Day 3 P90X Just a quick note…

July 3, 2010 at 2:11 pm (Day to Day, Exercise, P90X) (, , , , , , , , )

I swear I am in muscle hell. Every single one in my body hurts. I WISH I had started these discs earlier. The BEST by far, of any I have ever done and I have done ALOT. Trust that I could not complete any of the three workouts so far, but I am trying. The Ab Ripper is seriously not even funny as a workout. When I complete this series I know that I will have accomplished something here. And the nice thing is that it is going to take a really long time to get all the exercises, with all the reps, in the time allotted. But in case you didn’t get me before, I LOVE this workout.

And here’s something that I did not expect: Every workout person/tape/company says you have to do the workout AND eat right for it to work…blah blah blah we all know but we never do it do we? We keep eating crap and tell ourselves we will just work out harder next time. Well let me tell you, do this program for 2 days. That’s it. Do the Chest/Shoulder/Abs…that’s good. Then go eat lunch, dinner whatever.

Day 2, do the Plyometrics. Basically Jump/Squat/Lunge Hell for an hour. Any muscle that did not hurt from the first day will now be screaming in pain today. Then I dare you to eat some junky food. I love fast, junky food because I don’t like to prepare and cook stuff. But I swear on all that I care about I DID NOT want to eat anything that might be “unclean”. I’m not sure what is going on with these discs. Maybe some kind of subliminal messaging while you’re slowly dying of your own accord and on purpose.

Now I am not going to be all holy here and say that I am not eating and drinking this weekend. I picked Fourth of July, party people, to start this madness, but I WILL be thinking twice about every bit of food I do eat, and probably eating a little less and drinking slow with lots of ice. This workout requires alot of  work and effort and it seriously feels wrong to sabotage it with nasty food. The food doesn’t even taste as good. (I tried. I ate about half)

I know I can go on and on but it really is amazing to me that some simple dvd’s can change my entire outlook like nothing before. Maybe it’s just the right time for me. If you try it, please please, let me know! I would love to hear from other people out there doing it to. I cannot even imagine where I will be in 10 days and 20 days and then 90…

For me, I am adding in some running on the “weight” days to supplement my cardio because I still have a five mile to run on Labor Day, but otherwise the workout as it stands would prob be enough. I will be streamlining my food (after tomorrow) and the whole family is going to have to get on board or they will be hungry! Kids are already in a semi-program of my doing but it’s really not enough…won’t they be sorry when they get back! They have no idea trolling around out there in the sun…

So that’s it for now, Day 3 complete. More weights and arms and abs…which was comical because I could barely raise my body off the floor…the abs are already on holiday. I have to go change and hit the stores. I have buns to buy for the bbq (say that five times fast) and some pasta salad to throw together to impress the fam with. But I’ll be back tomorrow—just cause it’s a holiday doesn’t mean I can skip the workout, not this early in the game.

And please drop me a line if you are as excited as I am. Let me know how and why and what you are doing! XOXOXO

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