Happy New Year 2012!

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Well it’s here! Thank goodness because I, seriously, could barely stay up to wait for it. And look at that adorable champagne! Isn’t that cute? Barefoot Bubbly? It just begs you to drink it! As we were walking the liquor aisles looking for something to buy for midnight we came across a whole shelf of these Moscato wines and champagnes. I have been hearing about them from some of my friends. And I think the opinions are all favorable. But. I still wouldn’t know. Sadly, I really was too tired and sick feeling to try and drink anything else.  And, I did NOT drink a bunch before hand. DID NOT. We had some appetizer type snacks and some cheap red wine while watching the Dick Clark/Ryan Seacrest New Years show. So lame right? I did see New York have New Year so that’s something. Anyway, nothing was over the top or too strong, but I really stink at eating or drinking anything, besides water, after 8 or 9 pm. I guess it has to do with the over 40 thing or the Fat thing…not sure, but at any rate, if I eat too late my stomach kind of gets stuffed feeling and I feel like I will be sick. Plus I get heartburn if I try to lay down. It’s annoying, but it’s probably saving me from gaining any more weight. If I want to eat I have to cram it all in by the early evening. It’s almost like a gastrointestinal challenge. A gross and disgusting challenge and one you really do not want to win.

Anyhoo, I am about to head over to hang out with my family for the day and eat just a few more hours of gross and disgusting until we all call it quits by morning. You know, resolutions and all that. Lose weight, eat healthy, go to the gym, feel better…all the usual stuff we say and only manage to do for about a week or two. This year I am supposed to run a 6 mile race with my sissy and another 10 miler I want to do just for me. Can’t do it cold. Those days are long gone. Can’t do at nearly 200 pounds either. Well, I guess I could, but yikes! I don;t want to! Dang it! Also, I need that job I was talking about last night. That’s my first priority and I will be making that happen this week come hell or highwater. (Don’t you love that phrase? I do.) And once I get that job and get my first few paychecks I will be signing the kids up to the gym. That way none of us has any excuse to sit on the couch and be chunky. If we all have to go there is no excuse for not going at all. My kids need me! Sorry guys! Happy New Year! More exercise!

Alright I am out of here. Notice that in the picture above there is ANOTHER self-portrait! What the heck is going on?? I must be crazy putting myself out there! Feel free to send me any comments if you have them, even if it’s a resolution of your own. Once it’s out in the air it can’t be broken! Extra incentive! The world will know your shame and failure if you don’t succeed! There’s a cheery and inspirational thought! Enjoy your day wherever you are! Later!

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One more day of crazy schedule…Video is coming

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Hang in there with me. I’ll get the video up tonight, but I have family obligations that will take me away from the sweet hum of the computer all day.

Need to go get dressed, get my girl packed–her clothes are in the dryer as we type–pick up a champagne holder-thingy and drive to a party with my sister-in-law. Then go to my sister’s where Stevie will stay for a few more days. Mason and I will get our hair fixed, maybe grab a bite, and hopefully get home before it’s too dark and late!

My body is just a bit achy, and my ankle feels a bit sore, but other than that…not bad. The Warrior Dash was a good thing!

Check back here for video later, and definitely check out the Facebook Page for more comments and possible video and pictures. It looks so fun you know you are going to want to do it next year too!!

I just posted some random pics to keep the site visually interesting. That’s just me. Still from the dash, but not really about the race!

Mason Spectator

Mason Spectator

A couple more years and he can run too!

A couple more years and he can run too!

Baby frog on the field!

Baby frog on the field!

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