Pink Sky At Night

October 31, 2012 at 5:11 pm (For The Cure, Holiday, Pink October) (, , , , )

And that about wraps it up for this month. It wasn’t every day but it was pretty close. And a lot better than I have been doing. It’s time for the annual candy run around here, except this year my kids really are done with it. I had to buy my own candy. You know, for the trick or treaters. As if we really get enough kids around here anymore for the obscene amount of candy I spent my good money on. I see nothing ahead for the next few weeks except chocolate zits and thunder thighs. Next post, candy and a costume.  And one more sky pic for good measure:


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Pink Spider!

October 24, 2012 at 12:55 pm (Big Bugs, For The Cure, Heat, Pink October, Spiders) (, , , , )

You will just have to trust me that this pink-tinged photo of a Wolf Spider is better than my cardboard “cure” stand that I was going to post. Of course I have more pictures of spiders. They crawl all over the place right now. And they’re big. Giant one in the bathroom trying to sneak along the bathtub edge; super fast, rounder, black one trying to dash across the living room floor from the safe couch to the safer fish tank spot; bold and sassy one sitting right on top of the counter next to the paper towels trying not to move, I swear it felt like a spider stand-off; and of course old faithful here, and most likely a hundred or so of his/her relatives, that seem to camp out near the back door when the weather starts turning cold. They grow bigger and bigger and try to build a web across the patio almost every night. As long as they stay away from our “walking zone” we let them be. You have to respect the kind of nature that can survive and thrive in these harsh times. Besides, these kind of spiders aren’t poisonous and they don’t hurt people intentionally. Heart attack inducing creepiness and the ability to jump-lunge at threats or rear up on some of their back legs to look menacing, not withstanding. I definitely don’t want one on me, but you know that spiders do crawl on you at night sometimes while you are sleeping and you don’t even know it! So think about that tonight when you are all tucked in and feeling cozy! Also, it’s a major heat wave going through today and tomorrow, so all the creepy crawlers should be peeking their heads out from wherever they have been hiding in your house to see what the hell is going on. Why is it 80 damn degrees again?!? Let’s walk around this nice warm house tonight and see if we can all figure it out! At the same time! More soothing bedtime tales! I just scooped up one of those long, skinny, brown, caterpillar like bugs, that curl up into a spiral, bulls-eye shape when you touch them, last night after work. He was just scootching across the kitchen floor, going somewhere. I nearly stepped on him because he wasn’t there when I walked through, like, 10 minutes before. Late nights on a slab house. Yeek. (Throw me a comment if you happen to know what they are called. I used to know, but I am too time crunched to look it up right this minute.) Maybe I will post all my creepy-crawly pics the next few days…it’s still pink October, but it is getting close to Halloween and my fav holiday, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), and I have alot of “natural” decorations all around my house. Outside and inside.  What can I say? I’m kind of a lazy cleaner and those spiders are relentless in their web building! And if you are looking up into my corners instead of focusing on my fabulous, engaging, sparkling company, then you deserve to see the cobwebs! Anyway, here is one more fun fact before I hit the showers and go to work: The debate rages on in the internet world but…people, in general, swallow about 3 to 8 spiders in their lifetime! Some say 3 spiders per year get swallowed up. Some say maybe 8 in a lifetime. The figures vary because no one can really know exactly how many spiders you may be munching on. I believe it is possible, and here is why: because some people leave an open glass of water on their nightstand and drink from it through the night. A spider crawls onto the cup, falls in, and cannot get out. You wake up, you drink, you feel something, but you are half-asleep, and it’s not like you turned the light on to see, did you?? Nope. You swallow, you go back to sleep. That’s one. Now repeat every few years. There you go. And I know for a fact that my daughter has already eaten at least  3  spiders, because she used to grab them right off the floor when she was small and eat them! She was so fast I couldn’t stop her. They were small too. And slow, apparently. She never got sick and she seems fine and normal today. I mean people do eat them as actual food in some countries so it’s not crazy. But I have to go now. Everyone get out and enjoy our last 2 days of sunny warmth. And when you go to bed tonight, keep your mouth closed and a cap on your water bottle. Sweet dreams! Later.

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Football Is Over!

October 23, 2012 at 12:32 pm (For Mason, For Stevie, For The Cure, High School Football, Pink October) (, , , )

His pic. His post and Facebook status. He was very happy. The last game was actually Thursday of last week, but I am slow. The season ended with the team record of 4-5. Not a terrible finish. Too bad the last game had to be against an undefeated team. Seriously. 8-0? Man, they were good. At least we scored and didn’t get completely blown out like some of the other teams they played during the season. (Granted it was against the third string players but who cares. Points is points. Respect the pigskin.) And it was cold and windy and raining sideways for most of the afternoon. Football in the Midwest. Fun! Anyway. I just wanted to use this picture because he looks so cool and happy and thin. Now I have to keep him slim until the next sport starts in a few weeks. An indoor sport. I will keep you posted. And because I have 2 children, and my girl likes to see pictures of herself whenever possible, and she took a pretty cute picture of herself in his football helmet, I am putting it right below here. It’s not exactly a Pink October post but it will have to do for today. Later.

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Salt. For The Cure. Better Than Nothing?

October 22, 2012 at 12:54 pm (For The Cure, Pink October) (, , , )

I had to post something. It’s been too long and I have no time, but I have to get the word “booger” off of my front page. It’s just does not reflect the seriousness  and maturity that I bring to the table every day. Ha. Table. Like table salt. Ewww. That was a stretch. Anyhow, here is something new with the pink ribbon on it. We had it in our cabinet. Didn’t even realize we bought it. Plus it’s really raining out there today so it fits for more than one reason. I need to get to work. They refuse to pay me for sitting at home. Boo hoo. Everyone have a safe and happy day. Later.

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Even Our Cars Can Get Fancy

October 10, 2012 at 1:27 pm (For The Cure, Pink October) (, , , )

I hope Susie doesn’t mind that I put her license plate here. This site is not that mainstream or world wide so I think I will be ok. Plus it is on a car that drives around in public anyway and she must be proud, so…I will leave it at that. I saw my first Breast Cancer plate in the store parking lot but I wasn’t quick enough to get a picture as it was driving away. I didn’t even realize these were available. I felt kind of bummed, but figured at least I have my food stand pictures to go with. Exciting, I know. Then, lo and behold, I am dropping my daughter off at her friends house and there it was. My second chance. So there you go. A picture and a story! The gripping tale of how I captured the elusive BC auto tag. Don’t you feel lucky today? Now I really must B–C-ing myself off to work. I am going to apologize for that right now. But I am leaving it in. Later.

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The In’s And Out’s Of Product Placement

October 9, 2012 at 11:56 pm (For The Cure, Pink October) (, , , , , )

Hoo–ahh I am funny. I am cheating a little by back dating this post for Tuesday but that’s the beauty of having your own media outlet. You control what the people see. And when. Well, don’t I just sound power crazy. I’m not. I’m just trying to hurry and I want my little calendar to the right to have a blue date every day. It’s nuts how these small things can make a difference. Or not. Personal demons and neurosis aside…we went shopping and of course I took pics of all the Breast Cancer displays. People in the store were kind of looking at me, probably wondering why the hell I would be taking pictures of food shelves and cardboard stands, but that’s ok. Anyway this is product I buy. They roll out the pink packaging once a year and we go for it. Looks pretty. Now let me see if I can post this and then get another one out before I leave for work…it’s always a crapshoot. Ha. I said crap. Nice ending huh? Classy. Later.

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Nice Cell!

October 8, 2012 at 11:40 pm (Employed Posts!, For Mason, For Stevie, For The Cure, Pink October) (, , , , )

Thank you low census Monday and Columbus Day. I get to hang with my kids and they finished all their homework! Then we got to bowl, have dinner, watch movies and football and go to bed way too late when we all have to get up early tomorrow. From one, many. Goodnight all.


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Sunday Afternoon With The Manning Brothers

October 7, 2012 at 4:33 pm (Football, For The Cure, Pink October) (, , , , )

NFL. A Crucial Catch. NY Giants and Eli Manning right now. Denver Broncos and Peyton in a few minutes. (Don’t worry Chicago–I’ll flip back and forth to see if the Bears can stay good.) But I’m sad that I had to miss the Pack and Clay today. Major Sad Face. (Or “Turtle Face”, I still need to post a pic of that for the uninitiated. Scroll down to see the new Fathead commercial with Mr. Matthews and then I dare you to post me a comment that says he is not the bomb.) I think I need to invest next year in the NFL Sunday Ticket. Football is good for everyone. It gets my house clean and the laundry done.  My kids have both abandoned me for other weekend activities but at least I don’t have to work tonight! And my sissy just said she is coming by to hang out so I need to wrap this up so I can go chat and start drinking in preparation for Football Night In America! Ha. Just kidding. There won’t be that much chatting. Later.

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Cereal For The Cure

October 6, 2012 at 2:04 pm (For Mason, For Stevie, For The Cure, Pink October) (, , , , , )

Saturday morning! No work! Getting another post in for Pink October! Didn’t even realize I had bought the “pink” cereal. So there’s the front.

Here’s the back. This is part of the Save Lids To Save Lives campaign. Yogurt is expanding out to cereal boxes. And other General Mills products. I’m not endorsing any one company, charity organization, or food group. Well maybe the food group. Boxed food is my kind of cooking. Anyway, this is just putting info out into the world. You pick your cause and how you want to contribute.

And since it is Saturday and all my original plans got canceled, I think I might post some other stuff too. For fun. Plus it turned cold on us here in the Midwest. Summer is over. Just like that. Thursday afternoon 82 to Saturday morning 34. I took Mason to football practice and then sat in a quiet house, in the overcast living room, on the big couch in the corner, drinking coffee, reading random written materials and playing games on my phone. It was nice. I think I might go shower now and put on a clean set of comfy clothes and get ready for a night in. The girl is going to a friends house and the boy is going to homecoming. My job is to drive and pick up and take pictures. I will also prob update some of the feature pages to the right there. Every now and then I like to add a new pic or change some wording around. I haven’t posted any street money in awhile, or a NY coffee cup, or even a magazine collection upgrade. I’ve recently added nursing mags to the growing pile of “things I look at every day but never actually read”.

I must also throw in a quick side note of thanks and appreciation to my fabulous and tolerant BF who only complains a little bit at a time and lets me squirrel away crap like this without totally blowing a gasket. I got rid of all the End Of The World clippings today and three magazines so far! (I bought the BF a semi-serious, humorous mix of facts and fun, daily desk calendar counting down the days to the end of the world this year, and he brings them home for me periodically to read. Good material. I have some posts in the hopper dedicated to our last days on Earth. But time really is running out, and at the rate that I post, if the world does end in December, none of this will matter. We will all die never knowing what hilarity I had in store for us! Oh, the humanity!) Anyway…3 mags and the loose papers. This might be the weekend honey! (OCD is a disease. Hoarding is a mental disorder. Don’t judge.)

Alright the day is moving forward. Let me wrap this up and try to go for the record of two posts in a day. After I take care of kid and house business. Until later then, I leave you with my pink kids. They took this pic of themselves just goofing around, but it’s good. They look happy and healthy and it’s one of my favs now.

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Friday. Pink And Lazy.

October 5, 2012 at 12:47 pm (For The Cure, Pink October) (, , , , )

Going with the old “stand-by” shots. There is a term for this in TV news and I cannot remember what it is called and I couldn’t find it on the internet.

Help me! If you know it, or want to do something researchy today, find it and comment it to me! It’s the running footage of people or things that plays behind the anchor person on the news when they are reading a story. A story that is general in nature. Like about losing weight, or a new product coming out, or gas prices. They play clips of pictures or video of overweight people walking down the street or someone standing in line or someone pumping gas at a gas station.

This footage has a name! You need to find it while I am at work and let me know!

That’s what this pink day is all about. Now get to work!

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