) (, , , , , , )

Best doughnuts ever! And not because they taste good. The trick to the Krispy Kreme is heating them up just enough (10 seconds, maybe 15, depending on pre-heat temperature and condition) so that the entire doughnut can be compressed into a convenient, compact lump that will easily fit into your mouth all at one time, thus constituting one bite. I’ve already eaten two and my daughter has eaten one. This box will never make it to sundown much less all the way into next week.

What I really really have a massive craving for is the little Sausage Breakfast Burritos from McDonald’s with packs of that delicious Hot Picante sauce on every bite I take. But I have been far too lazy to drag my tired ass out of the house before 10 am to go get one. Or three. Krispy Kreme’s are always available for purchase at the local Jewel Food Store. And I can go at any time of the day. Still…those little tubes of tasty are calling me. I may have to break down and go in the morning. I’ve been really good with the food and sodium on my days of work, (10 total with 6 on the floor), and I don’t seem to eat enough to mess it up on my days off. Not because I’m really trying to eat less or even because I’m just so good like that. I’m pretty much hungry all the time now and my sleep/wake schedule is so off track, that I sleep for the hours I used to be awake and eating.  I generally don’t eat when I first wake up and I don’t eat in the middle of the night. These days I feel like I am always “just waking up” and when I have an opportunity to get food, it’s the middle of the night. I almost, almost stopped at Taco Bell on my way home the other night, but I am not sure I can be a “midnight eater” and kind of afraid to find out if I could. Plus, I don’t want to risk the heartburn. And truthfully, it’s already 11 pm and the doughnuts are still here. Could this mean that I might actually be developing some kind of, healthy-diet-eating-plan for life?!? The kind where if you want something, you can have it, but in moderation. Have that donut. But only one. (Or two) I’ve heard of this phenomenon but never experienced it personally. Strange days are here. Strange days indeed. Most peculiar mama. Bet you didn’t think I’d end with that. And in a post about doughnuts. Night all.


  1. Linda said,

    Been reading about your new job…if it’s where I think it is are you ready to move out this way??? I could hook you up with 4, yes 4, houses on our street. One is actually -RIGHT NEXT DOOR. Dang… that is kind of to close, right? but wouldn’t that be kind of kool.
    Anyway…easy on the KK’s or your going to get fat. LOL

  2. Amanda a.k.a The Greatest Sister of All time! said,

    Sorry Linda, I have to interrupt here, she will move making the trek this-a-way if she goes anywhere!
    Anyway, so, um, ya, so much for the diet huh?

    • Linda said,

      Like I was saying… there are 4 houses on our street. Amanda you and your fam as ALWAYS welcome to join Lisa and Us… Just saying.
      Lisa, it’s time for you to chime in…Smooch!

      • masnstevy said,

        Well the job is NOT at the big hospital but it is North of where I live. Not moving just yet though. We decided to let Mason start high school and let Stevie finish junior high here. We can then pay off as much as we can of the “debt” and try to sell the house. It’s affordable here right now but inconvenient because of Jeff’s drive every day. He’s been doing it for six years now, so one more isn’t going to matter. And we will prob start the “search” centered at Hoffman Estates and work our way out in an expanding circle of real estate. Sorry Linda, I don’t know if we would make it that far west and south. We are looking closer to 55 and north. It would still be closer though! Love you!

    • masnstevy said,

      It’s all good. Diet is still intact. Even have donuts left!

  3. Lorraine said,

    Shame on you for the Krispy Kreme. I am gonna call your Dr. and tattle!

    • masnstevy said,

      No need for all that! I only ate a few of them. In fact there is still 3 left in the box. I shall let the children have them for breakfast or after school snacks. The weight and BP are ok for now. Just reducing both!

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