And since I’m posting…

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Let this be my personal little reminder so I can bring you all the news that’s fit to print. Ha. That’s why I have my own personal web blog here, so I can put whatever I want out there and no one can tell me it’s stupid. Well, you can tell me it’s stupid but I don’t have to approve the comment.

Looking back on some of my other stuff…I have music, sushi, exercise, mysterious dish soap in a bowl on a table, quotes, words, commercials we like, Pat Tomasulo stuff, Germany, pie!…

This is turning into a grocery list. (It’s all for you sister…haha) Speaking of groceries, I was supposed to go get some—all part of the healthy eating initiative I started again—but, alas, the internet got me and it’s too late to go out and then make something. We’ll just have to get something from the fast food world. Darn. I will be running again tomorrow so it should be fine. (I ran yesterday–3 miles! I just wanted to put that out there! And I’m falling in love with hard boiled eggs again. Gross.) I also need to get to the laundry, another plan for the day since I am not going to study, but that didn’t happen either. Interesting note about the jeans I have on. I noticed that all of my pants are getting kind of snug (hence the new plan) plus, my scrub top is getting a little too scrubby and snuggy, so I start working out and I swear, my pants feel even tighter! What the?? Oh well, my son is hovering over me to finish this up because he can’t do his homework in a timely manner when that tv is on…so I better go. Sixth grade should only be done once in your life…

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And last, but not least, all the way from summer…

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The pictures I took of all those cool powerlines about 4 months ago, before my life became all about the nursing program. (I’m still in it, in fact I should be reading right now–test on Monday–nutrition, of course, everything else except vitamins, so it shouldn’t be too difficult—and I am coming out to the last two weeks here. Clinical is over for now. Skills are done. Just: Test. Lab Final. Course Final. Off track…) Anyhoo, power lines, bike rides, long long bike rides…check it here to read all about it

But these are them. Enjoy. I can still feel the tingle looking at them now. Good times.

Riding up to them. Looks pretty impressive. I was kind of in awe. There's something about all that power in one place that can kill you.

Ground to sky is ok but not nearly as cool as looking all the way up.

Doesn't that just make you want to find power lines and climb up them? No, well since the weather just turned massively ugly here...cold, blustery, overcast, with flakes of snow (NOOOO!!!!), this makes me want summer back.

The picture I love the most! I like the color and the was hard to tell if it came out because the day was really bright and I couldn't see to take the pic or to look at it after. Check out the plane flying across. And the moon. If I remember correctly the day was about to turn stormy. Captured forever.

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Dodge Challenger 23

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And how about this? These were the first pictures I took with my new phone! Drove away from the phone place and right into the big parking lot where this little baby was sitting, just waiting for me to try out the camera. Lucky ducky.

Sunset. Redredred Challenger. And if you look close, you can see me in the side view taking the picture. It has everything!

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Dodge Challenger 22

December 3, 2009 at 5:10 pm (Dodge Challenger) (, , )

These were also off the old phone. Aren’t you glad I saved them? Check out the arty camera work.

On the road...

I love it when I get the glowing taillights. As anyone who knows me, knows that the taillights are my favorite part. Don't judge.

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Random Pictures Off My Old Phone

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You have to transfer them to the computer BEFORE they cut off the service. Lesson learned from last time this happened…So here’s what we have, all chronological and junk…:

Stevie, getting her hair permed. With curlers. It’s definitely old news considering her hair is pretty much straight again, but she likes to look at herself on the internet!

Flowers I got for sweetest day! I also got candy but I ate it rather quickly and didn’t bother with the photo-op.

Pumpkin seeds I had the kids spend a long time digging out of the pumpkins (that we carved–there are pictures somewhere else on this site–check in october month on the calendar!) and then baked with oil and salt and forever…they were perfect looking…and then sat in the bag for, like 2 weeks, forgotten. Fun to make, not a fav to eat. Maybe next year.

The one and only book, that is not school related, that I managed to read over a 5 week period, from the library. I owe tons of fines, I got scolding letters, and the book is super-hilarious and not hard to read. But, I am lame. Reading is no longer fun. It is a vehicle for information that I have to drive into my brain so that I don’t kill anyone in the future. I highly recommend getting this. And check out her website and show. Pretty funny.


I guess that’s it.

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Street Money Update!

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Oooh…my son is dying to get his hands on one of the coins that I found in the last few weeks. See, I won’t let them take any of the money until I tally it up for all you fine folks out there who care about such things as this like I do…so I leave it sitting on top of  the microwave, torturing them every day, until I can get here. So finally right??

One quarter (this is the one he wants–it’s just a regular old 1986 quarter–it’s not even really shiny–boys)

Three dimes

Fourteen  pennies

PLUS, one fake quarter. It’s plastic and it has “COPY” written across both sides. It’s not even the right size. But I am so good at finding money on the ground I can find money that is not even real!

It’s a skill.

Update for the year. Final month! New count is on the way…this is how I celebrate New Years! So sad…

This is the total for today (forgot to add that):  69¢

And here is the semi-blurry picture of the fake coin. Toodles!

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